Belizean Reggae Artist Nego Hights Is Going Harder! (@Realnegohights)

Belizean reggae artist Nego Hights, who is now residing in the United States, is determined to Go Harder this year! He made that decision after his near death experience with covid-19 in 2020. According to the singer: “I had to give up music for the better part of 2 years and at one point was told by the Doctors that I might not be able to perform any more. After surgery and breathing issues I decided that I will perform again and started telling my self I have to go harder than before to get back and surpass where I was in 2020 before I got sick.”

After making that decision, Hights wrote Go Harder. And with the help of producer Wadadah II, he arranged and mixed the single, which is now #2 on DJ Kat’s Top 5 (UK). The production was done at DOVE Muzik Studio in Evanston, Illinois (United States). Nego Hights and the team at DOVE Muzik report that Go Harder is making a lot of noise in parts of West Africa, the U.S. and the U.K. It is also considered a hit on social media. 

Hights responded to its rapid success by saying: “I would like for this song to bring out the best in the listeners, this song is all about you being your biggest fan, cheerleader, believer and supporter and I pray it will encourage and motivate the listeners to Go Harder for their goals no matter what.”


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