My MM Productions’ Positive Transfusion EP Takes The Top Spot In South Florida

Love Uprising by JC Lodge is currently #1, while Wayne Armond‘s New Babylon enters the top ten, on the South Florida Reggae Charts compiled by Clinton Lindsay. To boot, the Positive Transfusion EP, on which the aforementioned songs are featured, is #2 on the album charts!

JC Lodge‘s primary placement should not surprise anyone who has heard the song, and has been following its rapid advancement on reggae playlists all over the world. Lodge is a living legend with mega hits like Someone Loves You Honey, Telephone Love and other chart topping songs under her belt. And based on its trajectory, Love Uprising is on track to achieve a similar status.

Likewise, New Babylon, performed by Wayne Armond – the consummate songwriter and composer from the famed reggae band Chalice – is undoubtedly one of the most compelling reggae songs out right now. In a riveting manner it questions the current state of our youths, our music, and our overall way of life. According to Armond, this is the ‘New Babylon.’

The other songs on the Positive Transfusion EP are: War a Gwaan by LucianoMama You Worthy by PinchersGonna Be Alright by Carlton Coffie and Don’t Trust Dem by Stevie Malekuu.


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