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Teacha Dee’s Bio (@TeachaDeeMusic)

Teacha Dee - Side Profile ( Black Back Ground ) (Feb 2016)Damion Darrel Warren (born 21 September 1980), best known as Teacha Dee, is a Jamaican reggae singer and former educator. He is best known for his hit singles “Smoke and Fly,” “Reggae Souljahs” and “Smuggling Weed.” He was a full-time employee for the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture in Jamaica when he recorded all three songs. His stage name was derived from the Jamaican creole for “teacher” and a shortening of his childhood nickname “Demus.”

Warren was born on September 21, 1980 in Westmoreland, Jamaica. He grew up in a little district called Bath where he attended the Unity Primary School. Being successful in his Common Entrance Exams, he was rewarded a place at the prestigious Manning’s School from which he graduated in 1997 before relocating to Montego Bay to live with his mother. Warren then attended the Sam Sharpe Teachers College secondary programme to pursue his teaching career.

In September 2000, Warren was employed by the Ministry of Education Youth and Culture to teach Mathematics, Integrated Science and Information Communication Technology. He worked at the Glendevon Primary and Junior High School located in Montego Bay, up until his resignation in May 2012, to pursue his dream of being an entertainer.

In May 2005, Teacha Dee began his professional recordings with The Mighty Powpow Productions a major German production label. He recorded “Life Goes on” which is a reggae song sung in the melody of The Beatles hit “[Ob La Di]”. This song was released in 2006 as part of a compilation CD titled “First Sight Riddim”. However, “life goes on” was not published as “Teacha Dee” but as “Damian Warren”. This resulted in the song been listed on many reggae database sites as belonging to a separate artiste.

In late 2006, he recorded a song titled “Them A Play” for Dasvibes Productions. This was released on a riddim compilation called “Gloria Riddim”. The single was the first song on which he was officially recognized as “Teacha Dee”. All songs recorded after this date were released as Teacha Dee and not his given name.

In 2007, he recorded “Smuggling Weed” for Powpow Movements which became his first popular song within the European scene. However, his most successful song at that time was “Smoke and Fly.” This was recorded as a sound system dub on the “Kingston Town” instrumental made popular by an Italian reggae superstar Alberto Dascola aka Alborosie. This song quickly became a sound system’s favorite and a huge hit within the reggae clubs.

Teacha Dee - Calabash Smile ( Black Background ) (Feb 2016)Early 2008, Teacha Dee recorded “Blaming Game” for Master J Productions. This was a record label based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. “Blaming Game” was the first single that was in circulation on the radio stations in Jamaica. Prior to this, his music was gaining a lot of attention outside of Jamaica without the knowledge of many Jamaicans and the Ministry of Education. Teacha Dee also recorded “Reggae Souljahs” later that same year that quickly became a popular reggae anthem in Germany. This song was produced by Rootdown Records and released on a various artiste compilation called “Ilove Riddim”. In August 2008, Teacha Dee started his own label called “Tenfloor Records”.
After some years of study, Teacha Dee accepted the Ras Tafari way of life in June 2010. This brought about a remarkable change in the messages in his music as well as his overall image. In August 2010, he began to focus on his own production company and produced his first collaboration titled “what i pray.” This song features ‘Determine’, an artiste famous for a massive hit with Beenie Man. Teacha Dee released two various artiste compilations quickly after on his label. These were “Hot Box Riddim” and “Thirteen Riddim” both released in late 2010 and early 2011 respectively.

In the summer of 2011, Teacha Dee embarked on his first European tour during his vacation leave from teaching. This tour gave a strong boost to his career on the international scene. The people who loved his songs, could now put a face to his music. His first tour included appearances at Yaam and Insel Clubs in Berlin, Faust in Hannover, Magnapop in Krefeld, Petit Prince and Lüxor in Köln, Rude 7 in Mannheim, Kulturfabrik in Hildeshiem, Wagen Bau in Hamburg and U-club in Wupertal. The highlight of his tour was his performance at the prestigious Reggaejam Festival in Bersenbrück, Germany.

During this trip Teacha Dee recorded for several producers. “Symbiz Productions” based in Germany, “Catchy Grezzly” based in Italy and “Soul Force Music” also based in Germany. In October 2011 immediately after his first tour, Teacha Dee released his debut album entitled “Reggae Souljahs: Beating Babylon With Music”. This album was released on his own independent record label.

In April 2012, Teacha Dee returned to Europe for a mini tour. On this trip, he performed in Cantu Italy, Bern Switzerland and Oldenburg Germany. He also did repeated performances in Osnabruck and Mannheim. It was during this time he recorded a collaboration with ‘Skarra Mucci’ entitled “Summer Time” for “Weedy G SoundForce” a Swiss-based label. This was how his affiliation with Weedy G Soundforce for whom he recorded many singles began. In May 2012, Teacha Dee recorded “Sound System” for Reggaeville/Oneness Productions both based in Germany. He also worked with producers such as “Catchy Greezly” based in Italy, Jugglers Music and Deebuzz Music both based in Germany. A total of 12 singles were released that same year for various producers including his own record label.

In August 2013, Teacha Dee and Utan Green collaborated on a single entitled “Reggae Show” on the “Reggae Jam Riddim” which was released at the 19th staging of the Reggae Jam festival held in Bersenbruck, Germany. Teacha Dee was a headliner for this festival.

On July 4th 2014, “Party Day” recorded for Germany-based upcoming producers “Dancehallrulerz” made it to the number one spot on the official German reggae charts. This chart presented by Jugglerz radio and Riddim Magazine, was the official Reggae chart of Germany. “Party Day” held the number one spot on two separate occasions. It went down the charts for a short time before returning to number one spot a few days later. These charts numbered 30/2014 and 33/2014 were posted on 26 August and 22 September respectively.

