Paul Patmore Production & Trinni Collaborate On New Dancehall Single “Cash”

Trelawny-based singer Trinni is here; and it is becoming more and more obvious that she will be a force to be reckoned with! Using her strong vocals, coupled with her prowess as a songwriter, Trinni is setting herself apart from other female dancehall artists. 

Working with business man and producer Paul PatmoreTrinni has just released another women empowerment record, this one titled Cash. Similar to her previous single – Stay Solid – Cash has an underlying message of upliftment, and as she explains: “the song speaks of exhibiting different positve traits, it tells a woman to be confident, focus on being an entrepreneur, be more than just dependent, but instead aim to be successful.”

It was recorded last year at Brainfreeze Recording Studio in Mandeville, Manchester, but was produced, mixed and mastered by the team at Paul Patmore ProductionTrinni, who recently began working with PP Production, had this to say about the imprint: “Working with PPProduction has been amazing, the journey has only just started but we are making big strides.”


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