JahRiffe Promises New Album In 2023 & Preps Video For “Liberty” (@JahRiffe)

As his fans and supporters – new and old – continue to enjoy his recently shared single, LibertyJahRiffe is promising a full length studio album in 2023. The Boston based roots-reggae artist did not give an exact date for the release, but he did say that “it will be very esoteric in its rhythms and lyrical content, and will have the same conscious awareness and spiritual growth that everyone is usually getting from me.”

Before he publishes the LP, JahRiffe will be sharing another single titled Trouble. This new track will also be on the upcoming album. Additionally, the official video for Liberty – which is currently being shot and edited – will be available to the public before the end of the year. 

Liberty was produced by David Goldfine, commonly referred to as Jah D. He is a member of the Zion High Kings Production team, and is also the bass player for Jah9Jah D played all the instruments on Liberty, while Etana‘s backing vocalist Klyve Crieffe did the harmony. It was mastered by Waltz Studio in New York.


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