In July 2015, Teacha Dee released his first artiste mix-tape titled “Rasta Ting”. It consisted of 26 tracks which were released within the European market and was presented by Europe’s female sound sensation, Big Mama Sound. In that same month at the 21st staging of the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbruck, Teacha Dee’s performance was reviewed as “one of the most reviting” by Their list of highlights also included David Rodigan, Anthony B, Alpheus, Ken Boothe, Winston Francis and Bitty McLean.

In 2016, Teacha Dee released a total of ten singles. The most successful of these were; “Jah Jah is calling” on the Pac Man Riddim, “Concrete Grave” on the After Berlin Wall Riddim and “Rastafari Way” on the Horn Of Africa Riddim. Teacha Dee’s major hit of 2016 was “Rastafari Way” which spent 14 days on Beatport’s top 100 reggae/dub chart peaking at 44. Another solid performer was “Concrete Grave” which was selected in the top 100 reggae hits of 2016 by based in Romania.

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Cali P – Bio (@CaliPmusic)

cali-pWith locks stretching from the crown of his head almost to the sole of his feet, the artis CALI P bears an aura of spirituality often identified with those whose sacred mission it is to take the message of Reggae and Rastafari to the diverse parts of the earth. His easy manner comports with ones expectation of a life dedicated to a mission of peace and love. His delivery and passion certainly remind his audience that while the lyrical fire of Rastafari burns brightly within his soul he is keenly aware that the message must be delivered in a contemporary manner. CALI P expresses the eternal truth of Rastafari with a youthful freshness that is so appealing.

One is able to discern strains of his multicultural heritage in his music. Born Pierre Nanon to a mother from Switzerland and a Rastafarian father from the French Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe, CALI P seemed destined for the assignment of transcending racial and ethnic challenges in the promotion of his music. He describes himself as a singer, songwriter, rapper and one could add a lyrical firebrand who has been devoted to the playing of the drums since the age of three. While still a teenager Pierre would join AKIYO, his father’s band, and take the unmistakable step in fulfilling his destiny.

Nanon would have his first real embrace of Jamaican Dancehall through the GIDEON SOLDIERS sound system at the close of the Twentieth Century. He would release his first single “Forward” in 2005 which was followed by a number of other singles. He was soon in demand across Europe bearing the banners of Reggae and Rastafari on his youthful and slender shoulders.

His 2008 debut album ”Lyrical Faya” would follow and the world would begin to take notice of the young Rastafarian who was delivering a traditional message in a fresh and exciting manner 2010 would be a pivotal year for CALI P as not only did it mark his move from Switzerland to Jamaica but the release of his critically acclaimed ”Like a Lion – Hotsteppa” which was part of the soundtrack of a documentary of the same name attracting, positive international reviews. CALI P confidently asserts that Jamaica is his base – the world is his stage. He speaks fondly of performing in Europe and looks forward to performing there each year. He points out that when he tours he loves being accompanied by his Jamaican band which he notes brings a certain energy to his performance.

2011 would see the release of “Unstoppable” (HEMP HIGHER) seems a reflection of his musical destiny. The album includes the spiritually assertive single ”Jah Rule the World”. The video for this single has attracted much attention for the outstanding images which it has captured.”Unstoppable” climbed to top ten positions on the ITunes charts in a number of territories including the USA and Canada.

In 2014 he released the “Healing of The Nation” EP (HEMP HIGHER), which also topped itunes reggae charts all over Europe and saw the artist embark on a massive “Healing Of The Nation” world tour in 2015, including performances at REBEL SALUTE (Jamaica), SUMMERJAM (Germany), REGGAEJAM (Germany), FESTIVAL DE L’ETE (Canada), REEDS FESTIVAL (Switzerland) , performances in Costa Rica and Malta and many more…

2 years after, in 2016, he followed up with “Ithoughts” – a full album featuring productions from MANUDIGITAL, FLASH HIT RECORDS, SEANI B, TEKA & EQUINOXX MUSIC which went straight to the top of the reggae charts and also entered the notorious US BILLBOARD CHARTS (Reggae). The first single featuring CAPLETON rapidly racked up over 1 MILLION VUES on youtube – Following that Cali P went back to what he does best: Touring the 4 corners of the world – and his “Ithoughts” tour saw him travel far and wide to new destinations including the Ivory Coast (Africa), India, Dubai and well as a full fledged 12 date UK tour with UK reggae artist NATTY. The summer of 2017 will see him perform all over europe, gracing it’s biggest stages.. make sure you catch him live on the Main Stage at SUMMERJAM, at ROTOTOM FESTIVAL’s Lion stage or at one of the many other stops of his tour.

CALI P definitely has a lot in store for his fans so make sure you look out for his new releases soon. Yes the expectations are high but he clearly has what is required, spiritually and musically speaking.

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CeeKaiH – Bio (@Ceekaih)

IMG_5015 (1)Navaada Daley, known by his stage name CeeKaiH, is a diversely talented recording artiste/actor who has been performing professionally since 2010. The writer/ performer states that music comforts and excites him and is a perfect balance, considering life’s uncertainties. CeeKaiH considered music a hobby until he was pushed by friends to make it a career. His decision has not been disappointing, as he disclosed that he feels elated and on top of the world when his work is appreciated and enjoyed by others.

A native of Linstead St. Catherine, the home of dancehall hit makers Jigsy King and Tony Curtis and top DJ/producer Zj Dymond. CeeKaiH’s style is a fusion of the 90s to present dancehall and early millennium hip hop and is inspired by Reggae icons Shaggy, Beenie Man, Cham, Tanya Stephens and Rap moguls Jay-Z and Ludacris. He believes that with determination, optimism and strong work ethic, success is inevitable.

