Dancehall Artist Juudah Releases New Single “Dead Faces”

Jamaica born, Florida based dancehall artist – Juudah – is making it clear that he is ready for center stage. After officially kicking off his music career in 2020, the sing-jay is rapidly capturing the attention of dancehall lovers with his eccentric writing style and distinctive flow. In a short period of time, he, with the support of his G-Lyfe team, have successfully published several tunes, namely: Phenomenal, Success, The Valley, Elegancy, Progress, etc. 

His newest single is a modern dancehall track called Dead Faces. Produced by up and coming beat-maker FlackoDead Faces is all about Juudah’s rise from rags to riches, literally! In a boastful manner, the lyricist brags about his current status, while reminding listeners of his humble beginnings. Interestingly, according to the Juudah [the] “song was written from a purely motivational standpoint. The theme of it is growth and consistent elevation in whatever you are doing in life.”

Dead Faces was recorded at Palm Beach Records Studio in Boca Raton, Florida, earlier in the year (January). When asked what he would like listeners to take away from it, Juudah replied: “I just want listeners to know that you can do it. It wont happen overnight and it wont be easy, but no matter how hard the journey of life gets, keep going.”

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