The Notorious DJ Kool G’s Bio

Garfield Lewin, better known as The Notorious DJ Kool G, is a mix show deejay, music producer and songwriter, who is also co-owner of the recently formed Innovation Muzik record label.

His musical career began in Miami, Florida, which is where he started out as both a MC and selector. The Notorious DJ Kool G is an original founding member of what is arguably one of Florida’s biggest reggae-dancehall sound system, The Waggy Tee Sound. While working with Waggy Tee he generated a huge following that has remained with him to this day. In his early days, he played in a couple of legendary concerts; one worth mentioning is the “Buju Banton Waggy Tee Kool G Bahamas Concert,” which took place in the early 90’s and was the largest reggae-dancehall show on the island, pulling in an estimated fifteen thousand people to the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center.

Another remarkable feat was the legendary 90ʼs sound clash between Bodyguard Sound and Waggy Tee Sound, at which Kool G was representing Waggy Tee. This event drew over 5000 people to the Mahi Temple in Miami, Florida. Waggy Tee Sound ended up winning that competition and was awarded the crown as “King Waggy Tee.” DJ Kool G was also instrumental in attracting an annual crowd of well over four thousand people to the Ruins Restaurant in Ocho Rios for Jamaica’s yearly independence celebrations.

Kool G took over the Miami club scene and became known as the go to DJ to pack nightclubs and keep people dancing. In 1998 he began working at one of Miami’s foremost urban radio Station, 99JAMZ, where he remained for approximately fourteen years. Kool G, through his skills as a DJ, has supported the careers of various Platinum entertainers, while simultaneously creating close relationships with most of the major record labels. He is especially recognized for breaking some of the top hit records from artists like: T Pain, Pitbull, Eminem, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Flo-rida, DJ Khaled and others. He has been formerly recognized and has received many Platinum and Gold Plaques for breaking records on major radio. DJ Kool G has been acknowledged and credited as one of Miamiʼs top DJ in both the Source Magazine and Hip-Hop Weekly.

Today, The Notorious DJ Kool G is committed to his works at Innovation Muzik label, which is focused on reggae and dancehall music. He also works with team Innovation International Sound each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night on Caribbean FM Radio in Miami.

Moses I’s Biography

Anthony Singh, known more popularly by his stage name Moses I, is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and performer. The Kingstonian is known widely as a reggae recording artist who sometimes dabbles in rhythm and blues.

Though he grew up without parents, Moses I was embraced by the Rastafarian community at an early age. This is the foundation for his current way of life, which is evident by his locks and turban. Moses I is a proud Rastafarian.

Having worked as a ball-boy on the soccer field at the University of the West Indies with Bob Marley and other members from the music industry was what inspired him to pursue a career as an artist. His musical history can be traced back to the early 80’s when he worked with some of the biggest producers of that time: Augustus Pablo, Sangie Davis and Gilly Ikas. He was one of the original founders of the David House Crew, which is a Rastafari musical foundation in the district of Papine.

Like many other emerging talents, Moses I had to pay his dues when he was starting out. This meant that although he recorded new music whenever the opportunity presented itself, some of the songs were never released. That being said, he was never deterred. He kept on pushing. He eventually scored a collaboration with Capleton on a song titled “Crazy Look.” The record became a hit earning him tours in Europe and the U.S.A. Around the same time, he released his first full-length studio album, dubbed “More Than A Dream.” It was produced by V-! Productions for the Europe based record label Next Music.

As his name continued to grow in and around music circles, he ended up voicing for “Morgan Heritage and Friends” volumes one and two. He also did several songs for Canadian singer and producer Iley Dread, who is the CEO and owner of King of Kings record label. He even worked with Stephen Marley, voicing for his Ghetto Youth International label.

Over the years Moses I have spent a significant amount of time building up and working on his own record label, Liveon Music. The imprint encompasses Moses I and many other artists, including his sons Jah Lando and Squanny.

DJ Matches’ Biography

Matthew Hall, aka Selector Matches, is a DJ and record collector who started his musical career at seven years old following in his father’s footsteps. He is the co-owner of Innovation Muzik, a new record label formed with DJ Kool G. The objective of the company is to make great music, while simultaneously reinforcing the impact of reggae and dancehall around the world.

Selector Matches is a versatile deejay who understands his craft. He has performed in numerous States across America, as well as on international stages alongside many renowned reggae, dancehall & soca artists. His great artistry and technique has earned him the right to spin at large events. The most notable ones are the Jamaican American Association, Chicago Concerned Jamaican Association and Jamaican Nurses Association Banquets. He has also performed at major festivals in the Chicagoland area, namely: The Chicago African Festival, The Festival of life and Chicago Carafete Carnival.

With an ability to select the right records at the right time, combined with the skills to mix exceptionally well, Selector Matches has always captivated his audiences. His love for music and contagious energy when performing has made him a famous mid-west DJ and sound system proprietor. Additionally, Matches has a strong work ethic and a can-do approach to everything that has served him well. His willingness to go with the flow has allowed him to set the stage for greatness while entertaining huge crowds wherever he plays.

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Dheapblu’s Biography

Frederick Brennan Brown is known publicly as recording artist, producer and songwriter DHEAPBLU. When he first started singing, many years ago, he went by the name Freddy Brown but made the decision to change his name after learning that several other persons within the entertainment industry were also going by that moniker. He settled on the brand DHEAPBLU following a recording session at Penthouse Studio, when upon exiting the booth, a producer refer to his performance and delivery as deep and filled with blues. After much contemplation he felt that DHEAPBLU more accurately describes who he is as a person as well as his life’s journey.

