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Cherri Poet’s Biography (@reggaerapstarCP)

Cherri PoetAn accomplished stage performer, songwriter, poet and hip- hop / reggae / rap recording artist, Cherri Poet excels at performing regardless of the medium. To date, she has released three musical compositions and several music videos as well as a host of new singles. Cherri also is credited with composing the lyrics to the hit song “Sweet Summer Angel,” which hit both the international radio waves and dancehalls by storm. Cherri’s exceptional musical talent has resulted in her appearing on several TV shows in Philadelphia such as Franchise Live and Enter the Zone, and that is just to name a couple. She has sang alongside such artists as: Anthony Malvo, Baby Sham, Mikey Slow, Old school Rapper MC Lyte, Gospel artist Yolanda Adams, Shady Records affiliate Speed Child, Macka Diamond, Spragga Benz, King Yellowman, Lady G, Tilly Beng, Steven Souza, Twins of Twins and many more. Since releasing her albums “Speak my calling” and “Eva Success,” Cherri Poet has focused on many things, including radio and TV hosting. And has released many singles along the way including “Tek mi lass $20,” a reggae herb tune on the “Just high grade riddim, “And Still,” – a tribute to the Haiti earthquake disaster survivors – which features reggae singjay Hi Kee; Christmas hip hop / pop single “Ring the bells,” for the 2016 Christmas holidays leading into 2017; and the self produced hip-hop tune and video “New year New Attitude.” This year, Cherri Poet prepares to release her brand new reggae-roots and culture single “Misidentification.” Due for release on Cdbaby, I-tunes, Amazon, Tidal and more on MLK day, January 15, 2018

Cherri has taken her art far beyond the recording studio. She performed at the Portland Curry Fest, Caribbean Heritage Festival and Culture, Now Caribbean Festival in Philadelphia. She also was a headline performer at Almaz located in Washington D.C., as well as several performances in Maryland alongside Reggae singer Prestige, Legendary Strykers Posse and others. She was also seen opening for Elephant Man in New Jersey.

Cherri Poet later appeared in New York as a guest on the infamous H20 and Bella CoCoa House Party TV show, as well as several others. Across the sea, in her born land Jamaica, Cherri Poet appeared on the CVM at Sunrise Morning show and later chatted with Mutabaruka on Irie FM. In New York, Cherri Poet ads to her credit multiple interviews on Tribe Star Radio (Bronx, NY), Linkage Radio 101.5 FM, The Gassy-Fire House Morning show, Real Deal Radio 94.1 FM as well as on Royal Radio 106.3 FM and finally with Lindon Brown on 93.5FM. She made an appearance, performing at a Car Wash grand opening, which was broadcast live on Linkage Radio.

Cherri Poet – The Actor
As an actress, Cherri can be seen on the big screen in such work as “Tears of My Joy,” playing the part of a homeless woman. Her talents can also be seen on the stage. Cherri played the role of Sandra Doner in the short play “The Shoe” which appeared as part of the Colonial Playhouse’s presentation of it’s 9th annual “Colonial Quickies.” She also took on the role of Matilda in “Night Watch.” This role was met with rave reviews. As a result of this performance, Cherri was met nightly by crowds of fans who praised her work. After that, Cherri went on to direct and act in the play “Kissing Cousins.” She also played a highly talked about and highly praised role of wife and mother in the multi-award winning movie “Somewhere In Baltimore.”

Cherri Poet – On the Air
In 2011, she made her mark as Radio D.J., hosting her own show “Cherri Poets Hip-Reggae-Hops Event” on Linkage Radio in New York. The show promoted the hottest up and coming artists rarely heard on radio. She was determined to support indie artists due to her own struggles of obtaining radio play on most radio stations. During her time on the show she interviewed many artists, including a two hour chat with Hip Hop/Funk originator and legendary Producer Afrika Bambaataa. Cherri also interviewed Hip Hop legend D.J. Kool Herc and many other artists, big and small. Another major milestone was her interview with then first lady of Jamaica, Juliet Holness. She performed a fierce reality poem, “Hard Times,” which was well received by the former first lady.

