Winston ‘Flags’ Smith’s Biography

flagsWinston Alexander Smith (A.K.A. Flags) was born in St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica. He grew up in the Canterbury Community and attended the Albion All Age School. He graduated in 1972.

Upon leaving school “Flags” went on to live in the community of Anchovy where he started his musical career. He was the lead singer of the band Stepping Stone, put together by Calvin Clark and consisted of Zoots “Skully” Simms, one of Jamaica’s great percussionist on drums and Eric “Rickabacka” Frater on guitar.

In 1974, the Stepping Stone Band merged into the Future Wind Band, led by Hugh “Bobo Lloyd” Hall playing around Jamaica in some small community night clubs. In 1976 “Flags” family left Anchovy for the community of Flankers where he continued to work with the Future Wind Band which became the resident band for various entities, including The Disco Inferno in Rose Hall, The Great River Tours and The Negril Huts Resort.

While grooming his musical talent, “Flags” opened for house name acts such as Eddie Kendricks of the Temptations, Denise Williams and the Trams to name a few.  In the summer of 1979, “Flags” performed on the same stage as the legendary Bob Marley at the Jamaica Reggae Sunsplash. “Flags” sound and style is similar to that of the legendary Bob Marley who is one of his favorite artist. During Reggae Sunsplash of 1981, “Flags” performed a tribute to Bob Marley.   In 1982 he formed his own band Ambassan, which was an offshoot of the Future Wind Band and performed at Reggae Sunsplash again for two more years in 1982 and 1984.

In 1984 “Flags” left his home in Jamaica to pursue the music scene in the United States of America. After migrating to Miami, Florida, he joined forces with the reggae band Immortals consisting of Paul “I-Paul” Gauntlette and junior “Yatta” Biggs. A year later, he started working with producer Courtney “Blemo” Crichton, releasing the singles Cool Rudie and Natty Gone Red on Crichton’s Intellitec label.  “Flags” also worked with Neville “Prophet Kato” Thompson releasing the song Bossman on the Buffalo label. A remake of Errol Dunkley’s Please Stop Your Lying was also released on the I-Tek label, but it was retitled You’re Gonna Need Me.

“Flags” was diagnosed with glaucoma and for years he struggled to maintain his vision. This he was not able to conquer and for the past ten years he has been visually impaired. His blindness has not stopped his recording career. “Flags” is in the process of completing his first album. The first single Praise Jah in presently available on all digital media platforms.

Tha Vor – Biography (@ThaVor)

1239282_611644885570851_1606171990_oPatrick Edwards, who is publicly known as Tha Vor, was born in Jamaica but was raised in Toronto. From his Rastafarian roots, he uses this source along with his experiences in Toronto to create a fusion of reggae and hip-hop music.

Inspired by some of history’s most powerful musical voices: Nas, 2Pac, Bob Marley and other like-minded individuals; Patrick is committed to making music that both educates and enlightens. That being said, he was very careful to brand himself with a name that generally represents his lyrical content. He first adopted the name Demitsedek, which means voice of righteousness in the Amharic language. That was later broken down to Tha Vor, which basically means the same thing but is a lot easier for his fans and supporters to pronounce.

Some of Tha Vor‘s earliest musical experiences took place in his teenage years when he was a member of the group Blyxpoc. As a unit they were fortunate to have done a lot of shows in and around their community. It was Tha Vor‘s involvement in this group that cemented his aspirations to be a recording artist.

Over the years Tha Vor has worked with several artists and producers on various projects: Abendigo Productions (King Of Glory and Declaration), Juno Award Winner Exco Levi (Everyday Ghetto and In Adis), Smoke Shop Production (What They Want and Miss Jamaica), Marcus Kane (Now You’re Gone), Gutty Bling Claims Records (Times so dread) and his own Ancient Tung Records (Knowledge Of Self Compilation and Star Wars). He was also featured on a remix with legendary reggae superstar Mavado’s Sneak Peak Riddim alongside Beenie Man, Sean Paul and Elephant Man.

As it relates to performances, Tha Vor has performed at culture shows, summer festivals, Club 400, Rivoli, Trilogy Nightclub, Lambadina, Poor Alex Theatre, Comfort Zone, Static Night Club and The Miss Jamaica 2012 Fundraiser. In September, 2014 he travelled to New York City and performed at the popular “Roc the Mic” showcase. He has even opened for legendary rap group Onyx.

In addition to his thriving music career Tha Vor is also a Reiki Master who helps people with eye problems, sciatica, back, shoulder and knee pain, as well as other ailments. He is the owner of Ancient Herbal Health, a company that specializes in: Colon Cleansers, Pain Done, Alkaline Liquid Iron and others.

