Stevie Malekuu Cannot Be Denied! “What Will Be” Will Be!

Costa Rican American singer-songwriter Stevie Malekuu has stepped on the international reggae stage! The emerging star, who lives in Florida, is signed to Jamaican music imprint My MM Productions – a label owned and operated by Florida based Jamaican Orville Marshall.
Malekuu‘s name began circulating in and around the reggae industry at the beginning of the year when he shared Don’t Trust Dem; his initial release with the aforementioned label. Despite the fact that the song is solid, it is only now – with the publishing of his most recent tune, What Will Be (released on July 14) – that he is starting to get an attentive audience.
Regarding the inspiration behind the record, Stevie Malekuu explains: “we wrote the song under the influence of today’s fast pace and rapidly changing world. Everyone is panicking as the unknown looms larger than ever but despite what is happening around us each of us have to take a stand to accept what we know to be true. We need to accept the many things that will surely be and focus on the positive things in life that we can control.” 
Persons that contributed to the production process are: Stevie Malekuu, Roxwell “Rocky” Smith, Ritchie Mair, Wayne Armond and Orville Marshall.


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