Dahlia’s Biography (@ThoseTravelBugz @Dahlia_Anderson)

DAHLIADahlia is a multi-talented bilingual performer and songwriter. “In my mind,” “No good for you,” and “Chanson D’amour” are the latest songs featured on her most recent EP.

Dahlia is a native of Jamaica. She migrated to Montreal, Canada at the age of 12. While living in Montreal her singing aspirations really began to take flight as her passion for music was encouraged and celebrated. She soon began performing in both English and French.

The incorporation of her bilingual skills in both her writing and performances eventually led to the opening of new doors. As such, Dahlia has shared the stage with international recording artists such as Freddie McGregor, Munga Honorable, Popcaan and Grammy winner Shaggy. Additionally, she has also worked with the Juno winning producer Wyz Malcolm. That collaboration gave us the EP’s “Open My Eyes” and “Broken Hearted.”

After a brief hiatus, Dahlia is back and will be performing and promoting her singles, while working on her full length album.

Kyng Dyce – Biography (@dycerapper)

kyng dyceDavid Horace Sommerville, professionally known as KYNG DYCE, is a Jamaican recording artist specializing in both the hip-hop and dancehall genres. David began calling himself DYCE after doing a lot of research for a name that’s unique, unpredictable and above all else, something that would represent him, his versatility and creative writing skills. The KYNG was added much later after his status grew within the industry.

KYNG DYCE was born and raised in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston City, where he lived with his mother, father and siblings. He attended The Edith Dalton James High School, which is where he first realized his musical skills. It all happened in the 11th grade. KYNG DYCE and his friends would often meet behind the school yard and engage lyrical battles for fun. One particular day DYCE decided to perform one of his songs, and was both ecstatic and shocked when the other students began cheering uncontrollably after hearing just the first verse. In no time DYCE’s name spread throughout the entire school resulting in his fellow students occasionally asking him to rap for them, something he did with pleasure. Around that time his aspirations were to learn and master the art of sculpting, but that all changed once he saw the response from his peers. The name DYCE became popular throughout the school and that marked the beginning of a new promising career for the young KYNG.

KYNG DYCE has since committed himself to his career as a recording artist and with unshakeable support from his parents and other family members, he intends to continue on his journey. His catalogue includes: Like You (a collaboration done with established reggae artist Turbulence), Making Love Right Here (a catchy hip-hop song that he and his team are currently pushing), Money Up, Gi It Weh, and that is just to name a few. With his ability to do both hip-hop and dancehall with ease, KYNG DYCE has shared the stage with countless talented artists, both emerging and established.

Anyone wanting to work with KYNG DYCE in any capacity should contact him via email at dycerapper@yahoo.com.

Rhoda Isabella’s Bio (@rhoda_isabella)

rhoda isabella

Popularly known for her soulful and powerfully anointed performances, she is often compared with popular international psalmist Maranda Curtis, whom she lauds as one of her inspirations along with Benita Jones, Mali Music, Darrel Walls from the Walls Group and Kirk Franklin. Rhoda is a warm, caring, very committed and an effervescent individual who loves wholeheartedly and values family and friendship. Her life is characterized by her deep relationship with Christ and her commitment to fulfilling her purpose by impacting the world with the undiluted message of God’s love through music. After the dissolving of the group iWorshipp in March 2017, she has embarked on a new mission as a solo gospel recording artiste.

Having had her fair share of real life experiences and struggled with low self esteem, she now has a new found determination to stay true to her calling and create an impact across the world, as a bold ambassador for Christ in the earth. For Rhoda, when she found music she found herself.

Ifa Tunde Orunmila – Bio

Ifa TundeIFA-TUNDE “The Oracle has returned,” is a singer/songwriter/producer and a man of many talents who is determined to spread the message of love to the world. Born in Camberwell, South London to Jamaican parents, Ifa-tunde grew up in Peckham up until the age of five before moving to Jamaica. He then lived in St. Catherine in Jamaica where he attended the Victoria All Age School.