CeeKaiH has derived the moniker “Alienbwoy” for his eccentric, captivating, energetic on stage performances and has had the pleasure of performing on shows with many of Reggae’s superstars including Chris Martin, Lust, and Tanya Stephens, but his proudest moment came at the “Tribute to Stanley” concert when he opened for a host of legends, including the original King of Dancehall, Yellow Man.

CeeKaiH had his first release in 2010, his self-produced single “Always on My Mind,” in collaboration with Malasha. He signed a management contract with Hotprime Entertainment in November 2011 and released “Come Over To Me” on New Sound Music’s Street cleaner riddim, “Hussle Hard” on Paranormal Music’s Hipstar riddim, “Addicted” on African producer Kish Waihu’s Way to your heart riddim, and “Money Dance” produced by Jettstart Records. He’s had starring roles in the movies Jealous Ova 2,” “Bad Company 2,” “Shotta Granny 3,” among others as well as in “Cowfoot 2.” He is currently in the studio working on new music with several producers.

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Freddie McGregor – Biography (@BigshipFreddie)

FreddieInternationally acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer, Freddie McGregor, O.D., has made significant contributions to Reggae music since inception, and has also helped to shape it with his conscious lyrics and Philly-Soul style for over 50 years. Equally adept as a romantic crooner or as an emissary of strong cultural messaging, his undeniable vocal ability boasts hits like Push Come to Shove, Africa Here I Come, I Was Born A Winner, Guantanamera, his signature Big Ship, Lock Dem’ Down and Bangarang (both chart topping hits from album “Comin’ in Tough”) and American soul classics like, Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely (Ronnie Dyson) and Can I Change My Mind (by Tyrone Davis). With his profound natural talent and influenced by legends Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Bob Andy and many others, Freddie finessed his craft to become one of reggae’s greatest singers. Early tracks like Why Did You Do It and Do Good and Good Will Follow You propelled his career in the mid-sixties. He followed the group the Claredonians to Kingston and later teamed up with Ernest “Fitzroy” Wilson to form the duo Fitzie and Freddie recording for Coxone Dodd’s Studio One label. In 1975, Freddie’s musical and lyrical content changed with a strong slant towards social consciousness with tunes like Mark of the Beast, I Am A Rasta and reggae classic Bobby Babylon. He released his long awaited album “Mr. McGregor” in 1977, which contained reggae mainstays such as Zion Chant, Rastaman Chant and Walls of Jericho marking a major milestone in his stellar career and paving the way for his 1981 single Big Ship, which has become one of reggae’s classics and biggest hits.

In 1989, Freddie launched his own label entitled, Big Ship, featuring “Jamaica Classics: Volume One” as the first major release, which included popular tunes like “Let Him Try and Derrick Harriots Loser (by Derrick Harriot). Today, Big Ship is the most recognized Reggae label in Japan handling its own production, manufacturing, distribution and promotions while having produced several reggae artists including General Degree, Cutty Ranks, Mikey Spice, Benjy Myaz and Freddie’sdaughter,Yeshemabeth.

HisalbumentitledAnythingforYoufeaturingthesongsUncleSam,ISeeItInYouand Anything for You, was nominated for a Grammy in 2002. Video productions include the historic Super Stars Extravaganza DVD, highlighting rare concert footage from the 1989 Denbigh Show Ground with live performances by such greats like Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Cocoa Tea, Barrington Levy, Frankie Paul, Carlene Davis and the legendary Tamlins.

Over the years, Freddie has consistently “given back” to the community supporting underprivileged youths in communities in Jamaica through scholarships or guiding their musical careers. With events such as Rock Steady Meets Reggae, promoting unity within the Reggae fraternity and Reggae by the Lake, Freddie encourages positive family values through music. In 2010, he designed and donated a decorative mask for the Education Africa Gala silent auction (others designers included Sting, Paris Hilton, Simon Cowell and Sir Bob Geldof) to support access to education. A strong advocate for the protection and promotion of the music industry, his credited accolades/titles include serving as Chairman of the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association, receiving both the prestigious Jamaican Order of Distinction (2003) and a Sumfest Award (2012) for his contribution to Jamaican music and culture. Always ready to perform, Freddie continues to please his fans throughout the world. He has completed over 30 albums to date and headlined international concerts and venues including Poland’s Blue Note, Japan’s Jumping Splash, Reggae Sunsplash (Clapham Common), the Cartegena Festival (Colombia), Midem (France), the Jamaican Expo (performing for Nelson Mandela and Prince Charles), the London Hammersmith Apollo performing with John Holt and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Annual Caribbean Tourism Week (NYC), Reichold Center for the Performing Arts (USVI) and many others. His song, Lovers Rock, was featured in the critically acclaimed HBO film “Disappearing Acts” and inducted an Apollo Living Legend at Harlem’s famous Apollo Theater Salute. His latest project “True to My Roots”, attests to the experience, intensity and wisdom that are uniquely Freddie. It’s a disc that genuinely has something enjoyable for every demographic but can be listened to and enjoyed without the burden of trends, market values or any other preconceptions. This is not the “phoned-in” exercise of a weary veteran content to coast on the past, but the sound of a leader scanning the landscape with a positive view, with an eye to opportunity, not content to pick at consumed carcasses, but mindful always of the need to stay grounded “true to his roots” as the title track proclaims.

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Alison Hinds’ Bio (@AlisonHinds)


Alison Hinds (born 1 June 1970) is a female soca artist from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She is one of the most popular soca singers in the world and has unofficially been given the nickname the “Queen of Soca.” She has produced many popular songs that top charts even in countries which do not widely listen to soca.

