Lutan Fyah Issues Warning In New Song “Nah Sleep” (@bigfeetrecords)

“Tell yu say the world inna trouble set speed,
tell yu say Jah busy but him nah sleep;
Di system is a fake so mi kick it dung straight under feet,
Jah busy but him nah sleep.”

The preceding are words echoed by recording artist Lutan Fyah on his newest single: Nah Sleep. This song is aptly described as thought-provoking because of the cautionary advice it offers. “Tell yu say the world inna trouble”; is a factual statement that everyone – regardless of their political persuasion, religious beliefs etc. – agrees with. Where we may differ is with the second line in that stanza: “tell yu say Jah busy but him nah sleep.” This is because we each practice our own theology, with some choosing atheism or agnosticism instead.

What Lutan Fyah – who is a committed Rastafarian – did on this track, is remind us that we will each be held accountable for our actions, whatever they may be, and whatever dogmas we subscribe to. The lines shared in the first paragraph were taken from the chorus; in the verse he goes into more details without getting too specific. Click here to watch the Lyric Video.

His message, though weighty, is easily digested on the groovy reggae rhythm done by the team at Big Feet Records. CEO and owner Josh Harris played both bass and keyboard, Santa Davis played drums and Jallanzo added the lead guitar. Nikki Burt did the backing vocals, and it was mixed and mastered by Tommi Tikkenen and Earle Holder, respectively. 

Nah Sleep, which is on the Big Feet Records label, is out now on all streaming platforms.


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