JC Lodge, Luciano, Pinchers, Wayne Armond & More Are Featured On The Just Released EP – “Positive Transfusion”

Orville Marshall and the team at My MM Productions have just released a powerful reggae EP titled Positive Transfusion. The songs are on the Transfusion Rhythm, a product of Wayne Armond and Orville Marshall and it features new music from some very notable reggae legends: Luciano, JC Lodge, Wayne Armond, Carlton Coffie and Pinchers; as well as emerging artist Stevie Malekuu.

Names aside, this project is getting a lot of attention because of its theme. Positive Transfusion is not just the moniker, it is the thread that runs through all the songs on this EP. Below is a synopsis of each.

On his tune War A GwaanLuciano addresses the global conflict that is negatively impacting billions of ordinary people all over the world. While JC Lodge – who is known for her megahit singles Someone Loves You Honey and Telephone Love – performs a timely song that is demanding a “Love Uprising” to change the crisis in the world today.

For his part, Wayne Armond appropriately questions the music that our youths are making and embracing, while reminding us of the foundation laid out by artists like Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. Another welcomed voice on the Positive Transfusion Riddim is that of Pinchers: the original bandelero. His tune – Mama You Worthy – is a truly beautiful melody that honors all mothers and reminds us of the important role mothers play in our lives.

Long time reggae artist Carlton Coffie – the Jamaican vocalist who worked with reggae ensemble Inner Circle from the mid 80s to the mid 90s – joins the lineup with Gonna Be Alright, a refreshing party song that assures us that we will get over our problems like many others have done. And the final track – Don’t Trust Dem – is from the newcomer Stevie Malekuu, who undoubtedly held his own among the veterans as he tells the youths to be skeptical about the intentions of some of the people around them.

Surprisingly, this masterfully produced compilation is the first rhythm driven project from My MM Production. Kudos to Orville Marshall and his team on a job well done. The Positive Transfusion EP is now available on all music platforms.


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