E.G.’s Biography (@EgDaGalis)

EGEdgar Seepersaud, publicly known as E.G. (which stands for Eternal Galis), is a versatile dancehall recording artist who also dabbles in soca and other urban genres from time to time.

Though he was born in Guyana, E.G. and his family moved to St. Lucia when he was 10 years old and then to America at age 15. He grew up with, and got a lot of encouragement from his very supportive family: parents, sisters, aunties, uncles and cousins. E.G.‘s initial career choice had nothing to do with music. Back in his school days, plan A and B were accounting and architecture. That being said, those ambitions were quickly abandoned once he heard Shinehead’s “Unity” album. The more he listened to artists like Shinehead, Shabba Ranks, Big Daddy Kane, Mad Cobra, Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, the more passionate he became about a career in music.

E.G.‘s musical aspirations started in 1989 while he was still living in St. Lucia; but it was not until he got settled in the United States that he was really able to manifest them. Once in America he created the Diamond Head Sound System and began hosting some of the biggest dances (Caribbean style parties) in Staten Island, New York at the time. He eventually transitioned from selector to artist, after he connected with a couple of his Jamaican friends from school with whom he began writing songs and doing live shows.

Over the years E.G. has worked hard to master the music production process. He is now able to confidently build rhythms, write lyrics, record, mix and master songs. As a multitalented music professional he has released a few singles and has enjoyed unique features on standout projects such as the Sholin Style Compilation. As it relates to shows, he has toured and done performances at various colleges and night clubs in and around the United States.

Having recently released a single titled “Head Gone” on the “Start Up” EP by BKA Records, E.G. is now in full promo mode as he and his team are working non-stop to ensure that the world hears his new music. Additionally, he is prepping an EP that he hopes to have ready for summer, 2019.

Independent Artists, Producers, DJs & Record Labels Trading Services – Your Talent Is Your Currency!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet with and talk to so many really talented artists and producers, who unfortunately don’t have the kind of money needed to promote their music. What I always try to tell them is that their talent is just as, or if not more valuable than money; they just have to figure out how best to use it to get what they want.

Think TRADE! If you don’t have the cash to pay for the services you need, consider carefully what you do have or what you can do for the person you would like the services from. Once you’re clear on what you are willing to do, make the offer. The worst that can happen is they so no.

Most importantly, if your trade offer is accepted be sure to follow through and do what you promised. Notice how established artists and producers are always collaborating on each others projects; independent music professionals can also take the same approach.

To learn more, contact Maria Jackson.

Freddie Campbell’s Biography – Legendary Musician Turned Producer

Fred CampbellFrederick Owen Campbell, professionally known as Freddie Campbell, is an established musician who is versed in several genres, but currently concentrating on Ska, Reggae and Mento.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Freddie’s parents got divorced when he was 3 years old so he was raised by his Grandmother and Aunts. His Grandmother was a teacher, as a result he was home-schooled until he was approximately 7 years old. His first public school was St. Francis Elementary (better known as Knun’s Pen Elementary), he then went on to St. Elizabeth Prep, which was a private school. In 1955 he was awarded a scholarship to St. George’s College, one of the island’s premier high school. Incidentally, all the aforementioned academic institutions are all Catholic schools.

While at St. George’s Freddie got involved in sports. He represented them in track and field at the 1956 “Champs” at Sabina Park, and captained the Colt’s soccer team that same year. He also played on the Manning Cup team which won the Cup in 1959 and shared the Oliver Shield with Cornwall College in the same year.

Freddie Campbell actually considered a career as a sportsman on several occasions. While he was at St. Francis, his classmate who was a famous jockey, tried to get him to ride but when that friend fell and died, Freddie decided to stay away from that sport all together. He then thought about being a professional soccer player, but felt that there was not enough money in it. He was also sought after to become a pro golfer, because he was that good. This was in the 70’s and back then pro golfers were not making as much money as professional musicians so he opted to stay with music. And finally, in the early years as a musician, while he was in the Bahamas, he was again given the opportunity to be a jockey, but again he turned it down.

Freddie was introduced to music by Noel Seal, Jamaica’s best congo player at the time. He would walk by his home on his way from school – this was when Freddie was about 10 or 11 years old. One evening, Noel invited him in and began teaching him how to play the drums. Later on at age 17, while Freddie was still in school, Noel Seal got sick and asked Freddie to fill in for him on his regular gig. He did for two weeks and was compensated for doing so. His first actual job as a regular drummer was with Kes Chin and the Souvenirs. He was only 19. He had a day job as an accountant, but two nights with the band earned him more than a week’s salary so he left his day job and began focusing all his attention on music. After two years he was introduced to Carlos Malcolm and the Afro Jamaican Rhythms. It was around this time that he recorded with artists like Derrick Harriott, Owen Grey and Derrick Morgan, and producers such as Mr. Pottinger and Vere John.