His first experience with music as a child was when he would gather pots and pans and played them like they were musical instruments. Seeing this, his father brought a sound system (also known as a rig, which comprise of a bank of amplifiers, microphones and turntable decks) from London to Jamaica on which Ifa-tunde further developed and crafted his musical skills.

By the age of 11, he moved to Kingston settling at Bull Bay with his mother and three brothers. “Those days were rough” – as stated by Ifa-tunde when he experienced extreme poverty. Whilst being there, he was exposed to more music amongst the various sound systems that would be played in the area. However, there came a time when his mother had no choice but to put Ifa-tunde and her other two sons into St. Patrick’s Boys home while attending Alpha Boys school (now called Alpha Institute) where he learnt more about music.  Alpha Boys school had been the home of many of Jamaica’s top musicians including Yellowman, Leroy Smart and Dean Fraser to name a few.

He later attended Kingston Senior School, but did not get to graduate as the needs of his family came first. So he went to Chestervale Training Camp in St. Andrew where he learned advanced electrical engineering – there he developed strong self-discipline. After leaving Chestervale, he began working at Brown’s Hardware in Spanish Town, Kingston.

He then left Jamaica in 1984 to return to London, England where he got involved in the underground reggae sound system culture during his 20s. He sang on sound systems such as Mafia and Youthman Promotion where he went under the nickname Winston General. He also sang harmonies for Junior Chin on Asher-World, which were one of leading sounds in the UK at that time, appearing on shows up and down the country.

In 1991, Ifa-tunde traveled to the USA where he spent a number of months singing on Exodus Sound System in New York before returning to the UK.

In 2000, he became more afro-centric and traveled to Nigeria and Ghana where he was initiated into the ways of the Orishas (Òrìṣà) (which is a Yoruba way of life/tradition) by a an Araba in a place called Ile Ife (the home of love). He was then given the name Ifa-Tunde; meaning the oracle has returned. In the meantime, while in Nigeria, he broadened his musical experience by performing with various traditional African musicians.

Ifa-tunde returned to Jamaica in 2003 to record his single ‘The Way That I Feel’ which became the featured soundtrack to the action thriller film ‘The Quiet Storm’ (2004). He then later went on to successfully launch his music label Orisa Music that same year.

From 2009, he had spent the next decade working on his music starting with his EP called ‘Black EP’ featuring songs such as ‘Neglecting A Child’ and ‘The Way That I Feel’, and is about to release his upcoming debut album called ‘Melanin’ featuring two singles ‘Sweet Jamaica and the title track ‘Melanin’.

Listen and learn of the full-joy music of Ifa-tunde; The Oracle has truly returned.

Artist To Watch: Quality

QualityShakir Campbell, better known as Quality, is a dancehall recording artist. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica and grew up around the Red Hills Road community, where he now resides. Quality attended St. Richards Primary and Pembroke Hall High School. He also went to the Leap Center, a Heart Trust Training Institute, where he studied music and was the lead singer for the Leap Band. In addition to being a singer, Quality also plays drums.

He recorded his first song at the age of 13 for the veteran DJ Daddy Lizzard. After graduating from the Leap Center, Quality worked in the construction industry and then with the Power Services Company. While working with the power company, he got a call from his former music teacher at Leap, Mr. Michael Reynolds, who invited him to do some recordings for his label. Both men have been working together ever since and have even entered in an official production and management deal.

To date, Quality has four songs out on the Sekimhaj Label, which is owned and operated by Michael Reynolds. His single Stronger, which was released approximately three months ago has literally become an anthem in certain inner-city communities.

Winston ‘Flags’ Smith’s Biography

flagsWinston Alexander Smith (A.K.A. Flags) was born in St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica. He grew up in the Canterbury Community and attended the Albion All Age School. He graduated in 1972.

Upon leaving school “Flags” went on to live in the community of Anchovy where he started his musical career. He was the lead singer of the band Stepping Stone, put together by Calvin Clark and consisted of Zoots “Skully” Simms, one of Jamaica’s great percussionist on drums and Eric “Rickabacka” Frater on guitar.

