Mr Easy Wants More Done For Jamaica’s Inner-Cities (@Pandemicrecord1)

Jamaican reggae-dancehall singer Mr Easy – who remains very active in his philanthropic efforts, especially in the Trelawny district – would like other well-to-do Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora to do more for the inner-city communities across the island.

He said as much in his latest single, Ghetto Cry, which was shared at the end of 2021 by Pandemic Records. Although the song was published months ago, it is now getting a lot of attention because it’s featured on the imprint’s recently released Logic Riddim.  

Ghetto Cry – written by Caradon Scott – outlines what every honest Jamaican knows to be true: that persons living in the nations slums are treated as less than by every other sector of society. Because the lyrics are so steeped in reality the song has become one of the stand out tracks on the compilation.

All the attention on the record is very timely as Mr Easy‘s annual back to school charity event is scheduled for August 7th in Stewart Town, Trelawny. He and his team will be giving out pens, pencils, books, school bags, iPads etc. to students in the neighborhood for the upcoming school term. There will be live performances, and popular sound-system Bass Odyssey will be juggling. Needless to say, Ghetto Cry will be on repeat.


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