Freddie was inspired by many different musicians, some for their dedication to music (they would wake up and practice first before anything else); some because of their knowledge of music (they taught him the theory of music); and some for the way they handled the money they earned from music (they owned homes and made money from the rent and even had businesses).

One of Freddie’s most decisive music memories dates back to when he was 20 years old; he was told by his Aunt: “If you are not going to college, then you have to move out.” He moved out! His Aunt was a foundation member of the NDTC and had her own dance school, Jay-Teens. Exactly 10 years after leaving home, Freddie wrote some music for her dance school.

Some highlights from his career worth mentioning are performing for Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Solomon Burke, Martha and the Vandellas and a long list of American artists, as well as Bob Marley and most if not all of the local artists of the time. This all occurred between 1960 and 1975.

From 1978 through 1989 Freddie Campbell invested in and ran a couple of private businesses not music related. In 1989 however, he became the CEO for Cosmic Force Records, the label that helped to break Shabba Ranks and other acts. He worked with the label until 1991 when a hurricane caused the breakup of the company.

Currently, in addition to hosting a radio show titled Ska Now & Then on both CRS and Blog Talk Radio, Freddie Campbell also manages his band, SkaJamz and is working hard to get the brand established.

Ashleye Scarlette’s Bio (@AshleyeScarlett @DEEJAY_MONTEZ)

Ashleye ScarletteAshley Ayuma, popularly known as Ashleye Scarlette is a Kenyan singer / song writer and recording artist born in the Lake Side city of Kisumu, western Kenya and currently residing in Dubai. The versatile and immensely talented artist discovered her passion for music at the tender age of 12 while still in elementary school. Growing up in a family of three siblings, Ashleye found her natural audience who enjoyed regular nagging from her insistent singing that gradually developed into profound flair for composing and performing her music to larger audiences over the years.

With tremendous influence from other great female artists that have impacted African music from the Lake Side region, such as Mercy Myra, Suzzana Awiyo and Achieng Obura, Ashleye Scarlette aspires to carry on the great legacy of creating music that resonates with the hearts of audiences from all walks of life with her unique sound that borrows elements of traditional folk and contemporary R&B sound.

Delving into the topic of love and society, Ashley’s music covers a broader spectrum of the day to day experiences that inspire her writing. Her debut single, Catch my breath produced by Ryez of Ryez Entertainment captures the essence of a romantic relationship in the smooth laid back love song that enjoyed great reception from audiences locally in Kenya and beyond. The fusion of Swahili in her music has also created an enjoyable listening experience to her growing fan base.

As a follow up to the debut single, Ashley released her 2nd hit single late 2017, It’s you, a feel good song with a different style of production proving her versatile nature and flair for serenading her audiences. Ashleye has graced different stages both in Kenya and Dubai, harnessing her art of delivering high quality charged performances to different range of audiences, the most recent being the African Artists Night at Chelsea plaza hotel, Dubai.

She continues to consistently etch her legacy not only as a singer and performing artist but also as an influencer through art, using social media and other platforms to deliver her talent in music to the world. Her music is readily available online on different platforms such as YouTube, Mdundo, Soundcloud among others. The journey to the top for Ashley is promising! Her undeterred dedication for becoming a formidable force and a name to be reckoned with on the African music footprint, in an out of Africa cannot go unnoticed.

KERRY STARR Biography (@kerrystarr)

kerryKerry-Ann Morgan, publicly known as Kerry Starr, is a singer / songwriter specializing in the reggae, dancehall and Caribbean pop musical genres. As a native of Jamaica, Kerry grew up in the Kingston area, living with individual parents at different times in her life.

Her love for the creative arts started in school, specifically Vauxhall High, where she actively participated in music, dancing, acting, cheerleading and was a member on the debate team. Kerry remembers getting a lot of support from her father, who she says is also the one who inspired her to pursue a career in music. Unfortunately, her mother was not behind her initially, but that would eventually change as Kerry would not stop writing and singing.

Kerry Starr did her first song while in the fifth form. She had to endure and overcome a lot as a solo female artist, working in what many consider to be a male dominated industry. One of her biggest challenges was, and to some extent, continues to be, not being taken seriously.

Despite the difficulties she has had to endure, Kerry has managed to record and release some very amazing tracks over the years. In 2007 she recorded Believe It,” a song that she is currently pushing. It was produced by the legendary production team, Sly and Robbie. In 2014 she did My Grade,” that was produced by Biggy from the popular duo Razz and Biggy. In 2016 and 2017 she collaborated with Legendz Production on three songs: “Cupid,” “Core” and “Everything.”

Kerry Starr is truly one of Jamaica’s best kept secret; something she is determine to change in short order. With a new promo team behind her, she is now working extremely hard to share her music with the world.