In 1974, the Stepping Stone Band merged into the Future Wind Band, led by Hugh “Bobo Lloyd” Hall playing around Jamaica in some small community night clubs. In 1976 “Flags” family left Anchovy for the community of Flankers where he continued to work with the Future Wind Band which became the resident band for various entities, including The Disco Inferno in Rose Hall, The Great River Tours and The Negril Huts Resort.

While grooming his musical talent, “Flags” opened for house name acts such as Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations, Denise Williams and the Trams to name a few.  In the summer of 1979, “Flags” performed on the same stage as the legendary Bob Marley at the Jamaica Reggae Sunsplash. “Flags” sound and style is similar to that of the legendary Bob Marley who is one of his favorite artist. During Reggae Sunsplash of 1981, “Flags” performed a tribute to Bob Marley.   In 1982 he formed his own band Ambassan, which was an offshoot of the Future Wind Band and performed at Reggae Sunsplash again for two more years in 1982 and 1984.

In 1984 “Flags” left his home in Jamaica to pursue the music scene in the United States of America. After migrating to Miami, Florida, he joined forces with the reggae band Immortals consisting of Paul “I-Paul” Gauntlette and junior “Yatta” Biggs. A year later, he started working with producer Courtney “Blemo” Crichton, releasing the singles Cool Rudie and Natty Gone Red on Crichton’s Intellitec label.  “Flags” also worked with Neville “Prophet Kato” Thompson releasing the song Bossman on the Buffalo label. A remake of Errol Dunkley’s Please Stop Your Lying was also released on the I-Tek label, but it was retitled You’re Gonna Need Me.

“Flags” was diagnosed with glaucoma and for years he struggled to maintain his vision. This he was not able to conquer and for the past ten years he has been visually impaired. His blindness has not stopped his recording career. “Flags” is in the process of completing his first album. The first single Praise Jah in presently available on all digital media platforms.

Tha Vor – Biography (@ThaVor)

1239282_611644885570851_1606171990_oPatrick Edwards, who is publicly known as Tha Vor, was born in Jamaica but was raised in Toronto. From his Rastafarian roots, he uses this source along with his experiences in Toronto to create a fusion of reggae and hip-hop music.

Inspired by some of history’s most powerful musical voices: Nas, 2Pac, Bob Marley and other like-minded individuals; Patrick is committed to making music that both educates and enlightens. That being said, he was very careful to brand himself with a name that generally represents his lyrical content. He first adopted the name Demitsedek, which means voice of righteousness in the Amharic language. That was later broken down to Tha Vor, which basically means the same thing but is a lot easier for his fans and supporters to pronounce.

Some of Tha Vor‘s earliest musical experiences took place in his teenage years when he was a member of the group Blyxpoc. As a unit they were fortunate to have done a lot of shows in and around their community. It was Tha Vor‘s involvement in this group that cemented his aspirations to be a recording artist.

Over the years Tha Vor has worked with several artists and producers on various projects: Abendigo Productions (King Of Glory and Declaration), Juno Award Winner Exco Levi (Everyday Ghetto and In Adis), Smoke Shop Production (What They Want and Miss Jamaica), Marcus Kane (Now You’re Gone), Gutty Bling Claims Records (Times so dread) and his own Ancient Tung Records (Knowledge Of Self Compilation and Star Wars). He was also featured on a remix with legendary reggae superstar Mavado’s Sneak Peak Riddim alongside Beenie Man, Sean Paul and Elephant Man.

As it relates to performances, Tha Vor has performed at culture shows, summer festivals, Club 400, Rivoli, Trilogy Nightclub, Lambadina, Poor Alex Theatre, Comfort Zone, Static Night Club and The Miss Jamaica 2012 Fundraiser. In September, 2014 he travelled to New York City and performed at the popular “Roc the Mic” showcase. He has even opened for legendary rap group Onyx.

In addition to his thriving music career Tha Vor is also a Reiki Master who helps people with eye problems, sciatica, back, shoulder and knee pain, as well as other ailments. He is the owner of Ancient Herbal Health, a company that specializes in: Colon Cleansers, Pain Done, Alkaline Liquid Iron and others.