Paul Patmore Production Releases New Music By Dancehall Singer Trinni”Stay Solid”

Earlier this year, at the beginning of summer, Paul Patmore Production entered into an agreement with Mandeville-born, Trelawny-based singer Trinni. Since then, the entire team have been busy conceptualizing, and subsequently creating her first single with the label. The result is Stay Solid, an inspirational dancehall tune jam-packed with some much needed practical advice, especially for young adults.

Stay Solid was written by Trinni who, although very active in the dancehall scene, credits her strong vocal delivery to years of singing in church. She admits that the song was inspired by the many challenges she experienced at the start of her career. 

“When I initially started I did not get support; generally not from friends not from family. Friends would think the songs are too raunchy or they don’t like dancehall music; while family just believes if you’re not singing gospel or singing for the Lord, you are sinning. So it was all about not being supported; not mentally, not physically, not emotionally. But I still decided this is what I want to do.” 

Now that she has found a home with Paul Patmore ProductionTrinni is making it clear that she will use both her talent and this opportunity for good. She explains: “I wanna make a difference. I’m hoping to bring authenticity, share genuine messages, uplift others- especially females. I have a special sound, an individual voice, and I have things to say that need to be heard.” 

Stay Solid was officially released on Monday, October 17th; and as such, it can now be streamed and downloaded from all major music platforms.


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