Cherri Poet – TV Host
After a year and a half, Cherri left radio to take up a host position on television where she remains today, three years later. Cherri currently hosts the Music Vibration TV show! “Music Vibration” is produced by Joy Smith-Artist, playwright and producer. It airs on Cabelvision, Bronx, channel 68 on Tuesdays between 2-4PM and Sundays between 4-5PM and online at

Cherri Poet – The Humanitarian
The multi talented artist Cherri Poet is also a dedicated humanitarian. The loss of her brother to HIV/AIDS resulted in her embarking on a mission of to do what she could. Her mission of raising public awareness to HIV was supported by the Philly AIDS Walk. Further more, Cherri joined Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes and wife Sheryl lee Ralph on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. to continue the awareness of HIV as well as to encourage government investment in AIDS research and healthcare for low income individuals suffering from the disease.

In 2008 Cherri traveled to Jamaica as the featured artist with the organization Read Across Jamaica. On this tour, she visited over 15 schools around the Island both performing and donating school books and supplies to students; while promoting the importance of literacy.

Despite an incredibly hectic schedule, Cherri Poet still makes time to perform for residents of a Westchester, NY Nursing home during the holiday season.

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Ruach Ru’s Biography (@RuachRu)

Ruach - Smile A WhileNestled in the rural hills of St. Andrew, just outside Kingston, the capital of the tropical Island, Jamaica, Ruach Ru grew.  Close to nature with a view of the Caribbean Sea bordering the harbour of Kingston, life in a closely knit family filled with music and singing inspired young Ruach to begin writing at an early age. A love of family fostered a love for people which evolved into a desire to see all people equally empowered to become their best self.

The Island of Jamaica’s unique cultural mix, musical influences and unique musical expression reggae created a fire in the heart of this artiste to be, giving birth to a desire for self-expression through combining word and musical vibration, creating sound and power.

The choice to embrace the call to music resulted in the release of her first single If We Believe in 2013. Since then Ruach has shared with the planet a nine track EP titled Evolution and singles Watering I which won for itself “Best Reggae Ballard February 2016” from the Akademia Music Awards, as well as her most recent release Mr. Player Man.

Ruach Ru writes thoughtful and thought provoking music about complex subjects; life, love, relationships, violence and peace, questioning the reasons why, the what if’s and the possibilities.

Since entering the music industry, Ruach has been fortunate enough to have worked with producers such as Syl Gordon of Cell Block Studio and has pending projects with Sly Dunbar and Rory Baker from the TAXI family.

Work on upcoming projects includes the future release of a seven track EP and twelve track album.

If you would like to know more about Ruach, to get a copy of her latest single or just to chat, feel free to connect with her on her social media pages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or via the contact information below.





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Shootii’s Bio (@shootii_music)

hallreid 6 studio 1Karl Reid, professionally known as Shootii, is an industrious dancehall recording artist based in New York City.

Though Shootii currently resides in New York, he was born in Trout Hall, Clarendon, where he lived with his grandparents until the tender age of twelve. He then moved to Kingston to be with his mother as his grandparents relocated to Nigeria. While in Clarendon, he attended the Trout Hall All Age School and was passionately involved in track and field. Even though he was extremely good in the sport, he did not follow through with it because he ended up leaving the school to join his mother in Kingston.

Upon arriving in Kingston, Shootii soon realized that his mother could not afford to send him to school so he took it upon himself to learn a trade. He got into tailoring (which he learnt from a friend in West Kingston) and became so good at it that he considered pursuing it as a career. However, he only spent about five years in Kingston, because at age seventeen, he had to move again, this time to join his father in New York City.

As he transitioned from a boy to a man in New York’s rich and diverse musical culture, Shootii slowly began to get into the entertainment industry. Growing up he was always drawn to music on some level, whether it was taking part in church services (which were insisted on by his grandparents), or listening to a lot of 80’s and 90’s dancehall and being captivated by the lyrical prowess of artists like Lt. Stitchie and Buju Banton. Music always fascinated him! As such, once he became a U.S. citizen he began travelling back and forth between Jamaica and New York, networking and learning as much as he could about the craft of music. On one of his many trips, he got the opportunity to see Buju Banton rehearse at Penthouse Recording Studio in Kingston; he decided then and there that he was going to commit himself entirely to the music business.

