Anthony Cruz Delivers Another Sultry Reggae Remix For The Ladies (@JahCruz @Tadsrecord)

Reggae singer, songwriter and producer Anthony Cruz has done it again! The charismatic entertainer has just shared his latest single: a sultry reggae re-make of Alexander O’Neal’s If You Were Here Tonight, produced by Mark Ho-Sang and Tad Dawkins Jr. The song went live on all streaming platforms a few days ago- on August 12th, 2022, courtesy of Tad’s Record.

It is common knowledge (at least to us Jamaicans) that all songs, more often than not, tend to sound better on reggae rhythms. That said, not all singers/chanters are able to do a remix with the kind of passion that matches or surpasses that of the original performer. Anthony Cruz is excellent at that!

The online chatter about this remix is very similar to words spoken when he released his version of Bruno Mars‘ Leave the Door Open. Reggae lovers continue to be amazed by Cruz‘s vocal prowess and the overall care he takes with each song: original or remix.

If You Were Here Tonight will be featured on Anthony‘s upcoming album – Under the Cover – which will be released on Tad’s Record label.


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