KashieF Lindo’s “Coldest Days Of My Life” Named Song Of The Month (@KashieFLindo)

For the past seven years, on the first day of each month, presenters on the UK based station – Chaaawaaa Radio – have been selecting a local and international song, which is then tagged as the Chaaawaaa Choice for that month. The selected track can either be an old song or one that is brand new. For this month – January, 2023 – CeeBee has chosen KashieF Lindo‘s latest single, Coldest Days Of My Life, as his preferred international song.

KashieF Lindo‘s Coldest Days Of My Life is a remake of The Chi-Lites 1972 hit, and was released in late November via HeavyBeat Records. In addition to doing the lead and backing vocals, KashieF also played most of the instruments: bass, piano, organ, and keyboard; with Paul Douglas on drums, and Willie Lindo on guitar. 

It comes as no surprise that it has been selected as a Chaaawaaa Choice, because the production is impeccable, and KashieF – as he has always done – sang it immaculately. It should be noted that the song is also on The South Florida Reggae Charts, at #11, and The New York Reggae Charts, at #23 (as of the last week in December).

If you have not done so as yet, stream and/or download this beautiful ballad from Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and all other digital streaming platforms.


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