Star Bingi Biography (@Starbingi)

Hopeton Blair, more popularly known as Star Bingi, is a reggae artist and songwriter who hails from Waterhouse, Kingston 11 (Jamaica).  

Growing up in the musical community of Waterhouse had a great impact on Star Bingi’s career, as a lot of his initial inspiration came from being around reggae legends like Junior Reid and Half Pint. While growing up, his uncle, Hugh ‘Bingi’ Blair (father of popular entertainer Ikaya), often encouraged him to work on his craft by exposing him to veteran artists such as Bounty Killer and Capleton.

While attending Jamaica College, Star Bingi understood that education had to be his main priority, and as such, he majored in business administration before venturing into music professionally.

In the year 2000, after finishing high school, Star Bingi migrated to the United Kingdom; it was around this time that he started to commit himself more music and the possibility of a full time career in the industry. When asked to recap what those early days were like, Star Bingi said the following: “It all began with me having this new energy matched with the profound love for the music , and the emergence began of me developing as an artist and it wasn’t long after I started voicing for producers whom I met. During these early times I was boosted by the response I got and the love grew more for the music.

Since being in London, Star Bingi has had the opportunity to share the stage with some very noteworthy reggae and dancehall acts: Nesbeth, Junior Cat, Gage, Ras Charmer, and that is just to name a few. He has also performed on some of the more popular reggae events and venues: The Coronet, The Ritzy, Amersham Arms (London), The Great Western Roll Call (Manchester), The Jam, Hootananny (Brixton), and so much more.

Over the years Star Bingi has built up a growing fan base with supporters scattered all over the world. He has released numerous singles for both Jamaican and British producers; and has been, and continues to get steady radio rotation including on BBC 1xtra with Seani B.

Star Bingi’s current focus is on promoting his brand new EP titled OPTIMUM, which is on his own label, Optimum Productions. It’s a seven track project with both reggae and dancehall songs, which can now be streamed and downloaded from all music platforms. Bingi had this to say about the release of OPTIMUM; “this I believe will propel my musical career to a greater heights based on the reviews it has been receiving.  Other songs also available on digital download are Hot Second Visionary Born Rasta all on the Otis Riddim Production label. How could I forget to mention Work &Hustle a collaboration with Dohlance and Ric Carbi that will definitely be a single the world will love along with the video to drop instantly.”

Star Bingi who has been dubbed by his peers as “The Expressionist” stands by his belief that music is a domain that should be used to motivate, encourage, entertain and spread the love rather than for monetary gain. There is also the greater impact it has on the lives of human beings and the connection to the soul.

Industry Info: Understanding Mechanical License

A mechanical license is a broad term that refers to the reproduction of a musical composition in the form of a sound recording. Mechanical licenses are most commonly used for cover songs or new recordings of copyrighted songs. In other words if you plan on releasing a cover song you’ll need a mechanical license first.

Though there are several companies that are able to acquire this license on your behalf, you can also obtain it yourself by simply contacting the publisher/songwriter directly.

Pam Hall’s 2020 Biography

pam hall shoot f 11

Pam’s musical career, like many others, had its early beginnings in school and church. She was always a member of her church and school choirs. Pam never ventured alone on stage until her senior year at XLCR High School.

Pam made her official entry into the professional world of music after finishing college (C.A.S.T.). Working with many of the top producers and musicians at the time, they could not help but notice the high level of musical understanding she showed and the way she applied this knowledge. In no time, Pam quickly built a strong reputation as a versatile lead singer and an extraordinary background vocalist. Her understanding of music made her the perfect person to work with. She would always end up arranging the harmonies and assisting with voicing others. As a recording artist, Pam joined forces with a co-worker, who himself was a singer, and together they formed the duo Pam and Woody, which went on to become Jamaica’s first award winning duo for the song ‘Book of Life.’

Realizing Pam’s versatility, many producers and fellow musicians strongly encouraged her to do more solo recordings. This decision enabled her to showcase other genres of music. Soon she began amassing a number of hits both local and international. Even as she grew as a solo artist, the demand for her harmony work in the studio was growing even bigger and also extended itself outside of the recording studios to tours with select groups worldwide. These included Toots and the Maytals, Jimmy Ciff, Peter Tosh, Third World, Melody Makers, Wailers, I Threes, Queen Latifa and others. As a solo artist Pam has toured the world, sharing the stage with nearly all top local artists like Hugh Roy, Dennis Brown, Gregory Issacs, Jimmy Cliff, Toots, Third World, Culture, Burning Spear, Beres Hammond, Barrington Levy, Half Pint, Shaggy, Ken Boothe, Beenie Man, Shaka Demus and Pliers, Fab5 and so many others; and international acts such as Jermaine Stewart, Betty Wright, Tina Turner, Fugees, Aretha Franklin, Denise Williams, Ben E. King, Manhattans, Lucky Dube, Stylistics, Chi-Lites, Kool And The Gang, Stevie Wonder and many others.

