Talib Kweli To Release Book “Vibrate Higher”

Talib Kweli Greene, the Brooklyn MC who is also one half of the duo Black Star, has announced that he will be releasing his first book this year (2021). The body of work is being called “Vibrate Higher,” with the subtitle “A Rap Story.”

No official release date or publisher were given.

Hip-Hop Artists React To The Attack On The U.S. Capitol

By now I think everyone all over the world are aware of what took place in the U.S. capitol on January 6th. A mob of Donald Trump supporters tried to prevent the ratification of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next president and vice-president of the United Sates. With direction and guidance from the current president, Donald Trump, a horde of rioters and thugs stormed the U.S. Capitol, breaching security and occupying parts of the building for several hours. This resulted in the death of approximately five people.

Some outspoken artists have taken to their social media platforms to voice their opionion about the incident. Some are particularly concerned about how easy it was for a mob of white people to simply enter the capitol, when black lives matter protesters couldn’t even get on the steps.

Public Enemy‘s Chuck D shared a poster that reads: “We’re not asking you to shoot them like you shoot us. We’re asking you to NOT shoot us like you don’t shoot them.”

Talib Kweli, who is always forthright said: “There is no other way to say it. Yesterdays rally organized and presided over by @realdonaldtrump was an attempted coup, a violent act of terrorism. White supremacist terrorists attempted to violently bully the American government into making Trump a dictator. The Trump comparisons to Hitler are no longer hyperbole. This is exactly how that started. Nazis in Germany fly this same confederate flag in their yards because it’s illegal to fly the swastika in Germany. When Nazis and KKK marched in Charlottesville and murdered Heather Heyer during Trumps first year in office, he called them very fine people. They were waving this flag and they were marching to save confederate statues. These are those same people. This is the Handmaids Tale come to life. Nazis lost their war. Trump lost the election. The Confederacy lost their war. Racist losers showed up at the request of their furher Trump wearing loser Trump shirts, waving loser nazi flags and loser confederate flags. They were assisted by race soldier cops. They broke windows, they scaled walls, they broke into offices. These terrorists took selfies with cops inside of government buildings. One of them was shot and killed in the US Capitol. Three of them died in the melee. Trump has blood in his hands and should not be allowed to live one more second on property paid for by our taxes. I am no fan of police but if we are “a country of laws” like they keep saying on the news, then Trump needs to be impeached again and arrested immediately for leading a pro nazi pro KKK pro fascist rally from the Oval Office. That confederate flag being held up in the White House is the ultimate insult to black folks and if you claim to be a patriot, this image should disgust you. It was insulting to hear white people on the news say over and over again that we could not have predicted this. Black people told you this would happen. I told you this would happen many, many times over the last four years. Many of you told me I was overreacting because I was distracting you from your distraction. Do you believe us now? Shame on America. Shame.”

Just In: Dr. Dre Rushed To The Hospital

It is being brought to our attention that legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre has been rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after suffering from a brain aneurysm. The 55-year-old beat-maker and rapper is undergoing a series of tests to determine the source of the brain bleed. He’s reportedly in stable condition.

Jay Z’s Roc Nation Is Looking For A Marketing Executive

Maria Jackson Magazine is being told that Roc Nation – the LLC entertainment agency founded by rapper Jay-Z in 2008 – is looking for a Partnership Marketing Executive to drive and support client services and integrated campaign executions.

The company is searching for a strategic thinker interested in the execution and production roll out of integrated, celebrity-led advertising campaigns. For additional information about this position, click here.

Hip-Hop Artist Cassidy Releases New Single With Beenie Man (@CASSIDY_LARSINY @KingBeenieMan)

Philly MC Cassidy, who many hip-hop lovers agree is one of the most underrated lyricist in the rap industry, has just released a new single titled “In My Bag.” The hard hitting record is a collaboration done with Jamaican dancehall star Beenie Man

On the track, both men lament on their abilities to engage women and make money. Though these subject matters are very cliché in the hip-hop world, it is the way in which the lyrics were delivered that makes “In My Bag” outstanding. On what is considered an authentic hip-hop beat – produced by Platinum Camp Records – Cassidy kicks off the song with the catchy hook: “I’m in my bag watch me; are you in your bag copy.” He then goes into his verse, repeats the chorus and then makes way for Beenie Man.

Special attention must be paid to Beenie Man‘s verse, as it’s not often that a Jamaican dancehall artist gets invited on a hip-hop project and is either able to stand next to his host lyrically, or even out-do him. Beenie Man definitely showed why he is branded as the dancehall king on this rap record.

Talib Kweli Shares New Video From His “Cultural Currency” Album (@TalibKweli)

Talib Kweli brought 2020 to a close with the release of the official video for “The Jux.” The track is featured on his album, “Cultural Currency,” which is only available to members of his patreon platform.

Click here or on the image above to check out the video and remember to like, comment and share.

Nelly, Brandy, Jennifer Lopez & Others Will Perform On This Year’s Rockin’ Eve (@Nelly_Mo)

Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve may look and feel a lot different this year because of covid19 but regardless, the show will go on. The televised event will kick off on Thursday, December 31st at 8:00 PM (ET) on the ABC network.

There will be performances from Jennifer Lopez, Cyndi Lauper and host of others in New York; while Brandy, Ella Mai and Nelly are among those that will be performing in Los Angeles.