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Jodian Pantry first captured the eyes and hearts of Jamaicans in 2001 as a contestant in the JCDC Gospel Competition. She made history, being the first child to ever compete amongst adults in the contest. She later entered Digicel Rising Stars (2007) where she finished in 2nd place. 

Following her participation in the aforementioned shows, she became the center of attention with her remake of Bon Jovi‘s Bed Of Roses; a collaboration done with Noddy Virtue. The success of Bed Of Roses resulted in a rewarding world tour, which introduced reggae lovers in other countries to Jodian Pantry and her music. 

In 2009 Jodian Pantry was nominated for best collaboration of the year in the Excellence in Music & Entertainment Awards. She is also recognized as one of Jamaica’s top vocalist, and a performer that is in high demand by organizers of corporate events island-wide.

Jodian Pantry has shared the stage with several local and international celebrities. Two that must be mentioned are: singers of the mega hit song Have You Seen HerThe Chi-Lites, and Percy Sledge, the beloved American R&B, soul and gospel singer.

I’ll Give My Heart, penned by Adventist and gospel singer/songwriter George Gordon, is one of Jodian Pantry‘s biggest songs to date. Another notable record in her catalogue is Walk By Faith, which at its peak, dominated all the major gospel radio stations in Jamaica.

Over the years she has recorded several tunes for various producers: Counting My Blessings, Struggling and Caah Frame Me, produced by her former manager Gladstone Wright of the Moses Production label; Never Stay Away, composed and written by Tamone Thompson for the Digicel Rising Stars album; and Big Dreams, Jehovah and Change, done for Izrael Production. In 2018 Pantry collaborated with dancehall artist Shane O on a powerful and timely single titled No More Killing.

Jodian Pantry is now working with Paul Patmore Production, the imprint with which she has so far done One Day and her current trending single When I’m Back On My Feet Again. The team is now working assiduously to ensure that Jodian Pantry‘s music and message is heard and felt all over the world.


Ginjah – The Reggae Soulman’s Bio (@GINJAHMUSIC @tadsrecord)

On Thursday, September 7, 1978, Valentine Nakrumah Fraser was born in Hanover, Jamaica. Years later, the world would know him as Ginjah.

At a young age Ginjah moved from Hanover to St. James Jamaica where he went to elementary school and high school. In St. James he realized that he loved and wanted to pursue music. In 1994 Ginjah moved to Central Village, Spanish Town to strive to make this ambition a reality. At seventeen years old he had his first studio session at none other than the illustrious King Jammy‘s, home of many of the giants in the music industry. Determined to make people aware of his musical talents, Ginjah helped to organize a Young People Talent Search for his home community of Central Village. Working on this talent search, he got to know other local talents and he also gained the opportunity to showcase his own skills. This process helped him gain valuable experience and meet a lot of people involved in music and eventually lead him to meet and befriend a musical legend, Beres Hammond.

Beres Hammond saw Ginjah’s potential. In 1999 Ginjah was invited to be on Beres‘ Harmony House Label. This is where he did many of his early recordings. He recorded with some of the ultimate musicians in the business. From the beginning, Ginjah was surrounded by a lot of great musical talent.

Two years later, Ginjah got the opportunity to open for Beres on his Caribbean Tour. That year, he opened several shows stretching across the major Caribbean cities. After that Ginjah continued touring with Beres, but this time globally. Over the next four years Ginjah shared his musical talents with the world, performing at many of the biggest reggae events. This gave him experience with the best of the best on the world stage and honed his skills as a singer and showman.

After these years of working with Beres, Ginjah decided to go out on his own and forge his own path by creating a music company called Ginjah Music. The subject matter of his words and music consistently address the lives and challenges of the grass roots people. His is conscious roots music. Since then, Ginjah has had major hits like “Never Lost My Way”, “Music Alone” and “One Chance.” In 2018 his “Roots” album received Grammy consideration. As a spiritual artist, Ginjah, the reggae soul man uplifted the nation during the pandemic with hit songs like “Survival,” “Trying Times” “Pressures Of Life” and “Soul Man.”

Ginjah’s love and passion for the music consistently shows through his works. He recently released his latest album called “Reggae Soulman” which also received Grammy consideration in 2022.

Ginjah opened 2022 with his hit love song “Don’t Let Go.” He continues to steadily make and perform reggae soul music to sooth the hearts and minds of the people, as he strives as a rising artist playing the roots reggae music he loves.


