King Jazzy’s Biography (@kingjazzyBee @bridgewayartist)

A king with many crowns; artist, song writer, audio and visual producer, brand ambassador, creator, visionary and entrepreneur, King Jazzy weaves his unique cultural background into everything he creates.  The coalescence of Harlem, NY, Jamaica, West Indies, and Detroit, King Jazzy not only delivers the raw soul and irresistible sound of Jamaican and American music, but he has also lived it from his youth.

Born from 3 generations of performing musicians on his father’s side and raised by an artistic-gypsy mother; Jazzy made his way from East Harlem to the streets and sounds of Miami, to the hills of Jamaica where he experienced the “sound-system culture” of the island’s music-adoring population. Stepfather to the young artist, Dicky Dread of Black Love Sound raised Jazzy in the ways of roots culture, steeping him in the deep musical traditions of the island, and instilling in him a strong sense of positivity, perseverance, and artistry – keeping him afloat even through the rough waters of 3rd world living.

Jazzy got his first taste of being a working musician touring with reggae legend Sugar Minot in 2007. Besides collaborating with Paradime, Denaun Porter of D12, dancehall sensation, Ding Dong and DJ Ted Smooth, sharing the stage with the likes of Buju Banton, Sizzla, Luciano, Capleton, Junior Reed and Juice World, Jazzy’s artistic career includes, running recording studios in Michigan, Jamaica, and New York City; creating 2 cannabis dispensary brands in Michigan, and running his production company, Electric Sticky.

A true hustler, Jazzy has been a relentless innovator and performer of his original music. His sound is a spicy blend of depth and swagger that naturally permeates his craft. His music reveals an artist of the great American song-crafting tradition as well as a tough, electronic-edged hip-hop infused Caribbean vibes. Jazzy touches on Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Electronic and Afro-pop.

Few artists can authentically hit such a spectrum of genres. King Jazzy draws outside the lines but what a colorful picture he presents! Just as explosive rocking’ over beats provided by a DJ as he is fronting a full live band, the King Jazzy stage show consistently leaves audiences energized from dancing all night…. as King Jazzy puts his mission – “Shake the world awake!”

King Jazzy brings us a fresh twist to trap songs with his latest record, Trap Betty Baby.  This song is on a new path with what some are calling trap love songs. Trap Betty Baby mixes romance with street life and Jazzy brings the two together like none other. The official video is shot in Jamaica featuring some of the most popular dancers the island has to offer and is filled with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful women. Laid back, smooth and sexy, this song is making waves on both hip hop and reggae platforms and is on its way to being the next strip club anthem.


Sheldon Gava’s Bio

Sheldon Gava is a Rastafarian recording artist, poet and budding actor based in South Florida (U.S.A.).

He was born in Old Harbor Bay, St. Catherine, Jamaica, but grew up in Brooklyn, New York with his parents; except for Summer breaks, which were spent in Toronto, Ontario.

Gava’s first interest in the entertainment industry came when he was in Middle School, where he studied drama. It was there that he auditioned to play the leading role of Clinton for Spike Lee’s film Crooklyn. Although his acting skills were good enough to get him to the finals, he was eventually cut because of his age. Not being one to give up, he continued to work on his stagecraft and was later accepted at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, an institution that has schooled the likes of Alicia Keys. Unfortunately, his mother insisted that he attended Brooklyn Tech instead, one of the top academic high schools in the nation. Sadly, Sheldon never really settled into Brooklyn Tech, and as such he lost interest in acting and ended up quitting the drama club.

In addition to being drawn to the stage, Sheldon Gava was also very passionate about writing. He explains his love for penning words as follows: “Migrating from Jamaica to the States, at the beginning of Elementary School other students could not understand when I spoke heavy patois. I was ridiculed for my accent which led to a lot of fighting and suspensions even though academically I was a gifted student. In grade 4 I won a New York Citywide Martin Luther King Jr Day essay contest which I read for an audience of hundreds of other students and teachers from schools all across the city. I found writing to be the one single way that everyone could understand what I had to say, so I developed a passion for writing.”

