Download ‘Mi Gungu Walk’ By Marcia Griffiths & Annette Brissett (@Tadsrecord)

Mi Gungu Walk is the latest single from veteran reggae singer-songwriter and producer, Annette Brissett. It’s a collaborative song done with her long time friend and colleague Marcia Griffiths. The bouncy reggae tune was released at the end of January (on the 27th), via Tad’s Record Inc.

Brissett‘s no-nonsense personality is on full display on the track as she lashes out at fake, deceptive people; especially those who exploit others for their own gain. Since it came out, the record has been getting consistent support on radio, and has even entered the South Florida Reggae Chart. This week it’s sitting at number sixteen.  

If you have not done so as yet, stream and/or download Mi Gungu Walk on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, or any other digital music store.


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