Dancehall Artist Crude E’ Vil Remains Unbroken (@CrudeEVil)

At the beginning of 2020 up-and-coming dancehall artist Crude E’ Vil publicly committed to releasing a 100 songs before the year was out. He was successful in achieving his objective; an accomplishment that resulted in him gaining a bigger audience with a more visible platform with which to showcase his art. Since then, and despite the pandemic, he kept on working – producing and releasing new music – all this as his status within the industry continued to rise. 

Regretfully, his mission of becoming a top-tier dancehall artist was temporarily halted when he was physically attacked earlier this year (March, 2022). When asked for an official statement about the incident, Crude said: “The most I would like to say about the situation is that, I was attacked from behind and hit with a rum bottle over the back of the head (medulla section), ended up with 2 broken incisors, fractured jawbone, some stitches inside and under the bottom lip, some cracked teeth and damaged nerves that hurts tremendously whenever the time gets cold. I am still trying to cope with the situation because it is a very rough place to be right now.” 

In spite of all that he’s going through he remains unbroken. To prove it, he just released a new video for one of the tunes published in 2020: Unwroken. He said he chose to share the visuals for this particular song because: “this song is a direct metaphor and personification of my current experiences as if, in the past I peered into the future of my present times.”


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