He met and developed a close relationship with recording artist Frisco Kid, who took it upon himself to teach him as much as he could about the dancehall industry. Frisco Kid also opened a lot of doors for him by introducing him to Beenie Man and members of the Shocking Vibes Crew. In addition to that, Shootii also got a chance to record at Buju Banton’s Cell Block studio. He did a song entitled “Big Gun No Fun,” which unfortunately did not get a lot of promotion because he had to return to America.

After years of keeping a low profile, Shootii met and began working with Chemist in 2017 (a producer who is linked with established artists: Spice, Aidonia and others). He recorded and released a catchy dancehall single, “Long Time,” which was inspired by a friend’s betrayal. Since its release, the song has been getting good rotation on radio stations in Jamaica, America and the UK. Shootii and his team are now committed to promoting the record while simultaneously working on new music.






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Prosonic Production: Beats, Mixing & Mastering (@ProsonicProd)

ProsonicJonathan Riley, professionally known as Prosonic, is a mixing engineer, producer and beat maker, based in Portmore, Jamaica.

He was born in Kingston and grew up in the Havendale community with his mother. As a child, he attended both George Headley Primary and Meadowbrook High Schools. While in school he was involved in Football and Volleyball, as well as the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force.

Jonathan’s first passion was architecture and construction; however, after watching the popular Hollywood movie, Drumline (starring Nick Cannon), and listening to projects from established producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, he became inspired and to make music. He started creating music at home using Digital Audio Workshop programs such as FL Studio and Propellerhead Reason. It was not long before he developed his skills and began mastering the machines. Now specializing in the reggae and dancehall genres as a mixing engineer, producer and beat maker, Jonathan adopted the name Prosonic as it exemplifies the kind of professionalism and quality that he brings to his music.

To date, Prosonic Production has produced “Pretty Girl” by Mazin (2012), “Hustle Fi Di Paper” by Mazin featuring Darrio (2013) and the Love Bounce Riddim (2013). Fast forward to 2018 and he has mixed and mastered “Imagine That” and “Slave Mentality” by Karamanti; as well as “From You Dead” by Peppery. Later this year he plans on releasing a new rhythm driven project on his label.

Anyone wanting to work with Prosonic Production in any capacity may do so by contacting his PR, Maria Jackson Entertainment, by email at or via WhatsApp +1 876-313-6319.


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Introducing I-PURPLE (@Purple_kev)

I-PurpleKevin Walters, known to many as I-Purple, was born in Alexandria in the parish of St. Ann (the garden parish of reggae legends: Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Marcus Garvey), on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Though St. Ann was his birth place, Kevin and his parents did relocate to Kingston, which is where he grew up. Music was a natural choice for him as both his father and grandfather were known and respected musicians. He was taught how to play the guitar from his father but his passion became the piano, which he learned on his own.

As he got older and his desire to become a professional musician increased, Kevin made the decision to improve on his craft by attending the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. While at school his friends began calling him purple because he was always wearing the color. He later added the letter I to it and thus became I-Purple.

Fast forward to 2018 and I-Purple is now a full-fledged recording artist, producer and engineer that not only produces his own music but also that of others. As an artist he has graced several stages across the island; stages such as: Christopher’s, Jazz and Red Bones Blues Café, Essence Lounge, Triple Century and several others. Audiences are usually captivated by his performance as he has a great command of both the stage and the moment.

I-Purple is kicking off 2018 by re-releasing his track entitled “colder than ice cream.” A record that was previously shared in 2013 on the Jah Mix Production label. As I-Purple has now dissolve all ties with that label, he is re-releasing the record on his own Purple Keyz Muzik label.

Persons wanting to work with I-Purple are being asked to contact his publicist, Maria Jackson Entertainment at or (876) 313.6319.


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Lenn Hammond – 2017 Biography (@lennhammond)

Lenn lalalaLenn Hammond is a singer, songwriter who taught himself to play the guitar, is on a musical mission to contribute positively to society. Using his falsetto over soulful beats, Lenn seeks to uplift and effect positive changes in everyone he meets, everywhere he goes, and to all who listen to his music.

Lenn is best known for love, romance and dissecting relationships’ growing pains in his songs. Critiquing the system, observing nature, and enjoying life are all recurring subject matter. He recently collaborated with Exco Levi on the remix of Tek U Fi Life – an ode of love and commitment and another collaboration with Blizz “Happy Face” both tracks due for release on various projects.

