Le’Andria Johnson, James Fortune & Others Confirmed For Gospel Fest 2023

About My Father’s Business and Heaven Bound Entertainment present Gospel Fest 2023 on February 25th at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium – 525 North Center Street – in Stockton, California.

Headlining acts are Le’Andria Johnson, Wess Morgan, Kelontae Gavin and James Fortune; and the opening artists are Ashling Cole, Joe Douglass and Sop. Tickets are available on eventbrite.

2 thoughts on “Le’Andria Johnson, James Fortune & Others Confirmed For Gospel Fest 2023

  1. The venue sucked (Stockton Civic Center). Tickets had the wrong date printed on them. The doors opened late. The crowd wrapped around three coners. People were being turned away because they were being told they over sold. Refunds weren’t offered. They only had two people with scanners letting five people in at a time. They had the food vendor (crispy fish guy) cooking in the back of the building (outside). Some VIP ticket holders were denied entry/some denied their seats because of the disorganization. The sound quality was horrible until Leandria’s people fixed it. It took several minutes before they figured out how to get the house lights turned on. Wes Morgan was a no show (unless he performed while everyone was outside). The house wasn’t packed, whic means others could have fit in the building. They had vendors taking up space on the Floor. Leandria spent most of her set off stage. I’m sure people didn’t pay $50 to see the audience holding their phones and occasionally getting a glimpse of her. Good thing her voice is a blessing.


    • I totally agree with the above comment. Stockton Civic Center was not ready or they just didn’t care about the elderly disabled and or people. Tickets had the wrong date., they also said doors would open at 5pm neither one was right. The Parking lots wasn’t available and if you know anything about Stockton downtown it not a good place for anyone parking in or around the near by neighborhood. We got in line which was wrapped around the building around 5:30 after a hour in a half in the freezing cold. We saw people rushing to the front of the line from the back. Running over the elderly people just to be turned away. We ended up leaving because we couldn’t find anyone to help with the disabled handicapped entrance. We had my disabled mother in law with us and it was way too much confusion and very unorganized. She’s still having discomfort from this horrible situation she experienced Civic Center staff only had one door open and 2 people with scanners that apparently wasn’t working well. Disabled or handicapped entrance wasn’t clearly posted. I’m requesting my money be refunded for the 3 tickets @ $ 50 each for service not rendered properly and unorganized with unprofessional service.


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