In 1986, Hinds joined the soca band Square One. At first this band performed mostly in bars and clubs, but later they became a top Soca band, bringing soca to a new level. Alison produced her first hit in the year 1996, “Ragamuffin.” That song made her win road march of that year for Kadooment (Barbados’ Carnival). The following year she repeated road march and also won The Party Monarch with another hit “Twister”. Alison was the first woman to ever win these titles in Barbados. This led to Hinds’ role as the lead singer in the band. Next, Square One created an album called “Full Bloom”. This album took over the Caribbean. It included the song Faluma,” which was the top song in the Caribbean for the period of 1999-2000. It toped the charts of Guatemala for 49 weeks. It was during this period that Hinds’ popularity grew. Square One continued to produce hits until 2004 when it broke up – partly due to Hinds’ departure.

Currently Alison Hinds lives with her family, husband Edward Walcott and daughter Saharan (born May 5th, 2004), on a horse farm in Barbados. She has her own band, “The Alison Hinds Show”. This band was formed in 2005 when Hinds returned to the soca scene with the hit song “Roll It Gal” which is an anthem for young women and encourages them to have pride in themselves. In 2006 the song was still popular. Hinds is the main singer and most of the members of the band are young dancers and musicians. She also produced a song called “Love Affair.” Since she returned to music she has recorded a collaboration with Machel Montano for the the remix of “Roll It Gal.”

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DEADLY Bio (@dondeadda)


Hip-hop, much like Reggae and Dancehall, is another genre that Jamaicans can claim as their own. This is because the founding fathers all admit that they were influenced by early Jamaican music. Jamaicans were chanting, or talking in melody, rhymes and creative slangs way before Kool Herc invented hip-hop in the early 70’s in the Bronx. Furthermore, Clive “Kool Herc” Campbell was born in Kingston, Jamaica, so that solidifies the statement made earlier; Hip-Hop is Jamaican Music.

New York battle rapper, Nedley Anderson, more popularly known as Deadly, believes this is why he had to return to his Jamaican roots.

Deadly’s career in music really started in the streets of Port Antonio, Jamaica. Even as a child, he rushed every stage with his gritty persona. He migrated to the United States in the mid 80’s and immediately fell in love with hip-hop. He brought his Jamaican attitude to the genre much the way Busta Rhymes did. His true artistic works, however, were done in underground basements in what is commonly known as battle rap. It is there that he would lyrically slay his competition with his DEADLY words. He quickly became popular in both New Jersey and New York and was soon signed by Brian Cooper of Diehard Records. He released several singles: “Cool’n,” SayaPraya,” “C’mon Witcha BadSelf” and “I Got More Flavaz Than U.”

While he was tearing up stages in New York City in clubs like SOBs, Tilt and Paladium in the early nineties, he had a strong feeling that he was being called back home to Jamaica.

Not long after, due to circumstances beyond his control, he did return to the island. He continued to make music, though he slightly altered his style and delivery. People began noticing his unique and soulful, yet melodious delivery in songs like “Abundance of Water,” “Jamaversary” and “Home Wrecker.” Popular radio personality, Ron Muchette, has played “Home Wrecker” almost as a morning staple and calls Deadly ‘The smoothest rapper he has ever heard.’

Deadly believes that this is just the beginning. His watery flow can be heard in his latest release, a song called “Beggy Beggy.” An instant earworm; the kids only have to hear it once and they’re able to sing every word in the chorus after that. Deadly is also excited about a couple other unreleased tracks that he is currently working on.

In this world where the creativity in music is at an all-time low, please keep your ears out for Deadly. Because his creative mind, American experience, and Jamaican roots is setting the stage for some truly unique musical sounds, subjects, and ideas. Deadly has just started his Alfamatic Label at The C.R.A.S.H. COURSE Media Center, in Port Antonio. He plans to flood the world with the memorable scenes in this tourist destinations in upcoming music videos. His music is not the typical hip-hop songs about girls, guns, glitter, and gold. No, he raps with melody from his heart about Jamaican lifestyle and the things that affects Jamaican people. This makes him truly original in the world of hip-hop.

Anyone wanting to work with Deadly should send an email to


Twitter: @dondeadda | Instagram: @dondeadda |

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IKAYA – BIO (@IkayaOfficial)

IkayaBorn on February 5, Kadian ‘Ikaya’ Blair was born in the heart of Waterhouse in Kingston Jamaica, one of the country’s most controversial communities. Although surrounded by many political, economic and social conflict, her parents were unwavering in their efforts to show her a life filled with opportunity, love and family. Marie Pusey (Mother) and Hugh “Bingy” Blair (Father) were instrumental role models for the Jamaican reggae and R&B songstress who discovered her talent at age 4 while auditioning for a choir assemble in pre-school. But even at that age, Ikaya was no stranger to music. As a child, she would sit in amazement as she watched her grandfather play his ‘kette’ drums at his workshop in her community. Her mother saw her passion and nurtured this talent by encouraging her to enter the music and dance festivals while attending the Pembroke Hall Primary School. As a teenager she would continue to follow her dreams of becoming a singer, performing at various concerts and entertaining small crowds at home and at school. While attending Wolmer’s Girl High School she formed a group called B2K girls. Her father’s popularity as a former football player for the Jamaican Reggae Boyz and the Waterhouse Premier League brought her into contact with reggae “Prophet” Clifton ‘Capleton’ Bailey in 2001. The singer started her career as a background vocalist for Capleton, who became a hit among the reggae and Rastafarian communities in the mid to late nineties and was known for his “fire blazing” lyrics. Eventually, she became his opening act for performances he made on tours around the world. The two later recorded a collaboration entitled ‘Fire’ which was featured in the top spot on numerous music charts.

