Don Yute’s Biography (@donyute @bridgewayartist)

Don Yute

It only took two weeks for Don Yute, the multi-talented artist, songwriter, actor and producer, to capture the coveted #1 position on the Online Radio Breakout Chart with thousands of airplay for his song “So Much Love.” The Online Radio Breakout Chart is based on actual verified spins from monitored digital stations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The chart is sent to leading magazines, websites, label executives and talent scouts throughout the music industry.

Signed to Capitol Records in 2005, the popular Port Antonio-born, Kingston-raised Don Yute describes his unique singing and deejay style as World Hop – a rhythm with a Dancehall flow but delivered like a rapper.

Some of Don Yute’s most notable production collaborations are: “Who is Dat Girl” and “Stalk a Sensimelia” done with Grammy Award winning producer Jim Jonsin, who also produced for many major artists such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Akon, Pitbull, Jermaine Dupree and that is just to name a few. Don Yute has also scored placements on NBA and Fifa games with his singles “Dem Gals” and “A Lot Of Girls.” He has done songs with international stars: Sean Paul, a former schoolmate who credits Don Yute as his mentor, as well as Beenie Man, Spragga Benz and Wayne Wonder. His record with Wayne Wonder, “Excess Amount,” is known by reggae and dancehall lovers worldwide as one of the biggest dancehall party songs released in that time period.

Don Yute‘s latest album “Nexx Phase” offers a variety of genres: Dancehall, Conscious, Dance, and Soca. It features special guests Akon, Pitbull and Half Pint, with production credits going to Mo B Dick (Formerly of Beats by the Pound), the production team that sold millions of EP/CDs for Master P’s independent imprint No Limit Records.

IMSTA Festa – An Event Dedicated To Highlighting The Latest Music Technology – Is Set For Oct. 12th In Toronto (@IMSTA_FESTA)

IMSTA FESTA TORONTO will be held on Saturday October 12th, at RTA Ryerson University, located at 350 Victoria Street in the greater Toronto area. With the biggest star-studded line-up yet, music creators are encouraged to show up for another celebration of the newest music technology, which will be on display via countless Exhibits, Master Classes, Workshops and Panels.

IMSTA FESTA is a free event open to everyone in the music making community; professional and semi-professional musicians, songwriters, music producers, and audio engineers, as well as music students and educators.

Bonafide’s Biography (@Bonafidereggae @bridgewayartist)


Bonafide is a reggae band from Montego Bay, Jamaica, now living in Las Vegas, that is made up of four brothers with raw talent and pure ambition. Like them, their music has traveled from Jamaica to North America and across the Atlantic, reaching as far as Asia. Their innovative fusion of dancehall and lovers rock peppered with roots and R&B creates a new genre of Reggae Pop, which has grown to be a favorite among the young people today, but is also diverse enough to reach older generations.

There is no other band like Bonafide! Taking reggae to a new level, the Reggae pioneers would be proud to experience this new take on a Jamaica classic. The band has released their album One Wish and is in the studio working on new material. Through their innovative sound Bonafide is taking the music industry by storm.

Bonafide is also largely involved in philanthropic projects as their number one goal is to have their music make a difference in people’s lives. Through using the proceeds from their CD sales to donate money for the welfare of displaced battered mothers, Bonafide leaves a positive mark on the community.

The group has released three singles that have all reached number one on the Jamaica music charts. The single “Leavin Come the Morning,” reached the number two position at Link Up radio in New York. “I Want to Be the One,” another single from One Wish, reached the number two spot on the international charts in Paris, France.

Bonafide received the 2012 Best Reggae Band award from Link Up radio in New York. Bonafide’s One Wish CD received submission to the Grammy Academy in 2013. Also the band received two nominations for the Excellence in Music and Entertainment awards.

As a highly sought after act, Bonafide has performed on several tours and festivals including Reggae on the River, Pure Aloha and Jamaica’s largest music festival Sum Fest for five consecutive years; affording them the opportunity to share stages with Usher, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige and John Legend, to name a few. The band has toured nationally reaching across the United States and internationally to Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Bonafide’s music is frequently played on the following radio stations across the U.S. and Jamaica: Irie FM, Hits 92 FM, Mellow FM in the major cities of Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 88.1 KCEP, Hot 97.5, 98.5 KLUC in Las Vegas, NV, Link Up Radio in New York, NY and in Los Angeles, CA.

iDeology’s Biography (@bridgewayartist)


IDEOLOGY “It is more important to me to make an impact, than just to float on waves made by one.” David Jackson (iDeology)

David Jackson aka iDeology was born in Clarendon, Jamaica. Like many, he was raised among music. “When living in Jamaica, especially the rural sides, it is hard not to see music as an important aspect to life. For many, music seems to be the only way of making a living, due to the lack of opportunities on this small island, or some may rely on music just to cope with the stresses of life. Whereas my father used it as many did, to celebrate and he sure loved to celebrate. His celebrations were so plentiful and grand, that he was considered a promoter of celebration.”