Under her belt are several musical accomplishments. She has released over a dozen albums and has been on several charts worldwide, with hits such as ‘Perfidia,’ ‘I’ll Always Love You,’ ‘Never Can Say Goodbye,’ ‘Sweetest Sound,’ ‘Dear Boopsie,’ ‘Truly,’ ‘Unbreak My Heart,’ ‘You Are Not Alone,’ ‘I Won’t Stop Loving You,’ ‘What Yu Gon Do’ and many others. Pam has been the recipient of several Music Awards both local and International. She can also boast of being the main inspiration for 24×7 Records in Japan being formed. Another record label, Orange Records was also started in Japan by Tower Records for her. As a jazz performer she was regularly featured on the BET Jazz channel. Pam has held executive positions in some of Jamaica’s music organizations, owns her own publishing company, produces, arranges, writes and most treasured to her, is the help she gives to other musicians young and old. Pam has also been involved in stage and screen acting.

Pam is a truly gifted singer, songwriter, performer, producer and musician. She has garnered and held the attention of fans worldwide from she began recording. She is fondly regarded as the musicians’ singer. The greatest compliment that she thinks she has ever received was being described as “Music Itself.” Her fans can look forward to much more from this veteran singer as her love of music keeps her creative juices flowing. Her latest single, ‘Want U 4ever’, is available on all major music sites.

Talmigila’s Biography (@BanjoSimmonds)

Talmigila Biography

Ernest G. Simmonds, better known as Talmigila, is the artist with the profoundly silky, sultry voice who has been captivating reggae listeners with his cultural music for the past four decades. He hails from the musical community of Islington in St. Mary, Jamaica; a large district located on the hills in the North East section of the Parish. Islington has the distinction of being the home to many artists with an international repertoire, namely: Nico Demus, Capleton, Pan Head, Mad Cobra and recently dancehall artist Munga Honorable.

Talmigila started his music career at the age of sixteen by performing in both his, and neighboring communities (Port Maria, Annoto-Bay, Ocho Rios and Oracabessa). After achieving success performing locally, he made the decision to relocate to the capital of the country, Kingston, where he was able to fully concentrate on working on his craft by aligning himself with others in the industry. Once in Kingston, Talmigila was able to forge great relationships with some of the nation’s biggest musicians. By the early 80’s through 90’s he was working on various projects with the Fire House Crew, Sly and Robbie, Don Marshall, Axe Man and many others.

Now residing in Florida, Talmigila is still very active in the music business. He regularly performs in the U.S. and Jamaica; and has shared the stage with Freddy McGregor, Ras Shiloh, Brigadier Jerry, Glen Washington, and that is just to name a few. He is currently promoting his latest project, a ten track album, titled “Stand Up.”

King Tappa – Biography (@kingtappa)

King Tappa

King Tappa is a reggae singer based in New Jersey. He has been in the music industry for over ten years. Starting his music career first as a DJ in his early teens through college and his twenties. Music has always been a big part of his family. King Tappa remembers singing and free styling at the age of 14 and four years later, it comes as no surprise that he decided to take music seriously. Beginning as a DJ he established Power Sound and went by the name DJ Tappa. He got the opportunity to perform at many venues within the tri-state area and even outside the United States. His performances outside of the United States include: St. Croix, Linstead, Jamaica, Bermuda and Dominica to mention a few. The highlight of his DJ career so far has been performing with Stone Love at Da Culture Lounge Fredrickstead, St.Croix U.S.V.I in 2005.

Inspired by international Reggae artists such as Steel Pulse, Beres Hammond, Culture, Gregory Isaac, Capleton and Morgan Heritage he began writing and moved on to singing. Going now by the name King Tappa he released his premiere album “When I Work” in 2007. King Tappa was able to give an unforgettable performance back in his homeland performing with the likes of Tanya Stevens and Gyptian. His premiere album “When I Work” has given King Tappa performances alongside artists like Da’Ville, Elephant Man, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, hip hop artists Rick Ross and Fabolous to name a few.

King Tappa has written over 100 songs and has done excessive amounts of dub plates and jingles for many different sound systems worldwide. He released his second album titled “Feeling the Vibes” last summer. This album comes a decade after his first release and it proves he has grown significantly over the years through his music and performances. He has been performing both locally and internationally in places like Canada, the Caribbean and Nairobi Kenya Africa, which by far is the highlight of his career. His work is one to look out for since not only does he sing and DJ but he writes all of his music.

