Boston’s MC Holy Ghost Is “Black and Dreaded” (@MCHolyGhost)

Boston-area underground producer and rapper, MC Holy Ghost, dropped his latest album – Black & Dreaded – earlier this year (on February 11th). The first single, Can’t Take Me Down, is a reggae-influenced anthem promoting the decriminalization of cannabis. To date the song has secured more than 1.04 million plays on SoundCloud.

Can’t Take Me Down was mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Brian ‘Big Bass’ Gardner, who was given the nickname ‘Big Bass’ by Dr. Dre after he mastered Dre’s 1992 debut studio album, Chronic. To this day Chronic is considered the number-one mastered hip-hop album.

Born in jail to an incarcerated mother, MC Holy Ghost was adopted at age 2 by the Rev. James Breeden, an Episcopal priest active in the civil rights movement in the sixties and seventies in Boston. Rev. Breeden was one of 15 clergy Freedom Riders arrested in 1961 in Jackson, Mississippi.

MC Holy Ghost, who has been influenced by various artists such as K-Solo, KRS-One, Chuck D, Ice Cube and NWA, delivers spiritually-infused political rap with socially conscious lyrics about issues like police and prison reform. Check out his video for Dozen Matter, taken from the aforementioned album.


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