Marlon Binns Gets Personal On New Tune “Dem A Wicked”

Reggae-dancehall singjay Marlon Binns, in collaboration with his long time friend and producer Paul Patmore, has just delivered a scorching new dancehall tune called Dem A Wicked. The song was officially released last week Friday – on October 7th – and has already gotten high marks from selectors who have heard it.

On the record, Binns – who has worked with Bounty Killer, Iyara and Teflon in the past – openly castigates some of his so-called friends for being fake and hypocritical. After hearing the passion with which he sung the song, Marlon was asked about its inspiration; and he basically said that he wrote it because of what he sees happening in everyday life. This is before adding that he has also experienced similar relationships.

The song’s overwhelming positive reviews, especially in such a short time, have led Marlon Binns‘ camp and the team at Paul Patmore Production to expedite the making of an official video. As such, its release is imminent.

In speaking about the meaning of this record, Marlon said: “what I want people to take away from this song is that you have to be careful of the people that you surround yourself with. You understand? You got to be careful of that; be very mindful that everybody have various interest, know what I mean. Because they will smile with you and want to hurt you at the same time. So you got to be vigilant and be very spiritual minded.”


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