KashieF Lindo’s Remake Of “Coldest Days Of My Life” Is Masterful (@KashieFLindo)

In 1972, before KashieF Lindo was born, The Chi-Lites – an American R&B/soul vocal group from Chicago, Illinois – released their LP, A Lonely Man. This was their fourth studio album, on which was featured the beautiful ballad, Coldest Days Of My Life.

Fastforward to 2022 and KashieF Lindo, the beloved Jamaican performer with an unmistakably silky voice, has decided to put his spin on it. Coldest Days Of My Life is the newest single from HeavyBeat Records, a miami based imprint operating under the direction of legendary producer Willie Lindo (who is also KashieF‘s biological father).

On November 25th the reggae rendition of Coldest Days Of My Life went live on all music platforms. It was composed by the team at HeavyBeat Records, which includes Paul Douglas on drums, Willie Lindo on guitar and KashieF Lindo on everything else, (bass, piano, organ, keyboard etc.) including lead and backing vocals.

This reggae remix is masterful. Stream/download it now!


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