Hezron’s “Smile Today” Is Exactly What We Need To Hear Right Now (@iamhezron @Tadsrecord)

Smile Today is the latest single from Hezron‘s M.O.A.M (Man On A Mission) album, released in the summer – August 19 – via Tad’s Record Inc. This upbeat ska fused song is exactly what we all need to hear right now.

On this one Hezron tells the story of a man who is struggling financially; someone who by all accounts seems dissatisfied with the direction his life is going in. However, despite all the obstacles he is faced with, he refuses to surrender to the pressures of life and chooses instead to smile, to be happy, to enjoy his time here on earth, regardless of his trials and tribulations.

The official video for Smile Today was shared last week. It is an accurate reflection of the song; showing people from all walks of life enjoying themselves as they execute their daily tasks. Legendary producer and saxophonist Dean Fraser, who is featured on the record, also makes an appearance in the visuals.

The seventeen-track project – M.O.A.M (Man On A Mission) – was produced by Hezron with an all-star musical cast: Dean Fraser on saxophone, Kirk ‘Kirkle Dove’ Bennett on drums, Donald ‘Danny Bassie’ Dennis on bass, Mitchum Khan on guitar and Carol ‘Bowie’ McLaughlin and Robbie Lyn on keyboard. The album is available on Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify and all other streaming platforms, courtesy of Tad’s Record Inc.


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