Junior Kelly’s New Single “Protection” Is Now Available On All Music Platforms

The highly anticipated new single – Protection – produced by Josh Harris and performed by Junior Kelly, is now out on all streaming platforms. It was officially released earlier today (Friday, October 14) via Big Feet Records, with distribution by VPAL Music.

Although done in harmony and on rhythm, Protection is an orison from Keith Morgan (Junior Kelly), a man who is clearly dealing with real life issues. He sings about everything from spiritual struggles to physical hardships, all while asking God to protect him from evils, seen and unseen.

The bouncy reggae tune was put together by Big Feet Records‘ musical team, under the leadership of Josh Harris. It was harmonized by both Junior Kelly and Nikki Burt, while Santa Davis played drums with Jallanzo on lead guitar. The remaining instruments – bass and keyboards – were done by Harris. And mixing and mastering were done by Tommi Tikkenen and Earle Holder, respectively.

Like a lot of Kelly‘s other releases, Protection is a strong song that goes beyond entertainment. This is a reality tune!


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