Marlon Binns’ Bio

A voice that can be described as sweet, soulful and enchanting, Marlon Orette Binns epitomizes the essence of Rhythm & Blues, Reggae and dancehall music. His sweet harmonious sound has not only graced local radio stations and audiences but international audiences as well. This young, passionate and sensational singer was born in Manchester, Jamaica on October 14th. He is the sixth of nine children. His mother is a business woman and his father is a pastor at Zion Restored Church in Mandeville. Good, clean, positive and uplifting music has always been an important part of his upbringing, as Marlon’s career is rooted in the church, where he sang on the church choir (as lead singer); he also displayed his musical talent at weddings and fund raisers for the church.

Being a very keen and insightful individual, education has played a very critical role to the level of astuteness to this artist’s development. He attended the Christiana Comprehensive High School and enjoyed playing football and cooking. A very humble person who’s inspired by the Almighty, Marlon prefers to write his own music, as this is his way of expressing himself and addressing issues of the heart, as well as social commentaries. In his own words “I sing for the people, their struggles, and triumphs!” He loves Bob Marley’s courageous and righteous lyrics, which always have a message, and Beres Hammond’s smooth and tantalizing style. These two great Jamaican artistes have left a legacy for young artistes like him to nurture and build upon.

Marlon’s musical career became inevitable after he won the Grace Road Show in 1997. His first mission was finding a suitable team to work with. In June 2002, Marlon moved to Kingston and teamed up with Solid Agency, where he was exposed to the Dancehall/Reggae audience, and was able to perform on several events promoted by the above-mentioned company. One of his most memorable experiences to date was his first performance outside of Jamaica. He opened a show for Wayne Marshall in Antigua. He stated “I was surprised to see the love that was poured out to me during my performance!” This has encouraged the young singer to carry on with his work, as he believes that he is chosen by the Almighty to educate, motivate, uplift, and enhance the life of people and nations across the world. Recently Marlon opened for Voicemail at the University of the West Indies’ Freshers Fete on the St. Augustine campus in Trinidad & Tobago. The responses from his performances have been more than encouraging.

After receiving this very encouraging reception from his audiences in the Caribbean, Marlon has also wowed and amazed those of his audiences in the Americas, Europe and the continent of Africa. He delivered sensational performances in America, Canada, England and South Africa. He has collaborated musically with Bounty Killer, Iyara and Teflon. He has a lot of love and respect for Bounty Killer who he says has brought him to the forefront of his musical dreams and accomplishments thus far. His hope for the future is to continue to do good, positive music that can inspire and uplift his audiences. He aspires to continue on the journey that the great Bob Marley so passionately lead and hopes that he too will be a monument among the many Jamaican talented performers.

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