Throughout his teenage years he would do freelance writing for magazines offering a few dollars for a certain word count, poetry style, or subject matter. The pay was not great compared to all the rights he gave away, but those freelance submissions taught him a lot about different poetry styles. Lessons that would serve him well later in life.

By the early 2000s he was a published poet with a growing fan base, who was frequenting open mic poetry recitals. At one such recital he met a group of Roots Dub musicians who invited him to their studio to record a few spoken word tracks. While working with them, gradually poems transitioned to lyrics, and just like that he added songwriter and recording artist to his title.

Sheldon Gava, the artist, would later record at Jamhill Studios in Lauderhill, Florida, a place that had several Grammy plaques on the wall; ornamental tablets achieved from working with various reggae legends in the past. Most of Gava’s early studio works however, were done at 56 Real Productions. This is due in part to the fact that they had an in-house producer / engineer who was from Old Harbor. Because Sheldon is also an Old Harbor man the two spent hours in the studio every day working on his lyrical delivery and overall sound.

Among his discography is a ten-track album titled Natty De Ras, which was released in October, 2020 on his own Gava Music LLC label. The project received mixed reviews, with standout track Ras Tafari earning international critical acclaim.

Fast-forward to 2021 and a more knowledgeable, focused Sheldon Gava is again sharing a new project. His latest offering is Weather Change, a seven-track EP that was officially published on April 30th, 2021. Gava and his team are now in full promo mode as they are committed to exposing this new record to a wider audience.

Though he is now known and respected as a recording artist, Sheldon remains active as a poet and has even resumed acting. In recent years he has been committed to playing the role of daddy to his three kids: Nyah, Sara, and Malakai. His dedication to his Rastafarian faith is always on all full display in every area of his life.


IZI ION’s Biography

For as long as he can remember, music and Rastafari have been part of Izi Ion‘s life. It was not until the late 1980s however, that he recorded his first song and in the next decade became a committed disciple of Rastafari.

Izi Ion was born Vollin Garth Headley in the Flour Hill district, a small, family-friendly community in St. James, Jamaica. It was there that he learned the importance of farming and self-sustainment; something he actively partakes in to this day. He considers farming an essential part of life and explains it like this: “my leisure time, I’m in the farm tilling the soil, planting food and making herbal medicine. Building up the structure and living a healthy lifestyle.” In addition to agriculture, Izi is also a fashion designer who specializes in indigenous clothing and jewelry.

His musical career started in 1989 under the name Chiney Eye, a moniker he was called because of the shape of his eyes. His initial songs were Talk & Run and Accident.

By the mid-1990s, there was a cultural shift in Jamaican dancehall with the Rastafarian influence returning to the forefront; this is thanks to artists like Garnet Silk, Tony Rebel and Everton Blender. It was during that time that Vollin Garth Headley aka Chiney Eye evolved into Iziniga. His songs took on a distinct Afrocentric flavor, which stood out when they were played on the radio. Because he was raised on the nourishing music of reggae legends Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Jimmy Cliff, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs and Culture, he somehow managed to create music that had a similar impact on the listener.

As a live act, Izi Ion toured The Netherlands and Belgium in the mid-nineties and has performed at major events such as Reggae Sumfest and Rebel Salute.

He kicked off 2021 with the release of So Many Sounds, a song produced by Kenneth Thompson for the KENERGi Music Label. It is his first song for the emerging music imprint, which is based in Florida (U.S.A). Like most of his previous releases, So Many Sounds is driven by his spiritual beliefs and is filled with relevant and timely Rastafarian teachings.

When asked what he would like people to take away from his music, Izi Ion said the following: “My main mission is to endorse the message of Rastafari. That is what I live for.”


Tommie Tei’s Updated Bio (@TommyTeeMusic)

Wade Thompson, also known as Tommie Tei, is a reggae / dancehall recording artist and songwriter who hails from the Banbury District in Linstead, Jamaica.