In addition to his musical contributions, King Tappa is also the president of Project Book Bag, an initiative designed to assist students in Dominica by making meaningful contributions of school supplies on a yearly basis.

Eurtis Purple Biography

Eurtis PurpleSince his childhood in rural Jamaica, Eurtis “Purple” Williams has been surrounded by music. It was only natural that he became a professional musician, playing in several bands and touring with high-profile artists.

That impressive profile culminated with the release in March, 2020 of “Day by Day,” his debut vocal album which is distributed by Zojak World Wide. The set has 12 reggae songs, each arranged and produced by the talented guitarist/singer/songwriter. It contains the title track, as well as “Wicked Man” and covers of Marvin Gaye‘s “What’s Going On” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion,” originally done by Tommy James and The Shondells. For Williams, “Day by Day” shows a different side to his skills. “I believe it was time for people to hear what I am capable of. Most of the songs I write are about reality,” he said.

Eurtis Williams‘ roots are steeped in religion. The youngest of four children, he grew up in Gayle, a rustic district in St. Mary Parish, Eastern Jamaica. St. Mary has produced a number of artists such as Josey Wales, Lady Saw, Admiral Tibet and Capleton. He learned to play instruments in church but by the early 1980s, was playing in secular bands on Jamaica’s tourist circuit. During his near 10-year run playing in hotels in Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril, Williams not only developed his chops as a guitarist, but rubbed shoulders with musicians who went on to enjoy successful careers. Among them bass guitarist/singer Benjy Myaz, guitarist Mikey Spice and guitarist Junior Jazz. Williams was also a member of producer Courtney Cole‘s Roof Extension Band, which backed acts like Tony Curtis and Jigsy King on major live shows like Reggae Sumfest. He also played the High Seas, doing a stint with the Carnival Cruise line.

Migrating to the United States in the 1990s, he continued to make strides. He was a founding member of the Millennium Band, a South Florida-based unit that has backed elite artists such as Freddie McGregor, Marcia Griffiths, Sanchez, Richie Stephens and Luciano.

Inspired by maestros such as Jimi Hendrix and George Benson, Purple Williams also shows his guitar prowess on “Day by Day.” It is a collection of quality songs worth listening.

Perfect Giddimani’s Biography

perfectPerfect Giddimani was born Greg Rose in Bamboo, St Ann, Jamaica, and like many reggae artists his mother sang in church, and his grandfather also had a banjo band, so he was exposed to music from birth. His father was an electrical repair man and among the many things he repaired were jukeboxes. Some of the jukeboxes were left behind by the customers and his father rigged one so that Greg and his siblings could play it without having to insert money. The box had several musical genres including, soul, country, pop and reggae so he was introduced to a wide range of music at an early age.

Perfect Giddimani started singing popular reggae songs at a very young age when he would flip the record, play the instrumental version and sing back what he had heard on the ‘A’ side. At the age of nine (9), known as ‘Mr. Perfect’, he started performing publicly and gaining a reputation in the region. When in St Ann’s York Castle High School, while regularly entertaining as ‘Little Ninja,’ he realized he couldn’t continue covering other artists so he started writing his own lyrics. When I asked who his major influencers are, Perfect Giddimani told me that no one artist influences him, he takes a little of something from the many artists in many genres that he admires, in his words ‘You can’t bake a cake with one ingredient.’ He gathers all the good he gets from them and then improvises on it.

After high school, Perfect Giddimani headed for Kingston where he began honing his performance in clubs. At the same time, he recorded in many of the top studios. Not long after that he and his brother Kirk opened the first digital recording studio, named Askum, back in his home town of Bamboo, with help from their father who located the latest studio gear from New York. They taught themselves the art of recording by reading the equipment manuals for days. It wasn’t long before they were producing music for themselves and also other local talent. Greg made the rhythms with drums and keyboard and Kirk was in charge of vocal engineering. Together they formed the Chalice Palace Music label. Changing his name to Perfect Giddimani, he made his first self-produced songs which he took to Europe and DHF Records in Austria gave him his first deal.

Perfect Giddimani’s company also formed Giddimani Records, a label that records upcoming Jamaican artists on compilations that feature some Giddimani tunes, to give the artists exposure. Perfect Giddimani started as a roots artist and will always be considered a roots artist although, as the music scene changes, some of Perfect Giddimani’s songs are recorded on Dancehall beats he always stays true to his conscious, positive lyrics. In his words ‘We keep it 100% clean, conscious and with a message.’