Always writing and recording, Hammond is preparing the stage for his next single, End of Innocence, a poignant and timely reflection of the situations girls and young women face. “I think it’s one of his finest songs!” said MAdCast- Fuji of Radio Regent’s ItaL rOOts RaDio, continuing “I love how the plucking of the guitar strings pulls you into the song and tugs at your heart strings.”

Lenn, a musical nomad, travels wherever his music takes him. In recent times, Lenn has answered the call in Japan, across Canada and in Europe. Europe offered the opportunity to spend over a year in London recording with various UK producers, including Chris Peckings among others.

In spring and summer of this year Lenn spent some time in Germany where he did a series of promotional appearances which were well received The Netherlands hosted Lenn Hammond’s first European show accompanied by a band, at the Luxor in Arnhem. That show saw people claiming a new good find.

A JUNO and multiple-award winner, Lenn Hammond was written into Canada’s music history, paving the way for many of his Reggae contemporaries.

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Zally’s Bio (@ZallyBuff)

ZallyZally was born in Papine (in Kingston, Jamaica). While growing up and going to school he was always surrounded by musicians. At the tender age of sixteen he realized that
music was his calling and he has been chanting and singing ever since. As a youth Zally experienced alot of hardship. He believes this is due in part to growing up in a
poor third world economy. He never knew his mother, and his father lived on the other side of town not having any major impact in his life. His Grandmother and Aunts
raised him as their own son. They ensured that he went to good schools and as a result he graduated an A student.

In his early teenage years he started hanging around several different mobile sound systems in the neighborhood and vibing with the best of the best. In those days it was
Charlie Chaplin, Major Mackerel, Papa San, and Capleton, just to name a few. As we say in Jamaica, “music nice and music sweet.” During that era, there was no violence or animosity among artists and musicians. You could go to almost any session anywhere, get on the mic, and rock the place. And on the real, that’s what Jamaica and Reggae is about, music, peace and love, and that is what Zally is about.

His first major stage show in the United States was the “Bob Marley Festival” in February, 1997. Though he was still young in the business, music was already changing his life. He performed in Santa Barbara, California for the “His Imperial Majesty’s Coronation” concert, also at the House Of Blues in Hollywood, Ca. and at the “Kingston Twelve Reggae Club.” He has opened for Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Jr. Gong, Capleton and Cocoa Tea. And he has performed at various venues in the North East region of the U.S. such as, Philadelphia, New York, Jannus Live, Bob Marley Cafe in Orlando, FL. and many more.

Zally currently reside in South West Florida. He released two albums in 2010 and an EP in March, 2013. All his music is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and all other
digital music retailer stores. He’s been creating plenty of new material since 2007. Consequently, he has recorded for some of the best producers over the years; He’s
recorded singles, albums, vintage vinyl’s, collabs, and an ep.

His credits include recordings with the likes of the late Sugar Minott and Anthony Malvo, as well as a few Cross Over Hip-Hop songs with artists like 2 Pistols and Mello Bondz. His first record released was with Winston Riley on Techniques Records; second was with Courtney Cole (Roof International) and the third was a single called, “Love” on Fiesta Label. Additionally, he recorded an album with Kamau Music Kingdom.

As a result of his consistent and aggressive marketing, he has independently sold several CD’s and performed countless times in an effort to build his name in the industry. The single “Tell Me How You Feel” was a mini success; he recorded his first complete album in 2001 called, “Hot and Demanding.” His music has been, and is currently getting plenty of airplay in places such as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Ghana, St. Tomas VI, Portugal, The Bahamas, Japan, and Germany.

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Hitman Walle’s Bio (@HitmanWalleProd)

HitmanHitman Walle was born on March 11 in Spanish Town, Jamaica where he was raised by his father and grandmother. He grew up surrounded by music with his father being a singer and his grandmother a leader in her church choir. By the time he was about 8 years old he was already testing out his talents in the church and would soon be Djaying in the streets gathering quite a crowd.

Hitman Walle has been electrifying audiences for over fifteen years now and began his professional career by working with Creation High Power. While working with them, he recorded his songs, “Man ago cuss woman,” “Karate,” “Car Key,” and “Before you lie down.”

