JahRiffe Shares 2nd Single From His Upcoming Album (@JahRiffe)

Roots reggae artist JahRiffe, who is also the leader of the reggae band JAH-N-I Roots Movement, has just released another single from his upcoming studio album.

The track – titled Liberty – was produced by David Goldfine, who is known professionally as Jah D. He is the bass player for popular Jamaican singer and yoga teacher Jah9, and a member of the Zion High Kings Production team. Jah D played all the instruments on Liberty, while Etana‘s background vocalist Klyve Crieffe did the harmony. Once all the creative work was done, the finished track was then sent to Waltz Studio in New York for mastering.

JahRiffe has never shied away from addressing both social and spiritual issues publicly; as such, he felt compelled to write this song, especially after all that has taken place over the past two years. On the contemporary roots tune – he laments on the importance of being free within society, particularly from special interest groups and those with political power. 

Liberty comes to us courtesy of JAH-N-I Roots Movement Records. It went live on all digital streaming platforms on Sunday, October 16.


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