Pre-order Anthony Cruz’s Upcoming Album “Under The Covers” (@JahCruz @Tadsrecord)

The wait is almost over! At the end of March, Anthony Cruz – the man with the soulful voice – in association with Tad’s Record Inc., will release Under the Covers, his highly anticipated studio album. It will feature approximately twenty tracks, some of which are remakes of neo-soul and RnB classics.

If You Were Here TonightCruz‘s current single being promoted by Tad’s Record, is among the songs that will be presented on the LP. It was released in mid August (2022), and the official video followed months later, on December 16.

In a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer Anthony Cruz explained why Under the Covers will highlight predominantly soulful reggae music: “Wi see where, especially in di dancehall, yuh used to have man an’ woman a dance but yuh don’t see dat anymore. Now is pare man yuh si a dance, an’ is like di younger people dem lose dat sensitivity. These songs can express certain affection between man an’ woman.”

Under the Covers is now available for pre-order on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.


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