JC Lodge Enters The Top-Ten With “Love Uprising”

Last fall, My MM Productions – a Florida based imprint – released the Positive Transfusion EP, a six-track reggae compilation that features Luciano, Wayne Armond, Pinchers, Carlton Coffie, Stevie Malekuu and JC Lodge. All the songs have been praised for their top-tier production, as well as their reality-based well-timed messages. 

As a matter of fact, Love Uprising by JC Lodge and The New Babylon by Wayne Armond are favorites of Jamusa, the veteran host on South Florida’s WAVS Radio. Both he and his listeners can’t seem to get enough of their Positive Transfusion!

Furthermore, it should not surprise anyone to learn that JC Lodge‘s single has entered the top-ten on a couple of reggae charts. As of today – February 3rd, 2023 – Love Uprising is #9 in New York and #10 in South Florida on the Top 30 Music Chart; while the full EP is #2 in New York and #14 in South Florida on the Top 20 Albums Chart. These are the popular Foundation Radio Network Charts curated by Clinton Lindsay. 

Both JC Lodge and executive producer Orville Marshall have been aggressively promoting the record. Lodge, who lives in the United Kingdom, literally just wrapped up a mini tour in the U.S. where her fans were able to experience the song live.

The Positive Transfusion EP is available on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and all other streaming platforms.


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