Ikaya’s exposure to the world and various genres helped to define her own style and sound in the fierce, male dominated music industry in Jamaica. Her first love, reggae, was fused with dancehall, R&B and hip-hop, to create hardcore, soulful renditions of her life experiences. Since her entrance to the music scene, the vocalist has released several singles showcasing her versatility. ‘Hard Way’, ‘High With You’, ‘Good Up’, ‘These Tears’ and her collaboration with Merciless ‘Amber Alert’ have all received good reviews and heavy rotation on local and international media outlets. ‘Hard Way’ topped the Jamaican Music Countdown charts while the video for ‘High With You’ has seen steady rotation on cable and radio stations worldwide, reaching fans as far as Kenya in Africa. Her musical style has been described as “thought provoking” and “scintillating” by many music critics who recounts her presentation as the “most promising” when compared to other new female artistes in Jamaica. Though her journey to stardom has seen many struggles and challenges thus far, Ikaya is focused on producing exceptional music that touch and change the lives of people who experience her material. Not only does she sing like the sweet breath of winds beneath the soul, Ikaya also proves herself to be a prolific Deejay, sharing the spotlight with many big names in the industry. In her singles ‘Fly Away’ produced by Don Corleon and European reggae chart topper ‘Ain’t Giving Up’ the singer demonstrates her adeptness to switch between soulful melodies and spitting rhymes on hardcore dancehall rhythms.

The early stages of her career has seen her opening for more established musicians, recording tracks for her debut album, creating music videos and promoting her work at various local and international events. In 2011, Ikaya made her debut performance at the 18th staging of Jamaica’s

largest reggae festival – Reggae Sumfest, Sting, Follow the Arrow as well as Jamaica Day in Canada and the Reggae Rhythm and Blues concert in New York City. She has been recognized for her achievements so far, copping the most coveted award of ‘Female Artiste of the Year’ in 2010 by the 39 years old Jamaican sound system operator, Stone Love. In that same year, Ikaya received the award for the MIA’s (Music Industry Award) ‘Best Video of the Year’ for her single ‘Hard Way’ and the Hitz 92 FM’s People’s Choice Award for ‘Best New Artiste’. Ikaya has worked with many noteworthy producers in the past including Don Corleon, Seanizzle, Flava McGregor, DJ Wayne , Zj Sparks , DZL Records and has done productions on the Kings of Kings Label.

Currently signed to an independent music label, Ikaya continues to write songs and record tracks for her first studio album, which is not yet titled. She anticipates the debut of her creative work which she explains as “All of me, my life, my experiences, love, family, friends and my surroundings. It’s an expression of my versatility compiled on one CD. My greatest joy will be that my fans and friends appreciate and have fun with it!”

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Jay-5Flow Bio (@Jay5flow)

Jay-5Flow0OMAR CRAIG FORSYTHE (born August 2, LEO) was born and raised in Jamaica. Known musically as JAY-5Flow, he is a diverse Los Angeles based international reggae and dancehall artist, who believe and breathes the philosophy “Never give up on your dreams…  Keep working hard each day and you will be successful.”

Jay-5 who grew up in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, revealed to his mother at a very young age his desire to be an entertainer. Music was so deeply embedded in young Jay-5, that it would eventually led to him getting suspended from High school during his teenage years. Like fire, music burned fervently inside young Jay-5 it forced him to go against school policy and performed in front of his entire classroom which was against school’s policy.  Instead of being deterred, Jay-5 sought out more appropriate avenues to quench his appetite for music.

In the late 1990’s with the support of his good friend dancehall artist Russian, Jay-5 began performing at many local shows in the parishes of St. Mary and St. Ann. Fearlessly Jay-5’s hunger to showcase his versatility, diversity and wit,  grew rapidly which lead to him performing in Tourist sector, providing live entertainment in resorts across Jamaica’s North Coast.

In 2008, Jay-5 met the producer and CEO of Rebel Soulz, through Russian.  Under the guidance of the Rebel Soulz camp, Jay-5 did his first professional recordings which include “Magic (Pearl Riddim)” and “Just Dance (Current Affairs Riddim)”.

After that recording and performing, for Jay-5 music became a career, his dreams were now taking flight.  This led to the alliance with renowned dancehall deejay and actor Spragga Benz and his Red Square Crew.  His musical talents were also recognized by producer, Minto Pierre (MPR) who produced the track “Shake It Señorita” which is on his album The Dancehall Macarena.

In 2003, Jay-5 relocated to Los Angeles, California to further pursue his career in entertainment.

His relationship with Spragga Benz and his Red Square family created platforms that gave him the break to perform in international events sharing the stage with the likes of rapper Foxy Brown, Kymani Marley son of reggae legend Bob Marley, Beenie Man, Gyptian, Warrior King, Konshens, Kranum of curse Spragga Benz and many others. Jay-5 have also tour the US alongside Spragga Benz, He recorded Dancehall Macarena his hit song on his album The Dancehall Macarena for Hot Boxxx Ent. To add Jay-5 performed at the “2014 Sting” which is one of the most anticipated dancehall platforms that takes place in The Parish of Saint Cathrine, Portmore Jamaica.

In 2015 VP Records sign Jay-5 to a 4 year distribution deal.

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Action Blaxxs – Biography (@ActionBlaxxs)

ActionSteven Omar Black, more popularly known as Action Blaxxs, is an emerging Dancehall Recording Artist who is currently getting a lot of attention because of his aggressive style and catchy punch lines.

Born and raised in the Melbrook Heights community in Kingston, Jamaica, Steven grew up with his older brother and sister as both his parents left when he was still a child (his Dad relocated to Canada and his Mom, based on differences she had with his father, simply left the family). Growing up in a home with no adult supervision and/or guidance was extremely challenging but he successfully rose to the challenge. He now strongly believes that he’s capable of withstanding any hardship precisely because of all the difficulties he had to endure while growing up without his parents.

He attended St. Benedict Primary and then went on to Donald Quarrie High school. While at Donald Quarrie he got the opportunity to join his father in Canada, which is where he now resides.