Though DHEAPBLU is Jamaican he refuses to be placed in either a reggae or dancehall box. As a versatile songwriter he continues to remain open to all genres of music. His belief is that music is a language of the heart and soul, and as such, it cannot and should not be locked into any one category.

DHEAPBLU was born in Richmond, St. Mary and he grew up in Jones Town with his parents, sisters and brothers. As far as academic achievements go, he attended Alpha Primary, Holy Trinity and Kingston College. And though he had been singing since he was a youth, it was football and track and field that captured his attention in school. Most of his early singing was done in the church. He actually wrote his first song at the age of nine, and yes, it was a gospel tune. DHEAPBLU has had a strong passion for music all his life. One of his fondest memories was being approximately two or three years old and requesting a song on the radio. He was absolutely over joyed when the track was played immediately, leaving an impression on him about the power of music. That moment has inspired much of his childhood musical desires, and it has never left him to this day.

Today DHEAPBLU is known and respected for his musical aptitude. That being said, like most people in this business, he has had to overcome many challenges. As a young man at Studio One he paid his dues, first by always running errands for the more established artists as well as Coxsone Dodd; and secondly by continuously being pushed to the back of the line when it comes time to actually record his songs. But despite the aforementioned, he has been steadfast and as a result he now has a respectable music career.

DHEAPBLU is now working with Upstairs Music, one of Florida’s most reputable reggae record label. They have just released his brand new six-track EP titled “Love Light.” The team’s focus now is on aggressively promoting this project via both traditional and digital media as they look ahead to the end of the pandemic when DHEAPBLU will be able to head out on the road again.

Peetah Sancho’s Short Biography

Peter Ingram, more popularly known as Peetah Sancho, is a roots-reggae singer who hails from the Lyndhurst Road area in Kingston, Jamaica. In the late 1970s he moved to Paterson, New Jersey, where he re-established himself, honed his songwriting skills and created his own record label, Tri Yard Music.

He began recording in the 1980’s, cutting a version of Jimmy Cliff’s “Sitting in Limbo” for producer Clifton Lawrence. Most of his time in the music business however, has been as producer. Over the years he has produced songs by acts such as Mr. Lexx, Redd Foxx and several other established and emerging artists all for his Tri Yard music imprint.

Unfortunately, Sancho decided to take a break from music in 2016. The hiatus from the music industry only lasted for four years, as he made a return to the scene with several major releases in 2020. Since the start of the year he has published four stunning tracks: : “Roses,” “When The Trumpet Blows,” “I&I” and “Agent Of The Heart.”

Sancho and his team are now actively promoting the aforementioned songs, while simultaneously preparing for potential shows and tours following the containment of covid19.

Star Bingi Biography (@Starbingi)

Hopeton Blair, more popularly known as Star Bingi, is a reggae artist and songwriter who hails from Waterhouse, Kingston 11 (Jamaica).  

Growing up in the musical community of Waterhouse had a great impact on Star Bingi’s career, as a lot of his initial inspiration came from being around reggae legends like Junior Reid and Half Pint. While growing up, his uncle, Hugh ‘Bingi’ Blair (father of popular entertainer Ikaya), often encouraged him to work on his craft by exposing him to veteran artists such as Bounty Killer and Capleton.

While attending Jamaica College, Star Bingi understood that education had to be his main priority, and as such, he majored in business administration before venturing into music professionally.

In the year 2000, after finishing high school, Star Bingi migrated to the United Kingdom; it was around this time that he started to commit himself more music and the possibility of a full time career in the industry. When asked to recap what those early days were like, Star Bingi said the following: “It all began with me having this new energy matched with the profound love for the music , and the emergence began of me developing as an artist and it wasn’t long after I started voicing for producers whom I met. During these early times I was boosted by the response I got and the love grew more for the music.

Since being in London, Star Bingi has had the opportunity to share the stage with some very noteworthy reggae and dancehall acts: Nesbeth, Junior Cat, Gage, Ras Charmer, and that is just to name a few. He has also performed on some of the more popular reggae events and venues: The Coronet, The Ritzy, Amersham Arms (London), The Great Western Roll Call (Manchester), The Jam, Hootananny (Brixton), and so much more.

Over the years Star Bingi has built up a growing fan base with supporters scattered all over the world. He has released numerous singles for both Jamaican and British producers; and has been, and continues to get steady radio rotation including on BBC 1xtra with Seani B.

Star Bingi’s current focus is on promoting his brand new EP titled OPTIMUM, which is on his own label, Optimum Productions. It’s a seven track project with both reggae and dancehall songs, which can now be streamed and downloaded from all music platforms. Bingi had this to say about the release of OPTIMUM; “this I believe will propel my musical career to a greater heights based on the reviews it has been receiving.  Other songs also available on digital download are Hot Second Visionary Born Rasta all on the Otis Riddim Production label. How could I forget to mention Work &Hustle a collaboration with Dohlance and Ric Carbi that will definitely be a single the world will love along with the video to drop instantly.”

Star Bingi who has been dubbed by his peers as “The Expressionist” stands by his belief that music is a domain that should be used to motivate, encourage, entertain and spread the love rather than for monetary gain. There is also the greater impact it has on the lives of human beings and the connection to the soul.

Industry Info: Understanding Mechanical License

A mechanical license is a broad term that refers to the reproduction of a musical composition in the form of a sound recording. Mechanical licenses are most commonly used for cover songs or new recordings of copyrighted songs. In other words if you plan on releasing a cover song you’ll need a mechanical license first.

Though there are several companies that are able to acquire this license on your behalf, you can also obtain it yourself by simply contacting the publisher/songwriter directly.