Ikaya Claims “Self Defense” In Domestic Abuse Brawl (@IkayaOfficial @Pandemicrecord1)

Kadian Blair, more popularly known as Ikaya, has instigated a robust discussion about domestic abuse and what should be the appropriate response to an unfaithful partner. The talks began shortly after her new single – Self Defense – began making the rounds last month. 

On the controversial track, Ikaya tells the tale of a woman who claimed Self Defense after killing her cheating companion, a man who – in addition to committing adultery – had abused her repeatedly throughout most of their relationship. Responses to the record – and its underlying message – have been mixed; with some people in support of Ikaya‘s position, and others opposing it. 

In addition to being a very interesting and thought-provoking story, Self Defense is also a superb song. It was well written, and was performed immaculately by the Waterhouse native. 

Featured on the Things & Time Riddim, which was produced by Pandemic RecordsSelf Defense was officially released in January, 2023. Other artists on the compilation are: Chronic Law, Takeova, Jah Lama, Little Hero, Frass Khalifa and Xip Boss


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