Terry Linen Refuses To Play Money Games (@Tadsrecord)

The Jamaican singer with the distinctive voice – Terry Linen – who hails from the Red Bank district in St. Elizabeth, has – since the mid to late 90s when he began working with Anthony Red Rose – consistently delivered hits. He has given us: Couldn’t Be The Girl For Me, Jah Jah You Save Me, his rendition of Whitney Houston‘s Your Love Is My Love, and so much more.

His latest release is an upbeat reggae track called Playing Money Games, which he produced exclusively for Tad’s Record Inc. The song tackles the sensitive topic of “gold diggers,” and sees Linen lamenting on his love interest’s constant need for money, something that greatly displeases him.

The record was first shared in early May via Tad’s Record, and it continues to grow and gain support on reggae platforms worldwide. If you have not done so as yet, stream and/or download Playing Money Games from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify etc. It is available on all digital music stores.


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