Ras Kidus Launches New Clothing Line Despite Insurmountable Challenges

After years of ongoing health problems Ras Kidus somehow manages to start a clothing line and initiates the Bionic Roots platform: a website dedicated to his life’s work. The site has links to all his songs and music videos; details his vision and is the home of his latest venture: a Rasta clothing line inspired by his lyrics. 

To really appreciate the previous paragraph, knowledge of Ras Kidus‘ health history is necessary. 

In 2008 while his career was advancing, Ras Kidus – Jamaican roots-reggae artist, producer and actor – suffered a stroke and had to step away from everything. This was truly an inopportune time, because prior to the sudden disabling attack he had been on countless tours, done three movies, and was gearing up for more.

Being a fighter he refused to give up; so with the support of his loved ones he did rehabilitative therapy and went right back to work. However, in 2011 – shortly after the release of his fourth movie: A Cop and a Badman – he suffered another major blow: brain aneurysm. The serious nature of this illness meant that he had to do bypass surgery; an operation that could have resulted in fatal complications.

The Rastafarian survived the surgical procedure, did physiotherapy, and once again returned to work. This time around, not wanting to invite another setback, he made some changes. Instead of shooting movies and doing live shows – he begun to put things in place for the new website and fashion brand. Since the launch of both, he and his team have been getting a lot of love and support from his fans worldwide, especially those based in the Bay Area where Kidus currently resides.

Additionally, he continues to make music.


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