“Un-Leash Yourself” With Pastors Marsha & Rowan Wade And Evangelist Racquel Samuels

“There is far greater to you and your life than what you are currently living. It’s time for you to be bold, courageous and step out into unchartered waters. It’s time for you to UN-LEASH YOURSELF.” 

The preceding words were shared by Evangelist Racquel Samuels; one of three speakers that will be presenting at the upcoming Un-Leash Yourself Conference on November 19 at The Trade Centre – 30-32 Red Hills Road (Suite 18) – in Kingston, Jamaica. Evangelist Samuels will be joined by power couple Pastors Marsha and Rowan Wade.

This event will address everything from religion to tradition; with the main objective being to ensure that all attendees become truly free before leaving. It’s scheduled to run from 10am to 2:30pm. For additional information, and to register, email: evangelistracquelministries@gmail.com.

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