After working with Creation High Power, Hitman Walle decided to try his luck at performing live with his first big show being “Reggae Kwanzaa.” It was after this performance that he was asked to join the Kwanzaa Group and recorded “Big heel boot” and “The whole world.” However, this match up was not meant to be and Hitman Walle soon moved on to record such songs as “Love you same way” with other producers.

It was during this time that Hitman Walle was introduced to a producer named Linval Gibbons. Linval helped Hitman Walle to get on stage for Teen Splash and to start building his career and a name for himself. Before he new it, he was getting airtime on such radio stations as Irie Fm, Hits Fm, Zip Fm, Mellow Fm and the Hot 102.

In 1999, Hitman Walle worked with Mallory Williams to produce the song “Reggae cha-cha-cha” which reached number 14 on the reggae charts in Michigan. He also recorded “Don’t hurt the star” and “Cellular a ring” with Shaka Pow. Unfortunately, just as Hitman Walle’s career should have been taking off, tragedy struck. His older brother and manager was tragically taken from him in a car accident that left him devastated.

After a 3 year break from his music, Hitman Walle met his current manager Donovan Carter. Together with Donovan, he began to put his career back on track. He began to perform live again and recorded many songs like “Go away poverty”, Inna di ghetto,” “Wanted man,” “Survival game,” “Good star” and “Garbage truck.”

Over his career, Hitman Walle has had the pleasure to work in Canada, The United States and Jamaica. He has also worked with such artists as Lady Saw, Lady G, Kiprich, Sean Paul, Shaggy, John Holt, Elephant Man, Kartel, Bounty Killer, Mavado, Merciless and many more. And he has been heard at a variety of venues such as Full Black, Fully Loaded, Bling Dawg Summer Bash, Spring Break, Dilla Clash, Reggae Fever, Sting 2011, the Irie Fm Road Shows and the GT Taylor Show.

Currently, Hitman Walle is back in the studio working hard on his new song about what he loves most, Jamaica. And doing what he does best, making music.

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Shanti Force – Biography (@shantiforce)

Shanti Force bioAshan Shanti Force Crosdale, born July 24th, 1995 is a young reggae dancehall artist, signed to the Wyzelife Productions Ltd., who Grew up in Hackney, East London.

He was always a student that was working above national curriculum average. He passed his GCSE’s at Mossbourne Academy with an A grade. He aspires to be a well known artist and as such places a lot of emphasis on the positive messages in his music, and catchy choruses.

He has been performing on shows from a tender age via his father, Lion Wyze, who took
him around to shows and helped publicize the young talent. He performed at shows such as ‘Justice in the East,’ a show with Junior Reid, ‘Oneness Concert,’ ‘UK reggae showcase’ and many others. Shanti Force‘s slogan is: “Front Page Nuh Back Road.” As such, he has songs such as “Do it My Way Girl” and “Thunder Roll” which was written from the age of 7. His talent has not gone unnoticed and has secured collaborations with Jamaica’s Iyara and he was also featured on Gappy Ranks’ new album, Pure Badness, with a song called
“Turf War.”

His career took off on a wider scale in 2016 as he was booked on shows overseas; opening for Kalado in Germany, performing on the Exit Festival in Serbia and the
Sea Dance Festival in Montenegro. He has since then continued to master his craft and entertain his supporters with high energized performances. He recently returned from a
promotional tour in Jamaica where he opened for Sizzla at MargaritaVille (Ochi Rios) and performed At Bourbon Beach in Negril alongside Khalilah Rose. He also did several other smaller scale shows.

Since returning to England he has been in the studio working on a reggae project set to be released in The new year. Shanti Force hopes to continue creating his buzz and build up his fan base. Look out for more from the Young Rising Star.

For bookings and/or inquiries, persons are being asked to email or call +447947327520

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The Illest DJ Fou4 – Bio (@DjFou4)

DJ FOU4Andre Antonio Hines A.K.A The Illest DJ Fou4 is a selector who plays a variety of genres: Reggae, Dancehall, Hip-hop, R&B, Soca, Alternative, EDM and Retro.

He hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica, in the parish of St. Thomas, and was born at the Princess Margaret Hospital to mother Evett Davidson, also called Joan, and father Ronald Hines (who use to select music as well). At birth, Andre was four pounds and two ounces, hence the name DJ Fou4. Initially he was called Daddy 4 and then over time, as he began to advance in his craft, he adopted the title: The Illest DJ Fou4.

He grew up with his mother and 6 siblings (3 brothers and 3 sisters) in White Hall, St. Thomas. One by one all his brothers and sisters eventually migrated leaving him with his mother, aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents. The first school he attended was the Flemmings Basic School in Seaforth; he then went on to Seaforth Primary. In the 6th grade, he successfully passed his common entrance for Morant Bay High School. DJ Fou4 was on the track and field team for a short while but all his interest was in music, not just listening and playing it, but also dancing to it. He was an excellent dancer and at lunch break and after school he and his friends would play the Bug Riddim and he would do the bogle and Jerry Springer dance to wow the girls.

According to Fou4, “high school was the best part of growing up.” He was a member of a dance group called Krazy Squad. They entered the JCDC festival and partook in the community’s Unity Vibes Police Youth Club. They were successful by all accounts and were awarded with trophies, medals, certificates and cash prizes.

The Illest DJ Fou4 started playing music professionally in 2012. It all started when his friend Gary (also known as Picture Frame) allowed him to play on his sound system. It was then that he learned to mix and blend the right songs, paying attention to things like tempo and BPM (beats per minute). At first, his family was not supportive of his career in music. He recalls both his aunt and mom constantly telling him that, “music should only be a hobby, not a career.” He was not moved by their opinions, instead, he kept on working on his craft and as a result he improved so much so that he is now a resident DJ on Stylz FM, Portland’s #1 radio station. Now his mother is one of his biggest fans. She is always tuning in to his radio show and gives him constructive criticism. The Illest DJ Fou4 is on air every Thursday from 5 to 9 PM and again on Saturday nights on the DETOUR show from 8 PM to midnight.

The sky is the limit and DJ Fou4 is well aware of that fact. As a result, he is currently working on dominating the airwaves, bringing his unique vibe and energy to his audience. Stylz FM airs on the following dials across Portland and surrounding Parishes: 96.1, 96.5 and 96.7 FM. In addition to playing on the radio, DJ Fou4 also does regular mixes (mixtapes) for both street and digital distribution.

Follow The Illest DJ Fou4 on all his social media platforms.





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Hu’manuwah’s Bio (@Humanuwah)

Hu-manuwahHu’manuwah, the singer, song writer, performer, producer and CEO of Soul Journey Universal, was born Prince-Emmanuel Alexander Smith. He grew up in the community of Water House, which is located in Kingston 11 on the beautiful island of Jamaica. As a youth, he attended St. Patrick’s Primary and Trench Town Comprehensive High Schools. After leaving high school he applied himself to a number of potential career paths, yet none resonated with him as much as music did. It was around age 17 that his consciousness became ignited with the fire of knowledge and a quest for truth.

This flame grew within him until his whole being and life was consumed with an unquenchable thirst for spiritual truths, knowledge and development, at its highest level. After much research, his desire for true self- knowledge became a reality. Knowing what he now knows, his purpose and aim is to be a channel of spiritual awakening, enlightenment and inspiration to the world.

Possessing the ability to move you into higher states of spiritual awareness, with only a few lines of any of his songs, Hu’manuwah is considered by many to be a musical, spiritual giant in his own right. His entire body of work to date is centered on the heights and depths of man as a spiritual being.

His songs reaffirms the ageless truth that as spiritual beings (Souls) we are immortal and all powerful by our very essence and nature. His lyrical content speaks to the fact that we are not the minds, emotions or physical bodies we occupy throughout each respective life time; be it on this planet or on any other throughout this boundless universe, filled with an abundant array of life.

According to Hu’manuwah: “Our true purpose in this lower, physical universe is to get all the necessary experiences needed, which serves to refine us as souls (spiritual beings). This refinement then prepares us for our ultimate re-awakening. That we are all, infinite universal creators, here in this universe to learn and master its unique construct which is LIGHT”.  He believes also that as universal creators, we are limitless, all-powerful and eternal, and that we exist beyond this universe in many forms and realities.