While most twelve year old boys were busy playing with toys and/or friends, Steven was focused on writing his first song. He initially got into music because of his cousin, Simon Splinter, who was an aspiring reggae artist at the time. Simon would encourage him to write songs and would even act as a support for young Steven, allowing him to DJ/chant on P.A. systems. Though he penned his first lyrics at age twelve, he did not do any actual studio recording until he was nineteen years old. It was then, in his late teens, that he began to seriously consider a career as a dancehall artist. In his mid-twenties he adopted the name Action Blaxxs; a name given to him by his peers who all saw him as a man of action.

Inspired by artists such as Bounty Killer, Beenie Man and Buju Banton, he eventually released his first official song years later. The track was called “hustle everyday” and it served as the launching point for Action Blaxxs’ entry into the Dancehall Music Industry.

Fast forward to 2017 and Action Blaxxs is now getting a lot of recognition for his recent release, “drink fi drunk,” which many are calling a street anthem. He is also getting ready to share what he hopes will be another catchy tune, this one is entitled “tears.” Both songs were produced by Kevin Thunder from Heart to Heart Records 101.

In addition to recording new music for his soon to be released EP, he’s also got some upcoming appearances in the Caribbean. These include several live performances and radio interviews.

Anyone wanting to work with Action Blaxxs should contact his team via any of the following phone numbers: 1.647.781.4537, 1.647.769.9334, 1.876.408.8109 or 1.876.585.1008. His management can also be reached via email:




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MACINI – Bio (@macinimusic)

MaciniOne of the most vocally talented artists you are likely to encounter today is Macini, born Kevin Edwards, the youngest of seven brothers who acquired the name ‘Macini’ due to his impeccable collection of Italian wear. Macini has upped his game with the release of, ‘Man A General,’ projecting his personal image as a confident master of musical styles in the streets of his home town Mandeville (Manchester, Jamaica), across Africa and worldwide.

Musical Background and influences: Music featured heavily throughout Macini’s life and was an important part of his childhood, growing up singing. Around the age of thirteen Macini became aware that he was talented and, following traditional musical roots, began singing at his Revivalist church where he was able to express himself through Gospel music. Later Macini contributed to worship services, playing his guitar (aged sixteen.)  Macini’s realised his ability to write songs from quite a young age, fifteen; recently putting together a catalogue of over 35 excellent numbers.

Naturally Macini was influenced by Jamaica’s best and speaks of artists such as the late, great Sanchez, veteran Reggae artist Beres Hammond and contemporary Dancehall artist Bounty Killer. It was Macini’s love of Reggae music which led him to explore Dancehall, Reggae and Lover’s Rock, making these his own personal genres.

Early Career Moves: London became home to Macini in 2001, his musical life taking a serious turn in 2010 when he emerged as a genuine contender in the dancehall arena; an artist with multiple talents. During his career in music Macini has worked with well known producers- Category 5 Jamaica, Jerrymuzik, Frenz 4real production, Standfirm Records, Pure and Natural Records, Dandadda Production and Andrew Robinson which have contributed to his success. As a solo artist Macini has the extraordinary ability to sound like two different artists– when he sings and raps on the same track. This talent has fooled many people in the industry!

Discography to date;

1. ‘Grey Goose Buss ina mi head’ 2013 – with Junior P- a great party song produced by Category 5 Jamaica

2. ‘Bad mind people’ 2013 – Category 5 Jamaica

3. ‘She tell mi dat she love mi’ 2013 – a popular Reggae song produced by Jerrymuzi

4. ‘Lap Dance’ 2014 – Video with a group of six artists known as Project XXX (Triple X)

5. ‘Hold mi Squeeze mi’ 2014 – Reggae song produced by Category 5 Jamaica, video release March 2014.

6. ‘Man A General’ 2014 – Produced by Jnile, Pure and Natural Records. A huge song that quickly became Macini’s signature tune

7. ‘Ringtone’ 2016 – Produced by Naz B. R’n’B collaboration with Nigerian artist Naz B. 40K+ Youtube hits.

8. ‘Bad Gal’ 2016 – Produced by Macini. Dancehall club track that reached worldwide generating great attention from the music fraternity

9. ‘Bloodless Revolution’ 2016 – A major project by Andrew Robinson, Switzerland, involving 18 artists which has excelled in Africa and on Youtube

10. ‘(AH) so we do it’ 2017 – Produced by Macini to a beat by SOS Dynamikz. A great party number.

11. ‘Good Time’ 2017 – Dandadda Productions

Recent Career Moves 2014- Macini was interviewed on internet radio stations including Music Radiofm, VRL radio and appeared on Ben TV. He performed live at many venues including: Fire Friday’s (North London,) Dandadda promotional show with Fire Rankin (New port, Wales) and Hootananny, South London. Macini’s hit Man A General opened the door to Gambia- December 2014 and he toured for two weeks taking in shows and interviews; Macini’s most noteable venue was the National Stadium, performing to a crowd exceeding 20,000. Promoter Nexus was impressed with Man A General and organised performances in Germany- G Town, club, and other venues, on the strength of this song. 2014 was a successful year evident in the increased number of Macini followers.

2015- Macini appeared at Irie Jam’s 22nd Anniversary in New York, along with popular artists Agent Sasco, Bugle and Mr Vegas

2016- Macini embarked on a promotional tour of Jamaica in April and was interviewed on many of the island’s TV and Radio shows including Hitsfm 92, Sunity Radio, UV Radio, Hot102 and Dwrap CVMTV, RETV, tempo Preedis TV, Hype TV and a live performance on Sunrise CVMTV. Macini’s music had been included on mix tapes produced by DJ’s Don Kingston, and B13, alongside artists Alkaline, Popcaan, Movado, Vibes Cartel and more. In addition to musical achievement Macini appeared live at Country Fest in Christiana, Manchester, and made time to sing at Rock River Primary School, St Mary, to inspire the youth. Shortly after his return to the UK  Macini travelled to New York to perform at the 20th Anniversary of Jamaica Jam, giving rise to more radio opportunities in the U.S.A. including: E2 Radio in Brooklyn and Linkage Radio Mount Vernan. Back in Notting Hill, London, Macini appeared at a club with Shaggy, Rayvon and Stylo G at Shaggy’s single launch, ‘Need Your Love.’

