Chambers Hydro Farm Using Music To Promote Agriculture & Healthy Eating

Former Jamaican Olympian Ricardo Chambers – who is the CEO and owner of Chamber’s Hydro Farm in Spur Tree, Manchester – has been using music and social media to highlight the importance of healthy eating and the advantages of farming.

Throughout the summer he and his team have been sharing short video clips of artists – and in some cases actors – performing songs and skits that promote agriculture and its benefits. All the performances are usually done on the farm and then shared online where they’re reviewed by his followers in real time.

Pleased with the public’s response, Ricardo has decided to take it a step further. He is now partnering with Blakkwuman22 Music to release a song written and produced specifically to bring awareness to the aforementioned. The song, which went live on all streaming platforms on September 27th, is titled Ground Provision and it’s penned and performed by dancehall artist Karamanti

On the record, Karamanti – who is a staunch pescatarian – breaks down her eating habits, and recommends that the listener use food as medication and not just something consumed impulsively.


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