Little Hero (Short Biography)

Paul Gayle (born 1972), better known by his stage name Little Hero, is an established Jamaican reggae singer, who is affectionately referred to as Hero by his peers.

Hailing from Farm Town, Discovery Bay, St Ann, Little Hero emerged in the early 90s. He had his first recording with producer Courtney Cole in 1992, but did not get the appropriate recognition until 1994 when he had his first major success with the hit song God Alone. This was a huge collaboration that was done with dancehall artist Merciless and Action Fire.

God Alone was featured on Hero‘s debut album – Revelation – which was released sometime between 07 and 09. Although the record initially premiered in Japan it was eventually published worldwide to his very receptive fanbase, who supported it so much so that it entered the Billboard Top Reggae Albums Chart at number one.

Little Hero Followed the release of his Revelation album by sharing More Love in 2013 (Delroy Roberts Music) and Summer Holiday in 2020 (Ochi City Records). In between his full length projects he has consistently recorded singles for various producers.

One of his most recent singles is Keep On Shining; an inspirational, upbeat, dancehall song that he did for Paul Patmore Productions.

Ragga Lox – Biography (@Raggaloxx)

Reggae recording artist Ragga Lox is an eloquent lyricist whose voice compliments tracks in a unique manner. He was born Rohan Robinson in Mandeville, Manchester in Jamaica; and grew up in the community of Georges Valley, a small district on the outskirts of the city. Ragga Lox migrated to the United States in the late 80s and has been living there ever since.

In the early 90s – while using the moniker Terminator – he linked up with his longtime friend Captain Remo (now known as Natty Remo) who had already made a name for himself in Brooklyn. Remo introduced him to Sounds Junior Production, which is where he began his recording career. Unfortunately, the name Terminator was short lived as it did not match his image. Therefore, none of his songs were ever released under that name.

By the mid 90s he had transitioned from Terminator to Ragga Lex. He then started recording for Rhythm One Records. His first ever release came in 1995; with three tracks on a compilation CD titled “Rhythm One Riddims.” His song, “Ghetto Youths,” was a fan favorite. The album also featured Wayne “Sling Ting” Smith, Yankee B and Devon Clarke.

While at Rhythm One Studios, musician and engineer Tarriii suggested that Ragga become a member of a band so that he could get the experience of performing live. The opportunity presented itself almost immediately, as Ragga became one of the founding members of the band U.N.I (Under the Nazarene Influence) and performed in and around the northeastern section of the United States. It was the experience of working with the band that inspired his decision to wholeheartedly commit to a career as a recording artist.

He then parted with Rhythm One in 1996, but continued performing with the band for another year before pursuing a solo career. Ragga soon established, and began recording for his own label, Rtist4Rtist Ent., with “Bright Lights Big City” and “Chocolates and Roses” being its first releases. “Chocolates and Roses” was an instant success and received a considerable amount of airplay in and around the New York Tri-State Area, before spreading out to other markets.

His debut album, “Mr. Lexinstein,” was completed in 1999 but was not officially released until the year 2000. It received favorable reviews from both local and international press. To his surprise, this also included the Jamaica media.

The coverage received by the Jamaica media was bitter sweat because there was an article in the Jamaica Observer about the album, but it featured the picture of popular dancehall deejay, Lexxus instead, who was at the time going by Mr. Lexx. Ragga then decided to go back to the drawing board.

Ragga changed the “Lex ” to “Lox,” which he thought was more practical as Rastafari had now become his way of life. With the new name he also started to venture into other areas in the industry. He began working on radio: co-hosting Culture Jam Radio with Bobby Channel One and Reggae Jam Radio with Dave Judah on 93.5 FM in New York.

Currently Rtist4Rtist Ent. handles the productions, bookings, marketing, promotions etc. for Ragga Lox. To date the company has released a total of three albums: “Music is My Life,” released in 2005; “Steppa Inna Babylon,” released in 2010 and “Rastalogy,” released in 2020.

Through various agents and affiliates, Ragga Lox has performed on numerous shows, including Irie Jamboree in NYC; Reggae in The Valley, in Jamaica; One Love Africa in Addis Ababa Ethiopia; and other shows in Shashemene ET, Kenya, Canada, Trinidad and all across the United States. He has shared the stage with reggae greats such as Luciano, Gregory Isaacs, Bob Andy, Junior Gong, Mykal Rose, Sizzla, Buju Banton, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and more.

Fiyaneer’s Biography (@ReggaeVibesMus1)

Fiyaneer is not your average reggae crooner or DJ. His passion for his craft as well as the genuine charisma with which he composes and presents the topics that are depicted in his music, certainly sets him apart from his contemporaries.