Hu’manuwah is currently promoting his latest single; Jamaica’s Cry (Life over bullets). His other recordings are: Rough Road, Earth Is A School, It’s Within, Mankind Must Evolve, Greater Than, Grow Spiritually and that is just to name a few.

His major musical influences includes all the past and present giants of reggae and dancehall. He listens to just about any genre of music that inspires him. He characterizes his musical art as a reflection of the soul’s journey to its inner and higher states of consciousness, and this he endeavors to foster and maintain throughout his career as HU’MAMUWAH aka “The Soul Liberator.”




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Glen Washington – Bio

Glen-Washington-photo-2The musical career of Glenroy Washington, singer, songwriter and drummer, personifies the cliché; ”The race is not for the swift, but for those who can endure.” The triumph of Glen Washington’s endurance has been 25 years in the making.

Like most successful artists, Washington evolved from humble beginnings. Born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica he is currently one of the most in demand artist in reggae music; this has come after many years of recording and waiting in the wings. In 1997, he released his debut album ‘Brother To Brother’ and, to date, has released 10 albums. Fans and critics alike say there is not one bad song in his catalog.

Washington began his musical career in the early seventies as the lead singer for the group “Names And Faces.” He later became the lead singer in a band called “35 Incorporated” and learned to play the drums under the guidance of, then drummer, Joseph Hill. When Hill left the band, Washington filled the slot, and became a singing drummer.

There are positive lessons of encouragement and motivation to learn from Washington’s experiences. His musical career is reminiscent of Boris Gardener, singer, bass player and bandleader who after 25 years in the music industry recorded the golden “I Wanna Wake Up With You.” In the same vein, it was thirty years after recording the classic “Black Magic Woman” that Santana went on to sweep the 2000 Grammy awards for the gigantic hit “Maria Maria”.

Similarly, Washington made his first hit record “Rockers Not Crackers” in 1978 for the Joe Gibbs Record label; but he did not grace the charts again until the release of the hit “Kindness For Weakness” in 1998.

Most music industry insiders would say that after 20 years in the business, it’s unlikely that an artist would release his biggest hit, but it has been proven again and again how speculative this business is.

Over the years, Washington has recorded sporadically as a solo singer and extensively as a studio drummer and, has laid tracks for various artists. Simultaneously, Washington was a full-time drummer (sometimes singer) in several different bands, such as: The Avengers, The Titans, and Happiness Unlimited. With Happiness Unlimited he migrated to the USA to work with Stevie Wonder. The other Bands he played with are Calabash and Bands that backed Artists such as Leroy Sibbles, Shinehead, Junior Reid, Gregory Isaacs, Sister Carol and the Meditations.

After a short hiatus from performing; in 1997, Washington once again pursued his solo singing career by doing some recording sessions for Studio One’s, famed Producer – Clement Dodd. It was dejavu all over again with the release of Washington’s awesome debut album “Brother to Brother”.

It seems the Studio One sound was launching another Artist career. However, it was a year later while recording for Producers Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling, that Washington hit with the classic album “Next To You.” It was marketed by VP Records and featured the hit song “Kindness for Weakness”, all tracks on this album are considered single material.
From the resurgence of Glen Washington’s singing career, his smooth, raspy, bass voice has often been likened to that of Beres Hammond. Washington says, “Beres is one of my favorite entertainers, so I regard it as a compliment to be compared with him.” With the release of over forty singles and eleven albums in four years, Washington has established himself as not only a singer but, also as a gifted songwriter who penned his own songs.

Other albums released by Washington are “Can’t You See” produced by Jah Life Records; “Think About It” for Philip Smart; “Number One Girl” produced by Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling, “Solitary Red Rose” for Ruff Stuff; “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” for Don One; “Wondering Stranger” for Coxone Dodd, “ Reggae Max” for Jet Star, “Free Up The Vibes” for Stingray and “Your Love” Lloyd Campbell & Jason Sterling.

Washington said, “As a drummer backing other artists, I have toured the world, playing in countries like Japan, North, South and Central America, all over Europe and all the Caribbean Islands. Now I am repeating those trips as the featured artist, and it’s a great feeling to see thousands of fans coming out for my performances.”