Celebrate Jamaica’s Independence With Richie Stephens At “The People’s Ball” In NY On Aug.13 (@JifiNyc)

The Jamaica Independence Foundation Inc. (JIFINYC) will be celebrating sixty years of Jamaica’s independence with an event dubbed The People’s Ball. It will be held on Saturday, August 13 at the Crest Hollow Country Club – 8325 Jericho Turnpike – in Woodbury (Long Island), New York.

The affair, which is strict formal attire, will see one of Jamaica’s classiest performers – Richie Stephens – doing a set. He will be supported by DJ Norie (from Power 105.1) and DJ Roy (from Road International). The master of ceremony for the evening is Andrew Clarke. Get tickets here.

Stephens is currently promoting two singles: Reverse The Curse, a recently released track that will be featured on his upcoming album with BoomRich Productions; and Defend Jamaica, a festival tune that he wrote for Nitty Kutchie to compete in this year’s Festival Song Competition.

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