2017- will see Macini return to Jamaica where he is scheduled to appear at various shows including Artist Link Up, in Naggo Head, Portmore, St Catherine’s, with some shows resulting from the success of ‘Bad Gal.’ He will also be recording new material for future release.

Aspirations!! Macini’s musical inspiration extends beyond the boundaries of traditional and modern Jamaican music. Aspiring to popular artists Shaggy and Sean Paul, Macini’s love of popular music is calling him towards the R’n’B market. Macini voices political ideals and creates songs based around feelings we all relate to, specifically love, which he expresses through song. With such a wealth of talent and determination there is every reason to believe that Macini will attain the heights he is striving to achieve. Macini has a determined and straightforward attitude to life and music embraced in his own personal mantra, ‘DO IT ONE TIME.’  Macini believes in getting everything right first time and without doubt is set to make his mark in the commercial world.

‘Bad Gal’
‘Man A General’


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Israel Vibration (Biography)

israel-vibrationA living lesson in fortitude, the vocal trio of Cecil “Skeleton” Spence, Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig, and Lascelle “Wiss” Bulgin overcame adversity, illness, and poverty to become one of the finest roots groups in Jamaica’s history. All three had been afflicted by polio and first became acquainted, albeit briefly, at Kingston’s Mona Rehabilitation Clinic.

Of the trio, Bulgin appeared least likely to emerge a singing sensation. He spent much of his childhood at a variety of rehabilitation centers and in his teens began working for a tailor. Craig, in contrast, initially did seem destined for a musical career and for a while attended the famed Alpha Cottage School. This illustrious institution, founded in 1880 and run by Catholic nuns, is renowned for its musical training. Many of the island’s greatest stars passed through its doors, including members of the Skatalites and drummer Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace. However, Craig found the tough discipline and rigid atmosphere oppressive and ran away at 14 into a life of homelessness and poverty. After an equally bright start, Spence’s life also took a severe downturn. As a preteen, he played xylophone in a youth band, with whom he appeared on national television. Although physically disabled, he was a gifted athlete and in his teens he was selected for the Jamaican Wheelchair Basketball team. But his conversion to Rastafarianism put an end to all that in 1969; he was dropped from the team and returned to Kingston. It was serendipity that he bumped into Craig soon after, and fate intervened again, to bring the pair back into touch with Bulgin.

The three teens had individually all previously converted to rastafarianism, now their shared faith and childhood experiences helped forge a strong friendship. Leaving behind their old lives, the trio now spent their time hanging out together and busking for money around Kingston. They spent the next six years singing for their suppers and by 1975, Israel Vibration was a vocal force to be reckoned with. However, their initial attempt at recording was abortive as the one track they did cut, the Ernest Hookim-produced “Bad Intention,” never saw release. The following year, an answer to their prayers arrived when members of the Rastafarian religious group the Twelve Tribes of Israel agreed to finance a single by the trio.

Israel Vibration went into Treasure Isle studio with producer U- Booth and recorded the single “Why Worry” and a new version of “Bad Intention” for its flip. The group’s exquisite dread sound and militant cultural themes made an instant impression and the trio now found themselves on-stage opening for the likes of Bob Marley and Dennis Brown. In 1977, Israel Vibration began work on their follow-up, “The Same Song,” with producer Tommy Cowan. By the time they were done, the group had another hit song and a debut album of stunning proportions, which was titled after the single. A de rigueur dub version, Israel Tafari, accompanied the full-length and was equally powerful. On the strength of these, the trio was signed to the British EMI subsidiary Harvest, who released Same Song in Britain. 1979 brought the Unconquering People album, and another popular single, “Crisis.” And even if this set was not quite as dread as its predecessor, tracks like “Mr. Taxman” and “We a de Rasta” remain classics of cultural roots. Not surprisingly, Israel Vibration went down a storm at that year’s Reggae Sunsplash.

The trio’s deeply devotional songs, cultural themes, inspirational lyrics, and original take on the roots style had struck a chord with reggae fans around the world. Thus, it was a surprising decision that Israel Vibration recorded their next album, 1981’s Why You So Craven, with legendary dancehall producer Junjo Lawes. In many ways, it was a failed venture and the trio was so dissatisfied, they walked out before the sessions were complete. Bringing in the vocal trio the Tamlins, Lawes carried on without them and the resulting album, while not a total disaster, certainly lacked the spirit of its predecessors. Even an avid response at 1982’s Reggae Sunsplash could not convince the trio that their future lay in a Jamaica where dancehall now reigned supreme (Live at Reggae Sunsplash, a split album from Israel Vibrations and the Gladiators, bears witness to their performance). Thus they relocated to New York City, perhaps believing that the large immigrant community could sustain them, or that America was now ready to embrace roots. They were wrong on both counts. A few occasional live appearances aside, the group swiftly disappeared from view. All three attempted solo careers, but only Bulgin made it on to record; his Mr. Sunshine album paired him with the Freedom Fighters Band.

In 1987, the trio decided it was stronger together than apart, re-formed, and approached the RAS label. Although labelhead Doctor Dread had shown no interest in their solo efforts, he was enthusiastic about a reunion and quickly signed them to RAS. Strength of My Life appeared the following year, and aided by the Roots Radics, it found Israel Vibration as vibrant as ever.

