Disc-Jock Redeem Brings “Positive Vibrations” On Roots 96.1 FM (@IMREDEEM @Roots96FMJA) 

After working in Jamaica’s media for approximately twenty-two years – with stints at  SunCity 104.9 FM, Bes 100 FM and Styles 96.7 FM – Disc-Jock Redeem is now back at his original home, Roots 96.1 FM, unleashing Positive Vibrations each and every Saturday from midnight to 6am on Sundays.

The six-hour program, which is also streamed live on his Facebook profile, features  various musical genres spanning several decades. What makes the show unique is that unlike other radio programs, Redeem welcomes and promotes music from up-and-coming artists, providing their lyrical content is not negative or derogatory.

Although Roots 96.1 FM is a community radio station based in Kingston, Jamaica, it can be heard right across the island – and the world – via the internet. The station uses four online radio tuners, which means that it broadcasts digitally twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Listen online via one of the following links:


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