Jodian Pantry Inks Deal With TBD “Think It Believe It Do It” (@patmore_paul @jodianCPantry)

Jamaican born, American based business woman Andrea Stewart – who is also the founder and CEO of the motivational apparel line Think It Believe It Do It – has contracted inspirational singer Jodian Pantry to be one of the imprint’s official brand ambassador. The deal, which was finalized in early July, was immediately followed by a photoshoot showing Jodian modeling several pieces with the brand’s logo.

More than just clothing, Think It Believe It Do It, is all about empowering believers and achievers through fashion and inspiring stories. To that end, their signature design includes an eagle which represents strength, wisdom, tenacity, bravery and resilience.

In explaining why a company that operates out of Waterbury, Connecticut wanted a Jamaican public figure as its agent, Andrea said: “I think Jodian has embodied all the qualities of an eagle. I have watched her since she came on the scene as a little girl and she still impresses me. I have also seen her disappointments and I can thoroughly relate to them. I felt move to reach out to her because my brand TBD is all about empowerment, inspiration and encouragement.”


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