Tripple sSs Music Drops New Dancehall Compilation “Fast Cash Riddim” (@EgDaGovenaw)

Exactly two years ago – in April, 2021 – dancehall artist and producer, E.G. Da Govenaw, began construction on his own Tripple sSs Recording Studio. While the work was being done, he also announced that he would be launching a music label; a decision made in support of his spontaneous creativity.

Fast forward to 2023, and the Guyanese deejay who resides in New York is now sharing the first project from the imprint. The newly released record is called Fast Cash Riddim. It went live on all streaming platforms at the end of March (on the 27th to be exact) via the aforementioned Tripple sSs Music. The feel-good modern dancehall beat was composed by E.G. who proudly stated: “this is indeed the 1st production on my own label Tripple sSs Music. The label is named after my girls Semeira, Soriyia and Seniaa. Tripple sSs Studio and Govenaw Productions will bring alot of that 90s Era back to the dancehall scene in 2023 and beyond.”

The compilation features: Karizzma, Alabama, Artist Dukes, Diamond Stone, Terrorupness, Alabama, Simeon Browne, Gad I King, c4 Real1, and of course E.G. Da Govenaw“It was a process that took over a year collecting songs from various artists and then just taking time and going through them to put the right songs on the project. I feel that the selections that made the cut for the project is very well thought out and complements the artist as well as the production.” The preceding is a response from E.G. regarding how he went about deciding which artist to feature.

He went on to say: “So far the response has been overwhelming everyone is loving the production and the talent that’s being displayed on the Fast Cash Riddim. I have to commend all the artists on their hard work on the production and I am looking forward, to working with them on future Projects.”


1 thought on “Tripple sSs Music Drops New Dancehall Compilation “Fast Cash Riddim” (@EgDaGovenaw)

  1. I have listened to the album and I’m personally proud of my fellow Guyanese for putting out such an amazing piece of work. Congratulations to everyone involved and congratulations to E.G. for making his dream and vision a reality


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