The trio now settled down for the long haul, and although their sound was no longer on the scene’s cutting edge, they continued putting out strong sets. 1990 brought three albums, Praises, its dub companion Dub Vibration, and Israel Dub, drawn from the Strength of My Life set. The next year’s Forever found the trio in a surprisingly comic mood, taking aim at themselves, dancehall, as well as contemporary issues. In 1992, a taste of the Vibrations’ live power was delivered up on Vibes Alive, which was recorded at a show in Santa Cruz the previous October. Besides showcasing the trio’s unique vocal styling, the album captures the Roots Radics at their fiercest. 1993’s IV, and its dub companion IV Dub, gave heart to all those who believed that roots was fast becoming little more than a world lovefest. The album’s militancy, notably on “Naw Give Up the Fight,” proved the trio’s own passionate cultural concerns and dread roots were not fading. The equally powerful On the Rock followed two years later and was also accompanied by a dub set.

Then, in 1996, the group released their first single in years, the infectious “Feeling Irie,” taken from their new album, Free to Move. This attempt to push the band’s profile higher into the mainstream came to naught, the trio had already built up a loyal fan base and remained a successful live act, as 1997’s Live Again proved. Unlike its live predecessor, this time around Israel Vibrations packed the album with crowd-pleasing favorites.
It was nine years since the trio had re-formed and signed to RAS; they’d been recording and performing steadily since, but Craig was no longer happy with their current path left the group in 1997 to pursue a solo career. His debut album, Another Moses, featured his own backing band, the Zionists.

Continuing on as a duo, Spence and Bulgin reappeared in 1999 with a new studio album, Pay the Piper, and proved that Israel Vibrations would not be defeated by this defection. Jericho following hot on Piper’s heels in the new year, while 2000 also saw the release of the limited-edition Power of the Trinity three-CD box set; Dub Combo appeared in summer 2001. Acknowledging Craig’s longtime contribution to the group, the set is evenly divided between the trio, with each disc devoted to one individual member’s greatest compositions. Israel Vibrations’s career shows no signs of slowing, and the group has firmly carved a secure niche out of what once seemed an impenetrable surface. Their popularity seems assured, and they remain a vibrant live act and an always intriguing studio group.

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UZMAN Biography (@UZMAN1)


Paul Day, better known as UZMAN is a spirited Dancehall/ Hip Hop artist/rapper, whose passion for music and performing can be felt in each track. It’s reflected in his success of the international 2013 single “Night Life” and the 2014 release “Wine and Grind”.

“Night Life” features guest collaboration with international Reggae singer Jah Mason, climbing to the #1 spot on Funk Master Flex’s world popular Franchise Record Pool and it peaked at #29 on the Global Reggae Charts. “Night Life” also appeared at #5 on the Bling Ring Show Charts with heavy rotation on Community Links TV in Jamaica. International producer Jahronomo INC, who has covered the gambit of entertainment working on television show scoring, radio commercials and has taken the song “Wine and Grind” under his direction adding a Reggae, Calypso, Funk fusion for the radio. The song quickly got the attention of world renown remix King DJ Power who worked on a remix of the single “Wine and Grind”adding to the collaboration with legendary reggae artist Junior Reid. Both the song and video remix lead to a monumental performance at the Islands national Music Festival in West Kingston the “Jamaica Jamboree 2015”. “Wine and Grind” peaked at #8 on the Top 40 Indie Chart on the award winning Starfleet Record Pool. “Wine and Grind” was featured on Omni TV’s “VMIX show” a national Canadian music television program.

UZMAN started working on music and performing on stage as a child in the early eighties. Fascinated with Grand Master Flash’s music video for the song “The Message”, UZMAN developed his dream of becoming a recording artist. From Mojah’s pre-production Studio in 91’ to Jah Studio in 92’ he studied recording, editing and mixing techniques along with the complete process of songwriting and music distribution. The deep raspy voice singer MC was featured in Hip-Hop Weekly and Coast 2 Coast Mix-tapes Magazines.

UZMAN is also an artist signed to Music Label Beat Charge INC., one of Toronto’s surging entertainment businesses on the rise.

When asked about his goals and ambitions on writing songs and performing on stage UZMAN stated, “The impression I’m trying to give off, is that I’m reaching another level in my music career,” he says, “I’m gonna continue to shine. My diverse style makes fans of many other music genres enjoy my work.” he laughs sincerely.

WWW.UZMANMUSIC.COM | | Twitter: @uzman1 | 416-919-7286 Facebook: UZMAN | Instagram: uzmanmusic | Reverb Nation: UZMAN | Youtube: megauzman | Sound Cloud: UZMAN

– “Club Fit 2015”

DPNC (group)
– Showdown (1991)

-Snapping Necks (1992)


On The Move of Elevation EP (1992)
– The Project
– Freestyle
– We Shall Overcome
– Funky Bogle

– On Da Move (1993)
-Who Say T.O Cant Rock (1993)

UZI (solo)
-Mix Up [Feat. Mr O] (2000)
-Fever (2000)
-Tuffood (2001)

UZMAN (solo)

Bailout (2009)
Wine And Grind (2010)
Bana Time (2010)
Wine And Grind [Android Riddim) (2011)
Made By Streets (2011)
Stress Less (2011)
Gyal Chat [Blueberry Riddim] (2011)
My Shine (2011)
Big Man Lovin [feat. Keyma [Kush Riddim] (2011)
Tek Time (2011)

Lowe Me (2012)
MIA [Feat. Tay Dizm] (2012)
Party Right (2012)
Night Life [Feat. Jah Mason] 2013
Sexxtra [feat. Kima] (2013)


Facebook – UZMAN
Myspace – uzmaninfo
Reverbnation – UZMAN
Twitter – @UZMAN1
YouTube – Megauzman


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