MJ Magazine is a subsidiary of Maria Jackson Entertainment (MJE), a music marketing and promotions company operating out of Kingston, Jamaica and Ontario, Canada. The magazine was started in 2007 by Maria Jackson who initially featured all music related stories. However, over the years we have tailored our content and have decided that it is in the best interest of Black music professionals worldwide that we provide an exclusive platform for their work. Hence, we started to publish only Black music stories in 2013. One year later in 2014, we began to realize that we are contributing to the decay of the minds of our youths by posting music and stories that are negative, degrading and downright disgusting. As the CEO/Owner is an avid Pan-Africanist she decided that the magazine should and will only publish and promote POSITIVE Black stories. In the beginning of 2015 we went one step further to include news about Black sports, movies, poetry and overall culture.

MJ Magazine now has agents operating in the United States of America, Canada, the Caribbean and Africa. Our goal is to be the go to site for news and updates on positive Black musicians across the globe.


If you have news worthy stories that you would like us to publish please submit them to us via this email address: mjmagazine27@gmail.com. Please be aware that submitting your story does not guarantee that it will be published. You should also know that we have, and will exercise the right to amend stories prior to posting them. This is done so that the information published is tailored to our audience. We will ensure that the validity of stories posted will not be compromised if amended.


If you are hosting an event and you would like one of our reporters to be there so that we can publish a review about it please submit all information regarding the event to mjmagazine27@gmail.com. Email must be sent in atleast two months prior to the event and we also insist that our logo be placed on all promotional items for the event if we agree to cover it.

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