David saw the impact that music has on the masses and he respected its power but did not realize how close he was to possessing such power. After school David Jackson entered the construction industry and was happy with it, for a while, until he started experimenting with music. His experimentation led to a local release of a dancehall anthem “One Big Family.” “One Big Family” was used as a theme in several dance promotions. David Jackson, using the alias ID at the time, saw that he helped foster the admiration of unity among dancehall goers, a lost theme at the time.

Still toting music as a hobby, in 2018, ID entered a popular song writing and performing contest in Jamaica, the Cultural Development Commission’s JCDC song contest and won in the Kingston and St. Andrew’s Big Stage Final. Feeling the command that he had over thousands of people and realizing he could have people recite words that he had written, ID set himself a mission. “With music I will inspire the doubtful, with lyrics I will encourage questions and with my persona I will spread joy,” said David. He vowed to help others celebrate living as his father did while spreading his message. “I have so many things to say and music gives me the opportunity for it to be heard.”

His musical journey led him to veteran producer Steven Ventura where they worked on a sound to disseminate ID’s lyrics and bring life to his persona. Steven Ventura a seasoned recorder of live instruments describes the sound as “the modern meets the masters”. “Good old fashion reggae music, spiced up with some modern technology.” This era of David Jackson’s musical personality will be dubbed iDeology, where his performances are alive with messages to live by and music to rock to and musicians to admire. Look out for his debut single “Pumkin Belly” As quoted by IDeology, “My mission is my ideology and my ideology is my mission.”

iDeology’s mission begins with the release of his debut album “ID 2020 Perfect Vision”. Please visit for music, media and more. For more information link or 876 492 7717 or or 7544236840

Dahlia’s Biography (@ThoseTravelBugz @Dahlia_Anderson)

DAHLIADahlia is a multi-talented bilingual performer and songwriter. “In my mind,” “No good for you,” and “Chanson D’amour” are the latest songs featured on her most recent EP.

Dahlia is a native of Jamaica. She migrated to Montreal, Canada at the age of 12. While living in Montreal her singing aspirations really began to take flight as her passion for music was encouraged and celebrated. She soon began performing in both English and French.

The incorporation of her bilingual skills in both her writing and performances eventually led to the opening of new doors. As such, Dahlia has shared the stage with international recording artists such as Freddie McGregor, Munga Honorable, Popcaan and Grammy winner Shaggy. Additionally, she has also worked with the Juno winning producer Wyz Malcolm. That collaboration gave us the EP’s “Open My Eyes” and “Broken Hearted.”

After a brief hiatus, Dahlia is back and will be performing and promoting her singles, while working on her full length album.

Kyng Dyce – Biography (@dycerapper)

kyng dyceDavid Horace Sommerville, professionally known as KYNG DYCE, is a Jamaican recording artist specializing in both the hip-hop and dancehall genres. David began calling himself DYCE after doing a lot of research for a name that’s unique, unpredictable and above all else, something that would represent him, his versatility and creative writing skills. The KYNG was added much later after his status grew within the industry.

KYNG DYCE was born and raised in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston City, where he lived with his mother, father and siblings. He attended The Edith Dalton James High School, which is where he first realized his musical skills. It all happened in the 11th grade. KYNG DYCE and his friends would often meet behind the school yard and engage lyrical battles for fun. One particular day DYCE decided to perform one of his songs, and was both ecstatic and shocked when the other students began cheering uncontrollably after hearing just the first verse. In no time DYCE’s name spread throughout the entire school resulting in his fellow students occasionally asking him to rap for them, something he did with pleasure. Around that time his aspirations were to learn and master the art of sculpting, but that all changed once he saw the response from his peers. The name DYCE became popular throughout the school and that marked the beginning of a new promising career for the young KYNG.

KYNG DYCE has since committed himself to his career as a recording artist and with unshakeable support from his parents and other family members, he intends to continue on his journey. His catalogue includes: Like You (a collaboration done with established reggae artist Turbulence), Making Love Right Here (a catchy hip-hop song that he and his team are currently pushing), Money Up, Gi It Weh, and that is just to name a few. With his ability to do both hip-hop and dancehall with ease, KYNG DYCE has shared the stage with countless talented artists, both emerging and established.

Anyone wanting to work with KYNG DYCE in any capacity should contact him via email at

Rhoda Isabella’s Bio (@rhoda_isabella)

rhoda isabella

Popularly known for her soulful and powerfully anointed performances, she is often compared with popular international psalmist Maranda Curtis, whom she lauds as one of her inspirations along with Benita Jones, Mali Music, Darrel Walls from the Walls Group and Kirk Franklin. Rhoda is a warm, caring, very committed and an effervescent individual who loves wholeheartedly and values family and friendship. Her life is characterized by her deep relationship with Christ and her commitment to fulfilling her purpose by impacting the world with the undiluted message of God’s love through music. After the dissolving of the group iWorshipp in March 2017, she has embarked on a new mission as a solo gospel recording artiste.

Having had her fair share of real life experiences and struggled with low self esteem, she now has a new found determination to stay true to her calling and create an impact across the world, as a bold ambassador for Christ in the earth. For Rhoda, when she found music she found herself.