His musical journey began unconsciously at age eight when he had the opportunity to sing and perform before a live audience at church. The experience had a positive impact on him; so much so that he subsequently fostered the skills he acquired as a young singer at the sanctuary and went on to perform in the community’s annual Grand Market Christmas Eve celebration. It was at this and other similar events, that Tommie Tei became known and respected as a legitimate entertainer.

Over the years, in between his regular 9 to 5 jobs, some of which required him to travel overseas, Tommie Tei remained steadfast in his desire to become a professional recording artist with a wide audience. To that end, he has consistently worked on his craft, continuously improving his competence as both a vocalist and a lyricist. He has, and continues to seek the guidance of more accomplished artists and musicians; and his dedication and commitment has led to him carving out a niche for himself. He now fuses elements of pop music with his Jamaican reggae: a sound that his fans and supporters seem to love and appreciate.

To date, Tommie Tei has recorded and released several singles. A couple worth noting are Police & Soldier, which is his first official release done in 1994 and one that led to him performing on stages outside of his Linstead community. Good Girl is another record that received steady rotation and was even featured on a prominent reggae compilation by 3000 Records. In May, 2012, Tommie Tei shared his first ever triple track EP, titled Music for the Soul. It was produced by TEE and JAA Records. He has since followed up with additional singles.

Fast-forward to 2021 and Tommie Tei and his team are now focused on his brand-new EP, Win This Time. The project, which was released on May 11th, 2021, has six tracks and features two collaborations. Since it was published, it has been getting favorable reviews by both music critics and industry insiders. Team Tommie Tei is now in full promo mode as the intent is to push this EP as aggressively as they can.

 Stay connected with Tommie Tei and follow his musical journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


UZMAN’s Updated Biography (@UZMAN1)

Paul Day, who is publicly known as UZMAN, is a Jamaican-Canadian rap artist based in Toronto, Ontario. He started making music and performing as a child in the early eighties. By the beginning of the 90s he had studied and mastered recording, editing and mixing, and had also gotten a firm grasp on the songwriting process, as well as an understanding of how music distribution works.

UZMAN’s first musical inspiration was the visuals for Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message.” Both the record and its video captured a time when inner-city youths were becoming more outspoken about things happening in their communities. Although that entire era had an impact on him, it is that record in particular that really made him commit wholeheartedly to a career as rapper. Additionally, his Jamaican roots has always influenced his creativity, so much so that most of his songs are fused with either reggae or dancehall styles.

His love for Jamaica’s music, lifestyle and culture has even led to him collaborating with notable Jamaican sing-jay Jah Mason. In 2013 both men recorded and released the hit single “Night Life.” The song received heavy radio rotation on some of the biggest stations in the Caribbean, North America and parts of Europe; and eventually entered the top ten position on several charts. It even went number one on the NYC reggae chart (Funk Master Flex’s Franchise Record Pool). In addition to collaborating with Jah MasonUZMAN has also worked with international recording artist Junior Reid, as well as some up-and-coming Jamaican talents.

The story behind the Junior Reid collaboration is as follows. Producer Jahronomo INC, who is well known and respected in the Canadian entertainment industry, did a radio version of UZMAN’s other breakout single, “Wine and Grind.” The song quickly got the attention of world renown remix King DJ Power, who worked on a new mix of the single with legendary reggae artist Junior Reid. The remix helped to propel UZMAN’s career, which eventually led to a monumental performance at the Island’s national music festival in West Kingston, The Jamaica Jamboree. Similar to “Night Life,” “Wine and Grind” was also featured on several charts and was given significant radio rotation.

A few years ago, UZMAN took a brief hiatus from recording and releasing his music, so that he could focus on managing and guiding some emerging dancehall acts. 

He turned his attention back to his career in 2021 by sharing a new single titled “Stress Less.” The record addresses the rise in stress related illnesses and deaths stemming from the covid-19 protocols. “Stress Less,” which was created to put listeners in a more positive mood, is delivered in a manner that makes it very easy to digest, even for those that aren’t necessarily into hip-hop.