Fiyaneer, christened Odene Burke, hails from the rural community of Allman Hill in St. Catherine and attended the educational institutions Allman Hill All Age and St Mary’s College in Above Rocks. He discovered his love for music in his formative years and is always eager to share stories detailing how he used to stay up with his father who would allow him to sing and DJ using his uncle’s sound equipment, way into the nights after the parties that they used to host had ended. Seeing that he was always immersed in an atmosphere that was permeated with the sounds and rhythms of reggae; it was only natural that he would have developed an affinity for the genre.

Fiyaneer honed his craft by working over the years, with groups such as Kanastone which also featured popular recording artiste Bescenta. He has also worked with the prolific King Jammy’s. This well rounded ambassador of culture has also entered the Jamaica Festival and Tastee talent competition and presented original material in both contests. His work represents strongly for the reggae genre, his lyrics are intricately crafted masterpieces that details vividly, the experiences of the down casted and down trodden members of society, staying true to the roots and the essence of reggae music. He has an unmistakable passion for social justice and for seeing the needs of the less fortunate being met, this concern for the disenfranchised members of the society, is always depicted in his music.

Fiyaneer is a musical craftsman who manages to create and deliver consciously potent music, whilst remaining humble and grounded.


AbiYah Yisrael – Biography (@abiyah_yisrael)

AbiYah (Ah-bee-ya) Yisrael is a rising reggae artist currently working with an independent label, Chayah Studios, which she co-owns in Caste Bruce, Dominica. She also works closely with Ever Blazzing Production out of Germany. From the tender age of 6 she has been involved in music, taking part in various competitions and live shows; emerging as 3rd runner up in the Dominica Calypso Finals in February, 2021. In 2012, while using the moniker “Nicole Christian,” she released a gospel album called “Speak To Me.” That same year AbiYah was enrolled at the University of the West Indies – Cavehill Campus – where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. There, her perspective on religion, life and history shifted causing her to pull back from gospel music for approximately 6 years.

AbiYah has now re-emerged as a new artist singing what she refers to as “Truth Music.” Her music is heavily influenced by the songs of Nasio Fountaine, Jah9, Marcia Griffiths, Denis Brown, Lucky Dube, Aretha Franklin, Yolanda Adams, among many others. AbiYah identifies herself as an African, a daughter of the nation of Israel and her music reflects those views.

Clear as the crystal waters of Dominica, AbiYah delivers vintage sounds of Afro-Caribbean roots meshed with a spiritual lyrical adroitness. This is heard through her new and prior releases such as: “Africa Time” (2021) on the Reconciliation Riddim produced by Lavoro Duro of South Africa, “Great And Mighty” (2021), “Eat Clean Live Clean” (2021), “Protect Me” (2021), “Love In My Heart” (2020) on the Empathy Riddim, again produced by Lavoro Duro, “Bloodshed In The City” (2020), “Calabash Running Over” (2020), “Herb Tree” (2020) and “Corona Virus (Plan-demic)” (2020). “Calabash Running Over” and “Herb Tree” are on the ‘Prayer Riddim’ and ‘I Great Riddim’ respectively, both were produced by Francis Kaumba from Ever Blazzing Production. AbiYah is destined to take on the great commission of enlightening others through her music so they become aware of themselves and identity.

AbiYah means Yahweh is my father.
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Petra-Kay’s Biography

Petra-Kay Linton – known publicly as simply Petra-Kay – is a passion driven woman of God who seeks to enhance His kingdom through her music ministry. She began performing at the age of seven in church. Later on, in 2012, she became a member of the Radical Weapons and was privileged to share stages with some of the biggest names in gospel: Kevin Downswell, Jermaine Edwards, Joan Flemmings, Micah Stampley and many more.

After traveling far and wide to share the word of God with the Radical Weapons, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she decided to step away from the group and continue on as a solo act. That said, Petra-Kay and her manager – Kamar Forrest of Danx440 Entertainment – have truly been walking by faith.

In 2019 she released her first single, Sovereign God, which was well received by gospel audiences worldwide. She followed up in 2020 with the now trending Chorus Medley Live (Extended Version), which surpassed a million views in less than a year. Her momentum continued in 2021, when she won the Sterling Gospel Music Award for Breakout Sensation of the Year.

Petra-Kay Linton has been a committed Christian for well over a decade and has no regrets about her decision to serve the Lord. She currently attends the New Life Worship Centre under the leadership of Pastor Steele.