Bryann Trejo’s Story (@Kingdomuzic)

Bryann Trejo is the founder and president of Kingdom Muzic, one of the most authentic Christian hip-hop labels in the U.S. In addition to his role as chairperson, he is also an active MC (rapper) and pastor who is literally changing lives with both his music and ministry.

Born on July 4th, 1980, in Corpus Cristi, Texas, Bryann Trejo was one of 2 identical twin babies. He spent most of his teenage years in juvenile detention centers for armed robbery and trafficking in narcotics. By his early twenties he was constantly in and out of lock-up, and at the age of 23 he was facing thirty years in prison for two attempted murders. By the grace of God the charges were reduced to aggravated assault, and Bryann pleaded down to seven years, and ended up serving only four before getting out on probation.

Shortly after leaving prison, Bryann joined his twin brother in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alas, in May, 2013, his brother was shot and killed in a retaliation shooting stemming from the murder of a juvenile one week earlier (something Bryann‘s brother had nothing to do with). At the time he could have exacted revenge on his brother’s killer, but he chose to love and forgive instead. That’s now his sermon.

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