Paul Patmore Production Shares Christmas Releases Ahead Of The Noel

Now that Thanksgiving is officially behind us, everyone is turning their attention to the last major holiday of the year: Christmas. For persons in the music industry this season is particularly interesting because it’s an opportunity to sell massive amounts of music and merchandise. Songs and branded items are usually purchased and shared as gifts to their fans and supporters all over the world.

With that in mind, Paul Patmore Production has just published two new Christmas singles: Merry Christmas, performed by new-comer Trinni, and Christmas Joy, sang by veteran vocalist Jodian Pantry. Although each song was released as a single – and not a part of a compilation or album – both are on the same groovy reggae rhythm, produced by Paul Patmore and his team.

The ladies – Pantry and Trinni – along with the composing arm at Paul Patmore Production, were able to capture the mood and feel of Christmas on both tracks. Furthermore, they’re now available on all streaming platforms.



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