Jah Thomas Is In The UK Promoting His New Album “Clarks a Clarks” (@Tadsrecord)

Veteran dancehall artist and producer Jah Thomas is currently in London promoting his recently released album, Clarks a Clarks, which comes to us courtesy of Tad’s Record Inc. The ten-track project came out in mid January – on the 13th to be exact – and it features collaborations with Josey Wales, Peter Metro, Junior Moore, and Thomas‘ son Da’Ville

Jah Thomas‘ signature sound and style – which can be described as lyrically captivating, with a seventies chant – is on clear display on this new LP. The Shoulder Move deejay did not alter his form of expression in anyway; instead he brings us the listener into his world. And rightfully so. It is truly refreshing to hear this type of early reggae-dancehall vibe shared today, especially at a time when there is a healthy debate about both the history, and future of Jamaica’s music.

That said, reggae lovers and industry insiders in the UK are now able to hear from Jah Thomas directly. Persons wanting to work with him while he is in London may do so by contacting +1(876) 850-1399. And remember to stream/download Clarks a Clarks from your preferred music platform.


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