Ikaya Gets Candid About Domestic Violence In New Video “Self Defense” (@IkayaOfficial @Pandemicrecord1)

On Friday, March 10th, recording artist Ikaya shared the official video for Self Defense, her single on the Things & Time Riddim produced by Pandemic Records. Prior to the visuals being released, Self Defense was tagged as controversial, primarily because it’s centered around domestic abuse and the manner in which it’s resolved. Below, Ikaya explains – in her own words – the inspiration for both song and video.
“In most cases, as the video depicts, we see the outcome of being in a violent relationship. Either someone ends up in the hospital, morgue or in jail. Self Defense brings the awareness that there are still victims out there who are suffering in silence and believe there is no way out.

The video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia by top videographers Deusbeni Production. It is the continuation of my other single, DissLoyalty, which tells the story of being betrayed by the person you trust. So basically my other half slept with my best friend and got her pregnant, and after being confronted he became defensive and abusive. And just like that promise of protection turns to lie and deception.”

Domestic violence I don’t tolerate. I lost a friend through domestic violence. Where her boyfriend shot her then shot himself. So I say to any female once a man lay his hand on you put a stop to it immediately. Take a stand. Self Love is the greatest love of all. RESPECT yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t give you peace. Protect your safe space. Keeping your peace of mind is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.
If something takes away your energy or drains you mentally or emotionally, makes you doubt yourself, or serves no real purpose in your life, it may not only be not serving you but also harming you. You have to honor self-love and self-respect above all. Loving yourself and putting your own happiness first is not selfish.”


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