Nanto Peetah’s Bio

Nanto Peetah is a Malawian gospel reggae-dancehall artist, who is currently studying for a Bachelor in Divinity at Zomba Theological College – the leading institution of theological education in Malawi.

He started doing music at approximately 10 years old while he was in primary school, but did not begin his music ministry until 2018. That’s the year he switched from secular to gospel and what he describes as pure love songs. Fast forward to four years later – 2022 – and Nanto finds himself working on his first ever full-length studio album.

The project, which will be called Ministry, was inspired by Romans 12. It will feature international reggae-dancehall lyricist Karamanti, who hails from, and is based in Jamaica. Additionally, Nanto has invited African artists Mady P (Don Gogo), Princi Musiq, Ababa Surgent and Jah Flavour to be a part of the LP. It is being produced by HKP.

Nanto Peetah was influenced by late Malawian reggae-dancehall megastar Mafunyeta a.k.a King Shaka, and Baby DJ from D.R.C. What separates him from his peers is that he believes that his talent should not be used for entertainment only, but for the glory of God and His kingdom. This is also why he decided to name his upcoming album Ministry.

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