Hezron’s Album “Man On A Mission” Is Currently #1 On The South Florida Reggae Chart & #2 In New York (@iamhezron @Tadsrecord)

In mid August – on the 19th – Tad’s Record Inc. shared Man On A Mission, the seventeen-track album performed by singer-songwriter Hezron Clarke (P.K.A Hezron). 

The release and subsequent success of M.O.A.M is confirmation of several things; 1) Hezron‘s ability to remain relevant and consistent despite all the pitfalls in and around the music industry. 2) His versatility as a recording artist and vocalist. And 3), his indisputable mastery as a songwriter.

Taking all the above into consideration, no one should be surprised to learn that Man On A Mission is now #1 on South Florida’s Reggae Chart and #2 on New York’s Reggae Chart. Keep in mind that it was previously in the #1 position in New York as well.

In speaking with Hezron about the way M.O.A.M has been received, he expressed how pleased he was, and immediately quoted some lines from the title track: “we are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things, the smallest tide rocks the biggest boat, so who said it can’t, it can’t be done, well here I am ready for the task at hand ready with a clasp of hands, a man on a mission.”


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