General Degree To Headline ‘Wet Sundaze’ 12th Anniversary

One of the biggest nightlife events in Kingston (Jamaica) is Wet Sundaze. It happens each and every Sunday at 8 Hillview Avenue, with various selectors on rotation. In a few days, on April 2nd, they will celebrate their 12th anniversary with DJ Kurt Riley, Colin Hines and guest artist General Degree. There is a $1,500 JMD entrance fee, and all are invited.

The Love & Harmony Cruise Sets Sail On April 4th

For six days and five nights the Love & Harmony Cruise will hit the high seas, making stops in Ft. Lauderdale (Florida), Nassau (Bahamas) and Ocho Rios (Jamaica).

There will be a range of entertainment such as music, sports, comedy etc. And confirmed musical performers include Beres Hammond, Popcaan, Sanchez, Third World, Rupee, Destra and others. Get additional information at loveandharmonycruise-dot-com.

Ikaya Gets Candid About Domestic Violence In New Video “Self Defense” (@IkayaOfficial @Pandemicrecord1)

On Friday, March 10th, recording artist Ikaya shared the official video for Self Defense, her single on the Things & Time Riddim produced by Pandemic Records. Prior to the visuals being released, Self Defense was tagged as controversial, primarily because it’s centered around domestic abuse and the manner in which it’s resolved. Below, Ikaya explains – in her own words – the inspiration for both song and video.
“In most cases, as the video depicts, we see the outcome of being in a violent relationship. Either someone ends up in the hospital, morgue or in jail. Self Defense brings the awareness that there are still victims out there who are suffering in silence and believe there is no way out.

The video was shot in Atlanta, Georgia by top videographers Deusbeni Production. It is the continuation of my other single, DissLoyalty, which tells the story of being betrayed by the person you trust. So basically my other half slept with my best friend and got her pregnant, and after being confronted he became defensive and abusive. And just like that promise of protection turns to lie and deception.”

Domestic violence I don’t tolerate. I lost a friend through domestic violence. Where her boyfriend shot her then shot himself. So I say to any female once a man lay his hand on you put a stop to it immediately. Take a stand. Self Love is the greatest love of all. RESPECT yourself enough to walk away from anything that doesn’t give you peace. Protect your safe space. Keeping your peace of mind is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.
If something takes away your energy or drains you mentally or emotionally, makes you doubt yourself, or serves no real purpose in your life, it may not only be not serving you but also harming you. You have to honor self-love and self-respect above all. Loving yourself and putting your own happiness first is not selfish.”


Mr Easy To Headline DMV ‘White Out’ Show

International reggae and dancehall artist Mr Easy will be in the DMV to headline Wee Culture’s 6th Annual White Out, alongside Problem Child. The highly anticipated Reggae meets Soca themed show is set to attract a cross-section of Caribbean music lovers to Laurel, Maryland on March 25, 2023.

The exact location is 8844 Washington Boulevard in Jessup, MD; and tickets can be purchased from eventbrite-dot-com.

Dancehall Artist Juudah Releases New Single “Dead Faces”

Jamaica born, Florida based dancehall artist – Juudah – is making it clear that he is ready for center stage. After officially kicking off his music career in 2020, the sing-jay is rapidly capturing the attention of dancehall lovers with his eccentric writing style and distinctive flow. In a short period of time, he, with the support of his G-Lyfe team, have successfully published several tunes, namely: Phenomenal, Success, The Valley, Elegancy, Progress, etc. 

His newest single is a modern dancehall track called Dead Faces. Produced by up and coming beat-maker FlackoDead Faces is all about Juudah’s rise from rags to riches, literally! In a boastful manner, the lyricist brags about his current status, while reminding listeners of his humble beginnings. Interestingly, according to the Juudah [the] “song was written from a purely motivational standpoint. The theme of it is growth and consistent elevation in whatever you are doing in life.”

Dead Faces was recorded at Palm Beach Records Studio in Boca Raton, Florida, earlier in the year (January). When asked what he would like listeners to take away from it, Juudah replied: “I just want listeners to know that you can do it. It wont happen overnight and it wont be easy, but no matter how hard the journey of life gets, keep going.”

Ikaya Claims “Self Defense” In Domestic Abuse Brawl (@IkayaOfficial @Pandemicrecord1)

Kadian Blair, more popularly known as Ikaya, has instigated a robust discussion about domestic abuse and what should be the appropriate response to an unfaithful partner. The talks began shortly after her new single – Self Defense – began making the rounds last month. 

On the controversial track, Ikaya tells the tale of a woman who claimed Self Defense after killing her cheating companion, a man who – in addition to committing adultery – had abused her repeatedly throughout most of their relationship. Responses to the record – and its underlying message – have been mixed; with some people in support of Ikaya‘s position, and others opposing it. 

In addition to being a very interesting and thought-provoking story, Self Defense is also a superb song. It was well written, and was performed immaculately by the Waterhouse native. 

Featured on the Things & Time Riddim, which was produced by Pandemic RecordsSelf Defense was officially released in January, 2023. Other artists on the compilation are: Chronic Law, Takeova, Jah Lama, Little Hero, Frass Khalifa and Xip Boss


Catch Bounty Killer In Clarendon On April 7th

On Friday, April 7th, dancehall artist Bounty Killer will perform at Cubes Party JA. The event is to take place at the Versatile Complex in May Pen, Clarendon. Music will be provided by Stone Love Sound, DJ Cancer, No Limit International, and Niney Badness; with Wayne Spice confirmed as host. Click here for tickets.