Crude E’ Vil Is Putting In The “Work” (@CrudeEVil)

Producer, songwriter and dancehall recording artist Crude E’ Vil has released another video from his #100Songs2020 project. The visual is for the single Work – which was produced by his very own Tech-Head Records, with marketing support from Univrse Music. 
As the name implies, the song Work is all about promoting the commitment to consistent efforts and/or activities – whether they be mental or physical – in order to achieve one’s goals. This type of tune is exactly what Crude E’ Vil fans have come to expect from him; as he is arguably one of the hardest working independent dancehall artists in the industry.
The video, which shows Crude toiling in various sectors (conductor, bartender, loader etc.), as well other people engaged in their daily duties, was shot and edited by Lamar Studios.


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