Ginjah’s New Single Will Make You “Fall In Love” (@GINJAHMUSIC @Tadsrecord)

As the world grapples with the ongoing conflict in Europe and all its many ramifications, Ginjah – reggae’s soul man – chose to kick off the month of October with love. His latest single, titled Fall In Love, is a warm ballad that examines this intense feeling of affection we experience when we become smitten with someone. 

“I was thinking about a song that the entire world will accept. A universal song, that was the mindset; finding something to stick in the minds of the people in this competitive world.” The preceding statement is from Ginjah – in his own words – explaining what inspired Fall In Love.

Producer Tomique Williams (from Berta Records), who composed the tune exclusively for Tad’s Record Inc., worked with saxophonist Dean FraserDonald ‘Danny Bassie’ Dennis (from The Firehouse Crew), drummer Makiri Whyte, keyboardist Oneil Dacres and guitarist N’namdi Robinson, to create this beautiful love song that’s projected for Ginjah‘s upcoming album with Tad’s Record. Notably, Fall In Love is a follow up to These Arms, another intense lovers-rock single that was shared by Ginjah and Tad’s Record earlier in the year.

Ginjah is on a mission to show his fans and supporters that love has no boundaries. He believes that people can be as passionate about correcting humanity’s ills as they are about their intimate relationships. As he puts it: “let’s not forget that music can be used as a vehicle to bring about societal change.”


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