Malawian Artist Nanto Peetah Collaborates With Karamanti On New Single “Prayer Babes”

Malawian dancehall-gospel artist Nanto Peetah is gearing up to release his first full-length studio album this year. The project – dubbed Ministry – will feature African artists Mady P (Don Gogo), Princi MusiqAbaba Surgent and Jah Flavour; as well as Jamaican lyricist Karamanti.

Prayer Babes, the title of the just released single done with Karamanti, is already getting a lot of attention because so far it is the only international collaboration on the LP. Furthermore, a lot is being said about just how hard Karamanti delivered on the track.

On the afro-beat fused rhythm, the woman, often referred to as the most underrated female lyricist in Jamaican dancehall, asks:

Weh yu know bout prayer babes
when yu go inna di spirit and yu prayer blaze
time stop yu transform to a higher place
only ting weh matter now a word play
so weh yu say?

Call di name a di God yu praise
say it loud & proud mek heaven shake
gratitude yu fi use na na delay
yu cyaa loose if yu choose Jah Jah any day
mi Deejay!

Prayer Babes is now available on all digital music platforms.

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