George Nooks “Surrenders All” In New Video! (@Tadsrecord)

The man who burst on the scene as a dancehall deejay in the 70s, using the moniker Prince Mohamed, has just blessed us with the visuals for one of the tracks featured on his 2021 album, Through It AllGeorge Nooks – via Tad’s Record Inc. – released the official video for the well-liked Christian hymn, I Surrender All, in mid November (on the 18th to be exact).

Although the words in the song were penned more than a century ago by Judson W. Van DeVenter, an American art teacher and musician who subsequently became a music minister and evangelist, it is this reggae remix – produced and sang by George Nooks – that’s got the reggae community’s attention.

And, despite the fact that Nooks has achieved financial success, countless accolades and worldwide recognition as a secular recording artist, he has – since the start of his career – been committed to singing reggae-gospel music. This dedication became apparent when his grandmother died in 2001. He had this to say about I Surrender All and some of his other gospel recordings: “From I was little I listened to some of these songs in church. My grandmother was the mother of the church and I used to be there with her all the time.” 

I Surrender All can be streamed and downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major music platforms, courtesy of Tad’s Record Inc.; and the video can be viewed on their YouTube channel.


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