DOVE Muzik Highlights “Real Afrikan” By Nego Hights & Fidel Nadal (@Realnegohights)

This past September, Chicago based producer Wadadah II released Real Afrikan, a reggae collaboration performed by Belizean reggae artist Nego Hights and Argentina’s leading reggae act, Fidel Nadal. Although the song was initially published a few months ago, all relevant parties felt it was important to reshare it during Black History Month, as its underlying message is about the importance of Black people – regardless of their location – acknowledging their ancestry.

Wadadah II encapsulates the song as follows: “Its about recognizing your real afrikan identity if you are melonated. Rastafari teach about repatriation to Africa our long lost home but this song also touches on the mental, cultural and spiritual repatriation and recognition of africa within.”Real Afrikan – sung in English and Spanish – is on the DOVE Muzik label, of which Wadadah II and Nego Hights are affiliated.

An official video was captured and released around the same time the song went live on streaming platforms. It shows snippets of various shades of Black folks singing the hook while going about their daily lives. Both Nego Hights and Fidel Nadal are also present delivering energetic performances.


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