In a recent article by The Globe & Mail, it was reported that suicides went up sharply during the pandemic. Additionally, there have been countless stories from various news outlets highlighting the rapid rise in depression across North America because of the corona virus. Being an experienced MC, UZMAN was very careful to broach this extremely serious topic in a light-hearted, fun, but powerful way. 

UZMAN and his team are now concentrating on promoting the new single, as they simultaneously prepare to head back on the road when live events resumes.


Introducing Ghanaian Reggae Artist Tradition Man Wolo

Tradition Man Wolo is an avid student of reggae music and its legendary stars Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Jimmy Cliff and others. He also appreciates and admires the contributions made by lovers-rock giants like Gregory Isaacs and Beres Hammond. It is his admiration for the aforementioned artists that have led to his own career as a reggae singer and songwriter.

Tradition Man started writing songs and playing gigs while at Achimota High School in Accra, Ghana. After experimenting with music as a solo act, he eventually teamed up with friends to form the now defunct reggae band Club Tradition. At the time, the men were attending the University of Ghana – also in Accra – and became very active, performing on local college campuses.

Unfortunately, his pursuit for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology took priority, which resulted in him taking a hiatus from music. 

Approximately ten years ago, he relocated to the United States to further his education. This move saw him attending both the University of Toledo and Arizona State University, where he earned a MA and MBA respectively. Following those achievements, his work as a market researcher in the software industry later took him to Seattle, Washington, which is where he is currently based.

The Ghanaian reggae lover is now ready to re-enter the music industry, and will do so with a brand new single called “This Feeling” on May 12th, 2021.

The Notorious DJ Kool G’s Bio

Garfield Lewin, better known as The Notorious DJ Kool G, is a mix show deejay, music producer and songwriter, who is also co-owner of the recently formed Innovation Muzik record label.

His musical career began in Miami, Florida, which is where he started out as both a MC and selector. The Notorious DJ Kool G is an original founding member of what is arguably one of Florida’s biggest reggae-dancehall sound system, The Waggy Tee Sound. While working with Waggy Tee he generated a huge following that has remained with him to this day. In his early days, he played in a couple of legendary concerts; one worth mentioning is the “Buju Banton Waggy Tee Kool G Bahamas Concert,” which took place in the early 90’s and was the largest reggae-dancehall show on the island, pulling in an estimated fifteen thousand people to the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center.

Another remarkable feat was the legendary 90ʼs sound clash between Bodyguard Sound and Waggy Tee Sound, at which Kool G was representing Waggy Tee. This event drew over 5000 people to the Mahi Temple in Miami, Florida. Waggy Tee Sound ended up winning that competition and was awarded the crown as “King Waggy Tee.” DJ Kool G was also instrumental in attracting an annual crowd of well over four thousand people to the Ruins Restaurant in Ocho Rios for Jamaica’s yearly independence celebrations.

Kool G took over the Miami club scene and became known as the go to DJ to pack nightclubs and keep people dancing. In 1998 he began working at one of Miami’s foremost urban radio Station, 99JAMZ, where he remained for approximately fourteen years. Kool G, through his skills as a DJ, has supported the careers of various Platinum entertainers, while simultaneously creating close relationships with most of the major record labels. He is especially recognized for breaking some of the top hit records from artists like: T Pain, Pitbull, Eminem, Trick Daddy, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Flo-rida, DJ Khaled and others. He has been formerly recognized and has received many Platinum and Gold Plaques for breaking records on major radio. DJ Kool G has been acknowledged and credited as one of Miamiʼs top DJ in both the Source Magazine and Hip-Hop Weekly.

Today, The Notorious DJ Kool G is committed to his works at Innovation Muzik label, which is focused on reggae and dancehall music. He also works with team Innovation International Sound each Thursday, Friday and Saturday night on Caribbean FM Radio in Miami.