On His New Single, Mykal Rose Proclaims “Jah Loves Me More Everyday” (@bigfeetrecords)

Just as reggae music is a consequential part of Jamaica’s culture, so is Rastafarianism salient in the reggae industry. Admittedly, since the commercialization of the genre the righteous message has, in some instances, been diluted and/or substituted for a more marketable one. 

That said, we are fortunate to still have some sincere Rasta-reggae artists who continue to promote unworldly content despite ongoing efforts by negative forces to push the opposite.

Mykal Rose – the former front-man of Black Uhuru, a Grammy award winning reggae artist and a Rastafarian – has just shared one of the most refreshing Rasta-reggae tunes so far for 2022. The song – titled Jah Loves Me More Everyday – which is produced by Big Feet Records, is now available on all music platforms. Its release was carefully coordinated to coincide with the celebration of Haile Selassie‘s earth day – a figure venerated as God by Rastafarians.

Rose, who is also an esteemed songwriter, gives listeners an insight into his relationship with the Most High, as he sings: “Jah loves me more everyday – thinking of the Almighty makes me glad – no need to be sad – with Jah in my life guiding me everyday – cause I know the way.”

The team responsible for the production and promotion of this record is as follows: Mykal Rose (lead and harmony vocals), Pam Hall (backing vocals), Josh Harris (bass and keyboards), Santa Davis (drums), Jallanzo (guitar), Umberto Echo (mixing engineer), Fitzroy Francis (music supervisor), Earle Holder (mastering engineer), Georgia Tann Studios (artwork), Maria Jackson Ent. (media relations) and Jeremy Dickerson (videographer). Jah Loves Me More Everyday is on the Big Feet Records label.


1 thought on “On His New Single, Mykal Rose Proclaims “Jah Loves Me More Everyday” (@bigfeetrecords)

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